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some things just never seem to show up

ver the past few decades, I've often wondered why minor advances can take sooooooo looonnnng to happen. I mean in the technological arena. Certainly, we can expect no advances in government and the like for all too human reasons. But why technology? Why not make a thing a bit better? Nobody is offended ... and ... you can make a few extra dollars.
What's the holdup?

Some examples will make my point

When velcro was first put on the market, the very first thing I saw a use for was on little kids shoes. They can't tie their shoelaces so ... velcro! I waited for this obvious development for ... ten freakin' years ... unbelievable. I had no stake in velcro, but many did. They could make money with velcro ... why didn't they? It was lying on the ground waiting for anyone to pick it up ... like a big fat gold nugget ... yet nobody saw it? C'mon!

Some things do occur in the long run, I guess. Maybe for no other reason than ... chaos? One thing all these advances I am referring to have in common is that none of them gets any notice when they do occur. They are never noticed before or after implementation no matter how grand that advance was.

A case in point ...

Cockroaches. Have you seen any lately? The German cockroach ... the ones that you're never supposed to be able to kill entirely? They are all gone wherever this new tactic is employed. Instead of feeding them one poison at a time so they can develop resistance to it ... you make a cocktail of all the poisons you've got and kill every last one ... so they can't develop any immunities to anything in the cocktail ... because there are none left to pass on that trait.

Where before I saw hundreds of thousands of these cockroaches ... I now see none ... nothing ... not one. Of course, their niche was taken over by other varmints (in lesser numbers) ... but it's a victory nonetheless. An achievement of staggering proportions ... yet nobody says anything at all. Have you seen a documentary on the "Defeat of the German Cockroach" on the Discovery channel? I haven't.

Here's some good ones

slow-rd1.jpg - 14kb

My favorite cereal ... Honey Nut Cheerios. Did you notice the box top? I did. It closes properly and easily ... all the time. Look at the pictures to see what they did. Well, that took about a century to perfect. A century??

slow-rd4.jpg - 15kbYes, I never gave it much thought till some years ago when I started to cut, tear, rip the top into something resembling their idea. Now, it's fixed. Why didn't they ... who had a vested interest in the cereal box ... fix it in the 1920s? What was the freakin' holdup?
I just don't know.

Here's another ...

slow-rd5.jpg - 24kb Why did this take 80 years to figure out? They didn't have flexible plastic? Well, I could see that would delay it till maybe the 50s ... what then? Why did people suffer along with those dirty old roll up tubes for so many decades? Why!? Why? WHY!!!???

And a last comment

Where is my freakin' hard drive "tape recorder thingy". I mean, I want to record something on the tube like a tape recorder does ... but ... I don't want to pay over $100. It could be easily done. Why isn't it? Why do I have to buy what I want with a silly DVD recorder attached to it like a Siamese twin? And ... pay $300. I just want to record for later viewing ... not for posterity. Anybody could make this ... and they do ... for DirecTV. You can get just the hard drive recorder ... if ... you sign up for Tivo also. I just want a cheap 100 gig recorder ... that's all.

Why are there a portable DVD players with no TV tuner? Can't anybody see that a TV tuner would add almost nothing to the cost and generate more sales? Is there a law forbidding the use of a portable TV with DVD playback capabilities?

Why is nothing done to automate traffic signals? Why can't a little sensor detect traffic below the signal causing it to vary the amount of time red and green control traffic in different directions? Why do I have to sit at a light at 3 AM waiting for Iron Butterfly to finish playing "Inna godda da vida" before I can proceed? (Actually, I often do proceed when nobody is looking)

This list could probably be endless. Maybe that's the reason. So much to be done that nobody sees the tree for the forest?


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