Proper Government
Preface | Overview

A New Constitution

Why the U.S. Constitution is Failing
The New Proposed Constitution
Explanation of Terms
Voting by Women
Computerized Government
Salaries of Representatives
Taxation with Representation and Control

General Issues of Government and Sociology

Failed Forms
Rule by Individual Judgement
Destroying Constitutional Intent
Conservative & Liberal
Local versus Centralized Control
Individual and Collective Rights
Autonomy and Volition
History and Sociology
Race Relations
The Feminization of Western Culture
Decline of Civilization
The Future of Man

Foreign Policy Issues

Foreign Policy Mobile
Sociological Warrants
Palestinians vs Israelis
A Palestinian A-Bomb
The Hydrogen Bomb
War Without Bombs
The Trade Deficit
General War Strategies

Domestic Policy Issues

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor
The Death Penalty
Gun Control
The Police
A Uniform Code Criminal Sentencing
Court Administration (Elian Gonzales)
Jury Duty
New Cabinet Positions
The United States Bank
Abortion and the Value of Human Life
On Pornography
Clinton gets: The Raw Deal

Some Final Comments

What is to be done? #1
What is to be done? #2
Recommended Books

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