Date : 02/02/04
Bootleg DVD s
get em while they're hot

his past weekend I bought a bootleg copy of "Cold Mountain" at the 99 cent store next to Kroger's on the corner of Hwy 303 and Carrier in Grand Prairie TX. What astounded me was the fact that he was selling these DVDs

, i.e. as though everything was completely legal. It was as if you went into Eckerd's and found a counter by the front door selling Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin, Amphetamines, Hashish, etc. Hmmmm ... OK.
  Well, I know that even Pakistani or Indian immigrants can't be that stupid, so what is this guy depending on to keep him out of the slammer? It must be that ... nobody cares. Just in case though, I took the DVD to Blockbuster Video (which is about 150 yards away) and showed the copy to one of the checkout girls who called her boss ... who in turn said he/she would check it out Monday (02/02/04). If that's the case, this miscreant should be in the slammer about now. Though I doubt it.

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  I've never seen a bootleg DVD before and was interested to know what it would look like. I tried it first on my in-laws DVD player and the sound was too lousy to tolerate, i.e. the movie was rendered unwatchable. However, I tried it on my computer and it worked just fine ... and on my DVD player as well ... just fine. The sound was quite acceptable but the picture was somewhat blurry. Also, every 15 minutes or so, some white type appeared on the screen saying

"Property of Miramax films - for screening purposes only"

  I suppose that this was from that screen-actors guild guy who got arrested for sending copies to his cousin for bootlegging.

  It was a good movie. Miramax was cheated out of $$ and if this were to continue without abatement, it would undoubtedly kill off the movie industry. Hence, I was surprisingly (to me) offended that it was available. I won't buy another for this reason alone. But there are other good reasons not to buy. First, the quality was not the greatest ... there are no extra features ... no navigation system ... it may not work in your DVD player ... and ... at $11.99 it's no bargain. Thus, if you want to buy the movie, why not get it for $14.99 at WalMart when it comes out 6 months from now? If you want to see it, why not spend 16 dollars and take a date to the movies? The difference isn't much.
  Here are some other titles they had in the case (right by the front door).

Big Fish
Torque - 2 weeks in theaters !
Return of the King

  About 50 titles were displayed. Many were still in the movies, some just out like S.W.A.T. and Nemo, etc. All were totally illegal.


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