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(in 50 words or less)

was looking over my "Universal Constitution" yesterday and decided that I could indeed word it so as to get under the limit, i.e. save the world (from itself) in fifty words or less. I thought that this would make a nice contest. See what you can come up with. You don't have to prove, explain, elaborate, propitiate or initiate your solution ... you just have to type it out and send your entry to me via my

"cgi-form mail"
and I'll post it here ... with or without your name if you so desire. Of course, my entry comes first ;o) But you get the same size type. C'mon you Christians ...
You cahn dyoo eet!! ... probably in ten words ... or less??

If you win (as judged by the consensus of informed opinion ;o) ... your solution will be summarily implimented ... resulting in ... peace and brotherhood and harmony among all mankind ... as well as ... fame and fortune for the writer ... and ... there is a distinct possibility ... some centuries from now ... of deification.

Now, that's something to try for

EBTX entry 08-31-2005:
Each individual may:
           - Cast one personal vote
           - Receive votes from others
           - Recast votes received
           - Recall those votes and
              cast them for another.
Votes are given to one, personal acquaintance.
A representative must have at least
twice the votes of any of his electors.
The highest representative rules.

9-01-2005 ... (just for Iraq I guess. well, it's a start. - EB)

The political system is republican, parliamentary, democratic and federal.

  1. Islam is a main source for legislation.
    1. No law may contradict Islamic standards.
    2. No law may contradict democratic standards.
    3. No law may contradict the essential rights and freedoms mentioned in this constitution.
  2. This constitution guarantees the Islamic identity of the Iraqi people and guarantees all religious rights; all persons are free within their ideology and the practice of their ideological practices.
  3. Iraq is part of the Islamic world, and the Arabs are part of the Arab nation.

9-01-2005 ... (hope you get published - EB)

Existence is defined and dependent on interaction. Life is a gift, and we must open our hearts as well as our minds to get everything we can out of it. Simply stated: the entire universe doesn't matter at all unless the ones you love are in it.

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