The Root Cause of War
it's really very simple

've just recently come to the momentous conclusion that all wars have the same root cause. I must thank all the Islamic republics in the world for their kind assistance in pointing this out. Were it not for their tireless massacres of civilians in Iraq and elsewhere, I never would have made the connection between war and cultural state. This is a general principle and is valid for all time and everywhere in the known universe ;o)

The root cause of war is ...

Sexual Perversion

Yes, I've said it. It's positively Freudian. Now, you're thinking that I can't convince you of this aren't you? Well, read on and be convinced. Mind you, this pervert is the "instigator" of war ... not necessarily applicable to the secondary contending factions. Thus, your country may be attacked by a sexual deviant and will have to defend itself of course. So, your deviancy may even be minor by comparison to the instigator.

With that in mind here is the picture of the deviancy of which I speak. Choose which is the perversion. Is it Door #1 or Door #2 ??

If you chose Door #1 are one, sick motherfucker.

So, what does this have to do with war?

Well, nature has opted for division of labor here. The male is supposed to be strong and violent in order to kill things and get food, etc. His traits are fatal without some moderating influence to calm him. Thus, if you are going wild all the time, you will exhaust your adrenal resources toot sweet and be left vulnerable to counterattack. Also, while you are in "violence mode" you are not thinking clearly. You see? First you think ...then you act. Or, you can think about what you did ... later ... and resolve to do (or not do) the same thing again in that circumstance, i.e. you have to be calm to reason.

The female, in general, doesn't get that nasty and takes care of kids, etc. She can't be too adrenal or she'd kill the kids when they mess their pants. Get it? She has to be calm more than the male. However, her general makeup is also fatal by itself. A lion will eat her and her cubs for breakfast.

Neither sex is self-sufficient ...not physically, psychologically or philosophically. They complete one another. Without men, the women will evaporate in a cloud of steam emanating from that lion's mouth while the male will "self-distruct" in a perpetual violence mode.

This is so fundamental a division of labor that it cannot be denied as the root cause of war. Take the women out of the picture and the tendency is to self destruction via mindless attacks on your neighbor.

What is the status of women in Islam?


They are nothing.

The male mindlessly attacks any and all. He thrashes about in a frenzy of social masterbation (as I call it). They (Muslims) do not hate Americans for what they are. Rather, they hate their present condition of sexual imbalance but are unable to express its cause ...because they are in extreme violence mode.

Americans are to Islamic men a "masterbatory totem". Remember when somebody wanted to make bedsheets with Farah Fawcett's picture on it a bathing suit? She wouldn't let it happen because ... You get the picture, eh?

You see the difference between the USA and Iraq? To them we are the great satan (masterbatory totem). To us, well, we don't really care one way or the other. We'd just like to let the whole thing come to a conclusion so we can do our normal everyday activities. Things can't go back to normal for Islamic people because their culture is sexually unbalanced. And until it becomes balanced they will be at odds with somebody ...anybody doesn't matter who.

They vent steam.

They are frustrated.

They are mindless.

The women need to step up.

A good example is the situation with Israel

This has gone on for a good 70 years. It never ends and never will. Ghandi told them what to do. It would have worked there. It would still work. Instead of attacking a superior force with suicide bombs ...let the women lay down in front of the Israeli tanks and let them run over them ...on the internet and the evening news. In no time, the Israeli attacks will cease and that's the end of that. But they can't do that because the men are way too macho to take that approach. The women are out of the loop permanently. They have no say at all. Goodbye calm rationality. Hello, mindless violence.

What can we do?

Leave them alone and let them vent ...on each other. But we can't do that because our pols are using the "Islamic Situation" as their own "masterbatory totem". There are degrees to this too ... like, ya' know?