Crocodile Hunter
Steve Irwin Obit

is death is not a great tragedy except for his children who will never know their father except through video. I'm sure he played with them as relentlessly as he did with all the other animals and with even greater enjoyment since they were his own. His wife was the perfect wife for such a man. Instead of just cooking and cleaning, she jumped on the croc's back too and dove into many a mudhole with him. But a life well spent, however brief, cannot be tragic. There is no moral or philosophical significance in Steve Irwin's death. A fish of itself, has no moral or philosophical significance. It just ... is ... like a rock or a tree. Significance is all in a life lived.

There have been throughout history people who have lived with animals on the "edge". Steve Irwin was the first to bring a camera along with him to document that edge (well, Jaques Cousteau was actually first but he didn't really push animals buttons to demonstrate their range of defensive and offensive capabilities and Frank Buck just whacked 'em and showed off a carcass or put 'em in a cage showcasing our dominance with no moral-philosophical assessment of the carnage). Steve Irwin and those who followed his example, show that any animal really "doesn't have a chance against a being with a developed brain" ... they don't have a chance even on their own turf. By showing us that view of the earth's flora and fauna, we come to realize its inherent fragility and total helplessness in the face of man's relentless (and for the most part unconsciousness) onslaught of nature. In fact, the war with nature is just about over as we can now see ... and we will be the final victims of that war.

The message of this particular life well spent is that we don't have to "kill 'em all" and in fact, if we do, we just kill ourselves.

Thank you Mr. Irwin