Cowboys Blow It Again
romo is nomo

watched (intermittently) the Dallas Cowboys playoff game yesterday. I understood that they would lose without fail because of the "Jimmy Johnson Curse" which was brought on the team by Mr. Jerry Jones some years back. Those who follow football at all will remember the most infamous managerial gaff in the history of professional football occurred when the then coach of the two time Super Bowl champion Cowboys ... Jimmy Johnson ... was fired by the owner (the afforementioned Mr. Jones) after two consecutive super bowl rings for reason that the said "owner" didn't like Mr. Johnson.

So began the "curse" now ten years old and running.
Specifically, the curse requires that ...

No Cowboy football team will ever win
another championship
as long as Mr. Jones remains the owner

Jerry Jones must either die or sell the Cowboy franchise. Then and only then will there ever be another seriously competitive football team in the Dallas-FortWorth metroplex. Then and only then will the curse be lifted.

The Predictable Season Finale

I watched some of the last quarter with my nephew who plays football with a local JV school team. At 16, he is disappointed that his pro team is so miserable as to blow every conceivable opportunity to win. I explained to him that such games are decided in the minds of the participants long before the game is played ... and even the score is settled upon by the players in big games. All this is done subconsciously of course. [See this page for more info about this phenomena.]

Consequently, I was able to predict the outcome of the now infamous missed field goal at the end of the game wherein Tony Romo was unable to place the ball from a perfect snap and ended up running with it to no avail. Sic Transit Gloria. Before the field goal attempt I said to him, "Now, you're going to see the Jimmy Johnsom Curse in action ... watch". I'm sure many other seasoned veteran football watchers knew what was coming as well. I laughed for about 2-3 minutes. I hate being right all the time in things like this ;o)

It's not as hard to accept if you understand that in professional sport there are no "accidents" and that there is no such thing as "luck" ... it's all planned out. The more important the game, the more detailed the plan of the game is set. If there were an "unforseen accident" the players would simply adjust for it and incorporate it into an adjusted game plan that resulted in the same outcome.

Originally, I had guessed that the Cowboys would lose by something like 24-7. However, because I don't follow football closely (unless the Cowgirls are doing well), I didn't know that the Seahawks were also nearly as pitiful. It was comedic to watch each team vying to see who could attain the lofty goal of "loser". The Cowboys won out in the long run thanks to an assist from the curse. Now, they are at peace. They are losers ... obedient unto the curse ... and all is well with the universe.

Just wait'll next year ...

... and we'll show you another loser. Thanks for nothin' Jerry.