Texas Lotto
fraud ... is it possible?

y wife won the Texas Lotto a few weeks ago ... $7 ... ooooweeee!!! Unfortunately, the only time she won anything is the same week her nail polish came open in her purse and obliterated the bar code on the ticket. It wouldn't read at the gas station but ... we can take it downtown and get the money there. Sure ... a 20 mile trip of perhaps two hours through traffic to pick up 7 bucks. No thanks.

The lottery gods are not without their humors.

Speaking of gods, here in Texas almost 100% of the population is atheist. Nah ... you don't believe it? My definition of "atheist" :

Someone who buys more than one lotto ticket to the same drawing.

Who could dispute that?

Is the Texas Lottery rigged?

Sure ... if there is anyway at all possible ... it's being done. By the rules of free enterprise all business endeavors are doomed to being taken over by fraud. It's the way of life ... those who engage in outright fraud have the business edge over those with ethical scruples. Free market principles drive out ethics. It has always been so.

A business will not regain its ethics till it is watched closely ... usually when it becomes very large and comes under intense scrutiny from the government, media, etc. Then ... they become society's bastions of righteousness ... like Ford, GM, IBM, Microsoft, Enron, Worldcom ... etc. See? It's so ... isn't it?

How could it be done?

Well, there's no way to rig that ping pong ball selector (unless you show a video tape instead of a live selection). No. Too many people are watching to get round that.

What I've noticed over a few months of checking my wife's losing tickets, is that the ticket tends to have lower value numbers on it ... like 1 through 13 or thereabouts. It seems that invariably the first number of the lotto number from the balls is higher than her lowest number. It's as if the distribution of numbers on her tickets tends away from random and toward lower numbers.

texlotto.gif - 5kb

What use is this?

One couldn't mess around with the selected numbers from the balls because all manner of tests for randomness are available to anyone interested and the numbers drawn are publicly available to anyone who wants to look at them ... from every other state as well.

But the numbers picked by people are not available and if they were ... they might not be random since it involves human choices. Visualize lots of dumb people picking 1,2,3,4,5,6. The prize would go right up there wouldn't it? Maybe it would never be taken.

The Scam

Now, here is where the payoff is. It's the machines that generate random numbers that people don't pick ... quick pick. You give 'em a dollar and get a ticket real quick no problema. No waiting in lines forever to get your family's birthdays or other such nonsense ... like my wife does ... once a week generally.

The balls are fair ... the quick pick numbers are not. There is a deviation. It is less probable that you will win with a "quick pick" than if you, say, roll a 48 sided die. There is room for skimming ... if ... you control some of the accounting and have an accomplice in the money end ... a fairly large conspiracy ... a business rakeoff.

They pay out all that is won legitimately. Pay off the state education end (what a laugh!). Publish in their professional journal or records or whatever they do on paper ... the number of payoffs that should have been given out (based on legitimate statistical algorithms) and pocket the funds that were given to the lotto system for tickets with weakened probabilities of winning.

What I mean here is ... more tickets were sold than is statistically justified for the payout. So, if they can hide the true amount of tickets sold ... and give out a record of the number of tickets sold that comports mathematically with the payout ... they can pocket the extra cash.

It's an inside job.

But, of course, no one is Texas would do such a thing.
Our public officials are completely honest
as everyone here knows.

I wonder ...
what about all those winning tickets that never get claimed ...
like the one in my wife's purse?
where does that cash go ?????


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