he questions are ... What constitutes pornography? What should or could be done about it (if anything)?


Pornography is that which the "consensus of adult opinion" deems an obvious attack on man's nature as a conceptual being ... [indicating that man's attempt to rise above his 'animal' nature is futile] ... by utilizing the sexual nature of man (qua animal) against that conceptual nature.
Hmmmm ... that's a mouthful isn't it? So ...
Let us proceed to examine in some detail.

My (self-appointed) job is ...

As someone who wishes to understand and explain existence, it is necessary for me to climb up Induction Mountain and bring back an adequate map of reality to you. I must open up, for your access, those concepts which are at the apex ... thus assisting you in fulfilling your desire to become completely and fully "man" as a conceptual being.

The Pornographer's job ...

On the other hand, is one of moral hygeine. It is his place to remind you of your animal nature lest that conceptual nature (to which you aspire) be undone by a denial of reality. For you are, in fact, an animal.

Here is a diagram of what I mean. My job is to open up the top section "A" for you. The pornographer's job is to keep the "anus" (B) open ... not too tight or we get conceptual constipation [We become unable to think properly because we believe we are automatically more than animals] ... nor too loose or we fall through to the depths and turn into animals [thinking only about animal (non-conceptual) matters which, of themselves, do not support civilization]. What is supposed to fall through is our intellectual "feces". Our mistakes, our pomposity, our puffery but not our highest conceptual achievements.

When someone objects to pornography, they are saying that, in their opinion, the pornographer has loosened the anus too much and has thus set back civilization on the road to ruin by dumping the "good".

And when someone objects to the restriction of pornography, they are saying that we have become too pompous for our present state of hu-man-ity and need a dose of animal reality (in this case sexual reality).

There are also evil beings who pretend to be the same as the above groups but whose intentions are truly and consciously evil. These wish to destroy civilization by insidious means ... by loosening up or tightening too much by intentionally excessive amounts.

Also there are those who err by honest error.

Thus, the "truth" must be defined by "the consensus of adult opinion" which is in turn delimited by the dominant philosophy of the civilization. What is right or wrong is usually quite clear so long as you do not examine it too closely.
Splitting hairs favors those with evil intentions.

A Similarity with Flag Burning

Recent efforts to proscribe flag burning are attempts to tighten up that same anus with respect to politics rather than sexuality. Here, the proponents of a constitutional amendment wish to thwart a perceived slide into non-patriotism ... while those opposed see flag burning as an act of political defiance similar to what the founding fathers would approve of in regard to the British flag of the 18th century..

Then ... how much is too much?

Your choice ... just remember ...

If pornography disappears entirely ... your civilization is in trouble.
It is equally in trouble if it gets too far out of hand.

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