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"If I do not abandon reason,
it will not abandon me"

"Ask not only what is wrong with the world but also ... what is wrong with me ... that I do not understand."

"Plan for the best, expect the worst,
accept and deal with the results"

"Be like wheat and bend with the wind,
or ... Resist like an oak and be broken,
or ... Be like a pyramid and to hell with the wind."

"There is a fine line between genius and insanity. The line is made out of all the average people sitting on a fence."

"If you could go back in time,
would you give 'you' a handout?"

"If I was normal,
... I'd have to kill myself."

"He is worthy of the truth who knows it"

"Who casts his fate to the wind
... is blown away"

"If you never try anything ...
you will never fail."

"The proof is in the details
but not the minor details"

"Self-delusion is the bane of induction"

"Enthusiasm is the prelude to disaster"

"Ideas are fine ...
but the landlord wants cash"

"Every murderer was once a beggar"

"Who cannot kill, cannot rule"

"There are no poor men.
If you are poor, you are not a man.
If you are a man, you are not poor"

"Enough is ... toooo much"

"Never examine your food too closely.
You might not want to eat it."

"I'm so tired I could eat a horse"

"If you have nothing to say
... don't say it."

"Never flush the toilet
till you've pulled up your pants."

"Everybody's ... gotta' do ... somethin'."

"We're all going to die anyway ...
so why bother?"
"We're all going to die anyway ...
so why not do all that we can?"
( your pick )

"Discovery results primarily from
the accumulation of error."

"A blind follower is no better than blind opposition."

"The Earth has only two problems
There are two many people
and they are two stupid."

"Never trust a salesman ...
half the time they don't know
what they're  talking about ...
the rest of the time they're  lying."

"The difficulty is not 'getting the job done'.
It's getting somebody to do it for nothing."

"Stupidity is the love of one's own ignorance."

"You become what you dwell on."

"There is no sophistication without knowledge."

"It is better to think and post than
to think and just die."

"Thou shalt not be ... a pushover."

"That which is imperfect
must inevitably fail."

"You have but one thing to do ...
You must save your soul.
You have but one enemy ...
He is yourself."

"Don't bother me while I'm pontificating."

"Revenge works best when applied to the innocent"

"The bigger the load the longer the haul"

"Men do not trip over pebbles"

"Truth is the first refuge of the innocent"

"Today's incomprehensible enigma is
tomorrow's boring lecture"

"To find the solution, one must become greater than the problem"

"To those who say that life is meaningless ... be about your meaningless life. For my part, this madness has purpose.

"If I am right no defense is necessary
... If wrong none is possible"

"If you do not know me ...
I do not know you."

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