as an experiment in communication
EBTX to Make his own Video

ecause I've been watching so many videos these past few months on Google, I've decided to make one myself. The reason is that if one catches on, it can be accessed by hundreds of thousands of people. Though I wouldn't have that kind of expectation, it's something I shouldn't overlook as a possible way to reach a potential audience.

I find a video to be more effective at projecting one's opinion ... especially if one wishes to project what one truly believes to be a rational point of view. What comes across on the video which is not apparent in writing is the personality of the author. That is, if you speak directly to the individual viewing the work, they can judge your character much more readily than by writing. The temper of your voice and your erudition convey the quality or your person much better. But of course !! ... to know someone best, you must be personally acquainted with them ... hmmmm ... where have I seen that before?

Perhaps the most basic reason that I believe the 911 videos is that the people authoring them are ... by my personal experience in life for the past 50 years or so ... calm, rational and well-meaning people. They set themselves apart from the category of "kooks" by their demeanor. Hence, I am more comfortable believing their claims initially ... and afterwards can search for more information to corroborate what they say.

Because I have no experience at this (and no cash for "special effects"), my video will be fairly primitive. However, it will be mercifully brief (though I would like to do at least a half hour). I think I have enough to say on the topic I have selected. And that will be ...

A Schematic Presentation of
The History of the World and Its Present Condition
and ... What to do about it in a Legal and Organized Way

Hell, the title alone will take up 5 minutes. See? It's going to be easy.

On this page I will set forth what I intend to talk about and may type everything out that I should say. That way, I can rewrite and rearrange things to suit my tastes which change upon reflection. Eventually when I've settled everything ... I can "cut" the track. In the meantime, I'll have to see what I have to do to put it on Google and what form it has to be in ... etc. , i.e. the technical considerations. I expect this to take some time and don't have great expectations at the outset ... but I have to do this ... else I won't be able to say on my deathbed that ...

"I gave it my best shot"

What do I mena "Schematic"?

I mean black and white diagrams wherever possible. I wish to strip out anything of lesser consequence and leave only the most basic ideas. So when I say "schematic history", I mean ... forget who and what and just show a line of development over millenia and where the transitions are. Like this ...

First, there are animals ... then there is an abrupt transition ... a "human" phase ... followed by a "man" phase. What could be simpler. According to this view, we are in the human phase on our way to "the fullness of being" which is MAN. True, we could blow ourselves up or an asteroid could kill us all ... but these are the exceptional cases. We must assume at the outset that we are simply the typical case and we will become what other planets have become ... i.e. normal.

Got "Pinnacle" studio ver.11.1

I used this program to make a video of my vacation for myself and made an Ipod type for my wife's Ipod. This is easy to use and cheap. $57 on sale for $34 with a $20 rebate ... so I pay $14 bux. That's the kind of program I can use ... cheap generally means usable with little learning. I'm ready to proceed. Google wants Mpeg4 video 30fps and 640x480 resolution and Mpg3 audio, which they then scale to their compression scheme. All I have to do is sign in on my account (which I already have) and upload for an hour or two or whatever it takes to send them about 3-4 gigs of data. That would make a real nice video about 1 to 2 hours long ... my limit.

I'll be covering everything in existence ... so ... it can't be too long as I don't know all that much.

I see that some popular, long videos have gotten a few hundred thousand views. So, I may be able to anticipate a couple thousand over the span of a few years. Anyway, that's what I'll be shootin' for and what I'll be satisfied with. How long it will take to make my video ... I don't know. I will have to compose some music for the background but won't go overboard with it as I've seen others do. Music is for the background and shouldn't demand attention. It just needs to add a little during the transitions and for emphasis here and there and thus ... viewer boredom is averted (maybe).

... Sorry I didn't post this when I posted my index page ... I was on vacation again for a week and got messed up with my site maintenance ... and this page ain't finished either ...