Gun Control

lsewhere I have railed against government support of the drug trade here and there. Only recently did I perceive what avenue they intend to take with this alliance.

They tipped their hand badly. New buzz words :

Our children are dying !

Which means ... they are being killed by guns as a direct result of the drug traffic which the government sponsors. Explicit translation:

  • They make it illegal to traffic in drugs thereby expanding that trade (by increasing drug prices & profits).
  • The kids get involved and you get the "Testosterone Wars" wherein many are shot ala driveby (and accidentally as well in the manner of innocent bystanders).
  • Then ... piss & moan about it in public to stir up outrage.
  • Now take everyone else's gun away (but not the thugs, aka. reconstituted brown shirts).
  • Now you make your "ideal" slave state.
  • It will take a long time but it's slick as snot on a doorknob. Who can resist the sobbing mother sprawled over the freshly dug grave of her five year old son caught in the crossfire.

    Of course, they won't tell you about the million five year old sons that they intend to kill once they get everybody's gun.

    Make no mistake about it.

    It isn't the constitution which saves you ... it's the immense firepower in the hands of John Q. Public (coupled with a non-selected army ... not selected for depravity) which keeps the wolf from your door.

    Some day these new brown shirts will be loosed on a disarmed citizenry and the regular army will be sent in to save us ... and the leaders of our salvation will be our vainglorious politicians.

    I have never owned a gun personally (though I've beeen tempted to get one on a few occasions). If I ever get one, I definitely won't give it up to a political scheme which is now so transparent.

    Whatever you do ... at least ...

    Keep Your Gun
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