what the US needs in Iraq

he fact that the Iraqi army is hiding amongst the civilian population reveals a technological gap in the ability of western powers to deal with these obvious anti-technological strategies. Another leap in armed assault technology could remedy this situation.

Iron Man to the rescue ...

Iron Man is the Marvel comic book hero. He is impervious to most conventional damage. He can also fly (which I wouldn't begin to bother with). Our design simply needs to insert himself into situations where mobility, agility and small size are crucial to getting the job done. We don't want a tank. We have tanks. They are useless in these situations because they are too big, slow, non-agile (i.e. relatively immobile in confined spaces - like houses). Tanks can knock down the houses as in Israel but we don't want to kill the innocent occupants. We just want to KIA the army insinuated amongst them.

ironman.gif - 19kb

This is not a very elegant design and would of course be modified but I think you get the picture.

The guy gets inside and has independent air tanks, batteries (fuel cells?), and many electronic view ports for visual, sound, infrared, etc detection. There is no direct contact with the environment. The "pilot" is isolated. We have a hand to manipulate objects and a club or something very robust to depend on in any emergency and for breaking down doors, walls, etc.

He can be supplied with tear gas to output via ports, or other non-lethal put 'em to sleep agents.

On top is the rotating gun turret which enables the pilot to rout any opposition. Just see the guy and the gun automatically rotates to the direction of sight and a press of a button and ... zap ... no mo' enemy. With ironman, you just walk into the house and walk through walls or whatever and blast your enemies ... selectively.

The armor must be impervious to small arms fire and grenades. It's all hydraulic with electric motors. There should be no ledges on it for an enemy to stick an explosive pack. All hinges are internal so as to maximize dependability. All the edges are rounded.

Can this be stopped"

Yes. But not easily. If it gets into a situation where ironman is trapped (as in a hole), the operator just waits in the cocoon until rescued by regular infantry or tanks. This gizmo is not designed to go really far out into enemy territory ... just across the line to advance the battle house to house.

And if we had dozens of them in a small neighborhood (or hundreds), we have a fairly invulnerable army. Certainly, they could not be surprised by any shenanigans that could be perpetrated by "fake surrender". They need to be fairly agile and fast. A slow moving "thing" would be a sitting duck to RPG fire to which it could not be made impervious because of weight restrictions. It's possible that a third leg might be added or even a fourth to facilitate fast walking. And perhaps an anti-tank shell could fit into another "arm". Lots of things to do with a little imagination.

This is doable and for less money than what the Japanese "Asimov" costs. Asimov walks all by itself for cripe sakes. Let's give our guys an new toy to get the job done.

Something obvious occurs to me.

If the guy inside of ironman is isolated from the environment ... he doesn't need to be there at all. He can operate ironman from behind his own lines by radio. This would save mucho in the design and much more could be done size-wise and arms-wise. The only downside here would be radio jamming and subsequent loss of control. So both types would be needed on an actual battlefield.

ironman2.gif - 7kb Aother design possibility. Use a gyro-stabilizer in an unmanned Ironman Robot Assault (IRA ;o). This sucker will run fast and turn on a dime. If the wheels are metal with teeth in them it should even go upstairs ... fast.

Tear 'em up Ironman

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