Lord of the Flies
the present state of the earth

he war with Iraq brings to mind a tremendous problem faced by any developing planet like ours. There are no adults here to determine what should or should not be done. You may recall the movie "Lord of the Flies". If not, it is about a group of children stranded by shipwreck on a desert island (forget the fact that no such island exists anywhere).

In this movie, the group degenerates into two warring tribes ... one pursues a more rational path while the other reduces itself to savagery ... two different ways to go about the daily task of survival in a hostile environment. Finally they are rescued by naval personnel and their way of life comes to the abrupt end of obsolesence.

That's how it is on the Earth

No country has matured sufficiently to have obtained to the indisputable position of adult authority. But the United States is it's leading member in terms of the product of

Rationality x Power

The USA does not know what to do ... exactly. Rather, it acts on its best guess in the present situation. It knows that someone must bear the burden of decision and that no one else will step forward and do the job. So it must become the World's Policeman ... or ... deny the evidence of its own nascent sensibilities.

It is unfortunate that the United Nations has proved out to be the complete wimp in all things military. But that body cannot exceed in rationality the average of its members ... and because the United States is way above the curve, that body will always be at odds with America. There is nothing to do but go it alone and leave the "Counsel of All the Other Tribes" to accuse it of being the bully. Clearly, the primary concern of the UN is its own credibility with its democratically polled members and not with anything as concrete as getting rid of the world's dictators.

Imagine the UN undertaking military action against every small dictatorship on the planet. They could all be gone in a single decade (just the small ones).

Now we have another small war

It will end the only way it could end ... ambiguously. There will be no consensus that it's all been done in the correct manner. There will be endless wrangling about what would-should-could-might have been done to effect an optimum hypothetical result. And nothing will be finalized before some other problem comes up requiring that "someone do something". That's the crux ... Somebody must do something. Nobody quite knows what.

One thing can always be depended on ...

If everybody does nothing, there is always somebody (with less than stellar moral credentials) with a gun willing to "take over" and do something to his advantage. It is the curse and responsibility of the United States to push every other somebody out of the way and guide the world to the best of its limited ability. Where it goes will, in the long run be to a better place that where it would end up had someone else made that determination and certainly it will be a better place than what could be achieved by voting on it in the United Nations.

My biggest hope here is that they will

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this time.

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