Auto Seat Covers
why such crap?

returned the seat covers I bought at WalMart a couple weeks ago without even opening them up. I knew they wouldn't fit or look decent without trying them out because of past experience. You have to struggle to get them on and they just look awful and you get pissed off 'cause they look like shit for $37.95 (for two). Yeah I could buy some sheepskin or maybe lion hide or some such nonsense but then I'd have a $200 dollar ugly seat. Whudafuk?

But I have to have something to use on my new Hyundai Sonata. The cloth seats are really nice but they will show dirt after just a month or two and I can't wash it all out so it gets dingier by the year till I'm disgusted with the thing and they wear out on the edges too.

What to do?

In keeping with my "genius" stature, I kept my one eye open for an easy, elegant and cheap solution. I found it in JC Penny's dry goods section

The Common Bath Towel

Instead of paying almost forty bucks for something I don't want, I got three beautiful, luxurious bath towels on sale for nine bucks apiece two for the front seats and one to drape over the rear bench. Towels come in many colors so we were able to get ones that matched the car's cloth seats like we were interior decorators. And because they are "high-end" towels, they don't look like your ordinary bath towel with that nude stripe at each end the pattern goes all the way from end to end and they're much nicer than plain terrycloth.

Whudya think?

The size is perfect not too long or short and not too wide or narrow. It sticks on the seat and doesn't hardly move at all. And because it's not rubberized (no stretch fit), it conforms to the seat.

I put two bed sheet holders (they're for holding the corners of bed sheets so they don't come out when you sleep - they're like short suspenders) around the head rests so the towels don't fall. They weren't falling anyway but maybe in a day or two somethins' gotta' give. That cost me another three bucks.

Now, if they get dirty they are a 'snap' to take out and wash. If I go to the pool or beach and forget my towel I got one. And they are big enough to use as a little car blanket if somebody gets cold and I can mop up a spill without a second thought since they are washable.

Yes, I am a genius this proves it ;o)