The Death Penalty

man in Texas was scheduled to die by lethal injection. His appeal had been denied ostensibly for being improperly made by an incompetent lawyer (isn't incompetent here redundant?) .

To this a "learned judge" stated publicly, ... "should an applicant lose his life because of the failure of his lawyer?" ... and proceeded to advocate a review of the appeals process (now in effect).

I could not help but mentally reply to the judge, "No sir, he should not be executed for the incompetence of his lawyer, he should be executed for blowing away two innocent people with a shotgun.".

Do you see the enormity of his effrontery and hypocrisy?

It is the practice of law "as an end in itself" about which I have railed elsewhere (here taken to new heights as normal, everyday protocol). We are becoming used to this ... forget the crime itself ... what about the rules of law? ... what about the written words ... how can we best comply with them ...

If you don't think that the legal system is consciously in league with the criminal element - just look around you. They know what they are doing ... they are in the long process of dismantling the rules of morality and replacing them with an encylopedia of "legal schmeeze" which (like the Bible) can be interpreted in any way to support any argument or position whatsoever.

Thus, at the end of all interminable legal rangling it comes down to

"blah... blah... blah... blah... blah... blah... blah... blah... blah... blah... blah... blah... we'll just do whatever we damn well please, so long as injustice is served"
... same as the criminals they should be prosecuting.

Back to the salt mine ...

Yes ... capital punishment ... we need it ... big time.
A country as large as the United States needs to execute about 2000 to 5000 criminals per annum given the amount of violence observed (my estimate). And I have mulled this over endlessly in my own mind for decades.

There is no way to uphold the
"Rights of Man"
as a pussy.

The philosophy of Jesus is totally inadequate here. What is needed is a more manly plan. Let me show you what I mean ...

I sometimes play this little 'head game' called "Ask Leonidas". It goes like this ... We go to Thermopylae where Leonidas is in a death struggle with the Persian army and we tap him on the shoulder ... he stops his broadsword and turns to us ...

"This man (whom we have brought with us) has killed this child (also brought) by sexual assault, extreme torture, then dismemberment. Undoubtedly, she cried out in horror and agony for her parents to help her but they could not... Now, we do agree that the crime is a greivous one ... which by its very nature causes us to recoil in horror ... but we must also weigh other ... "social factors" ... which are here involved such as ..."
About this time you see a head go sailing off into space.

I have played this out over and over again. It always ends the same way. The bastard's got to go. End of story. The only acceptable recidivism rate for first degree murder is ........ 0 .... nada .... zip.
And there is only one way to achieve this ideal rate.

The Method of Execution

To execute a man (or ... that which should have been a man), his autonomy must be preserved in some fashion. We must honor the dignity of the species as a moral point. We cannot simply "blow him away" without sullying our own humanity. There is an honorable way to do this. I have spent much time designing these procedures.

  • The place of execution is in a warm climate on top of a bare grassy hill.
    He sees, unobstructed, all around him what he is about to lose.

  • The condemned is stripped naked and set free in a fenced in area about 30 feet in diameter.
    Room to "feel" a sense of freedom ... no roof ... stars at night.

  • There he remains until he is dead either from lack of water or exposure (~ 4 days?).
    This is why he must be in a warm climate. Death by hypothermia is too fast ... no time for philosophical/psychological interaction.

  • "Selected" observers may watch from a reasonable distance but may not harass in any way.
    Relatives of the victim. Press. etc.

  • If the condemned abjures his crime (sincerely), he is given 1 cup of water, then continues the dying process.
    Thus, any good which remains in the man and comes to the fore to regain control (his soul) is honored. No, he cannot be released regardless of anything he says ... remember he is still predominantly evil and would revert if given the oppotunity.

  • Lastly, the condemned chooses the exact moment of his death by simply giving up the ghost thus granting him the dignity of retaining the last vestige of his autonomy which is the most precious possession of man.

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