he Columbine High School and Kosovo killings prompt me to write about a subject which needs to be addressed properly.

This is just the place where female judgement collapses and the firm hand of man is called for.

Making Terrorists

Terrorists don't grow on trees nor are they a naturally occurring species. True, there are a lot of weird characters out there and some kids kill animals for fun ... but ... they won't consider killing other people until they GO TO SCHOOL.

Right. You have to go to school to become a terrorist ... not to learn how to make bombs (though they do) and not to learn how to "hate the enemy" (this is a precondition for getting into the school). They must go to school to learn how to hate themselves.

This is not so easy.

Daily, we are bombarded by both overt and subtle reasons for living. Tens of thousands of reasons for living and just a few hundred for dying. It's an easy choice each day. To break this onslaught of "life force" one must isolate the subject from the general environment and do the brainwashing number (like some of the stranger religions, communist cell meetings and "dare to be great" congames). Isolate and hammer in the point over and over and over and over and over and over ......... ahhhhhhh!

Now let him go on his "mission". And he'd better do it quick cause ... if he stands around too long he'll decide he wants to live.

A terrorist can make himself ... as in the Columbine case. Sink into a hole and think of nothing but death and destruction and mayhem (and of how the TV coverage will make the country "weep" over your misdeeds). How important you will be in death! A final achievement of great magnitude.

But what is it worth?

Next to nothing. The high school killings amount to a drop in the bucket in the realm of teenage death. More kids will be killed this weekend in drunken car accidents. That many will probably kill themselves tonight out of general depression and "girl-boy trouble".

The press makes it seem important to the country at large because it's an unusual occurence and it involves something negative (their forte). Therefore, it's worthy of instigating a national circlejerkoff of pseudo-sexual frenzy and sociological handwringing. "What can we do to prevent this? Ohhhh! Ohhhh! ... Ahhhh..."

Of course, there's nothing to be done as is the case with drunk driving and teenage fornication. It goes on and you just eat the consequences. Too bad. (This will in no way ease the real pain of the direct victims. But again, there is nothing to be done.)

Terrorism, in general,

accomplishes nothing. It's only success can be measured by the "advertising" gotten for the cause. Their acts are expressions of impotence in the face of overwhelming military superiority. Compared to war, terrorism is no more than a hiccup.

Observe the body count of all Palestinian terrorism ... then count up the dead Palestinians after the Israeli army took a "stroll" up the east end of the Mediterranean. No comparison (100 to 1).

Big Terror

Kosovo represents state sanctioned terrorism as in Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia or Mao's China. Without outside intervention it will go on to completion, i.e. the elimination of the targeted segment of the population.

What to do about it

I've here described three levels of terrorism :
  1. Little terror - Do nothing. It has no lasting effect on the culture. It is an effect not a cause and will stop when it's real causes dry up. You may weep if you wish.
  2. Medium terror - The antidote here has been known since the Romans. Reprisal. It worked for the Germans ... "kill one German soldier and we round up 100 civilians and kill them". This always cools off the partisans. Killing innocent people of the offending culture works but few can stomach it.
  3. Big terror - As the defacto policeman of the Earth, the United States has some moral obligation to stop mass killing (generally resulting in some real sloppy, futile and oftimes hilarious diplomatic gestures).
    To do so effectively it need only apply the "tit for tat" policy to the offending country. This means "You lob a shell into this city and we in turn lob a shell into your city". And let the chips fall where they may. This allows the offender to dictate his own degree of suffering by tying it to his victim. This policy is related to reprisal and would be repugnant to the female voter ... but ... it will work in the long run and will induce far smaller body counts. Present policy in Kosovo allows countermeasures to mute the effectiveness of intervention. A lot more people are going to die unnecessarily because of vacillation on our part.


Terrorism is not a "crisis" ... it is an ongoing management problem ... a chronic condition brought on by the non-uniform growth and development of cultures. It will end when the entire planet is in "social equilibrium" and not before. One should not lose one's cool over it. You can't stop it entirely and ...

It's not going away soon.

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