Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez
EBTX revises his position

hese internet videos ... I'm constantly reshaping my views about lots of things. It seems that anything that I hitherto thought to be controversial ... if I watch the contrary videos ... I have to change my mind. I guess it's true ... we only see what they want us to see ... and ... unless you go looking for it with some effort ... you will never see. These things don't get on the TV at all. What we do see on the TV is entirely propaganda of a single type ... that which supports the status quo, i.e. the government line.

Well, occasionally there is something but if you hold your breath waiting for it, you'll turn blue ... then black ...'cause you're dead from waiting.

Cases in Point

I ran across this Google video called "Fidel - the Untold Story". This is clearly a propaganda piece. I accept that. But it's his propaganda as opposed to US propaganda. Naturally, it's a totally different story. Here he's the good guy and the US is the bad guy ... of course. But, now that I know that my government is garbage (about 85% evil) ... I have to accept that some of Fidel's propaganda is probably closer to the truth than the crap I've been swallowing for the past forty years. What is certainly true is that his people love him (I mean the majority by far). He also has a true sense of humor ... a sure sign of a being comfortable within in his own skin.

One thing that has always bothered me is this. Why is he still alive after all these years? You would think that some kind of internal "moral virus" would have killed him off long before old age set in. He said in the video, when asked if he wore a bullet proof vest while in New York City and upon opening his shirt to show no vest ... "I have a moral vest" ... by which he meant that he thought himself protected by the righteousness of his position. There is some truth to that as I have observed in the past.

I must reopen my mind about this particular individual to the possibility that he may be ... overall ... a decent person. More info needed, please.

In the case of Hugo Chavez, the same thing comes from watching his propaganda ... and ... a few other short videos about him. Without investigating his real nature, I am left with the opinion formed by "cultural osmosis", i.e. gleaned from US television news reports. These news blurbs turn out to be only US propaganda. At best our mainstream news media is intimidated by the government and by the station owners who are by and large the real makers of US foreign policy. So, he has gotten the bum rap sheet same as Castro.

I now see Mr. Chavez as more of a heroic statesman figure than despot. I understand the problems involved in (as peaceably as possible) wresting power away from those who would certainly hire an assassin to do him in ... and undoubtedly have (can you say CIA?). More info is needed to form a more permanent opinion.

Apparently, I've bad mouthed certain people on my site over the years without a clear picture of what they were truly about. Here is the danger of a one-sided press ... You think that you know what you know ... because you've seen nothing to the contrary ... as you'd expect if there were something significantly opposed to that view out there ... anywhere. And we just don't see it if we simply watch the tube ... that's all controlled. We have to seek the truth actively ... elsewhere.

I recall something I saw on a video about J.P. Morgan. He asked his people to tell him how many newspapers he'd have to control to, in turn, control public opinion. They told him ... "about twenty five". So he bought controlling interest in the suggested 25 and determined the "party line" to which they (the editors) would have to adhere in order to keep their jobs.

Thus, the press is controlled
... thus, the people.