Howdeeeeeeeee !

I am an intellectual pig.
I will investigate anything no matter how common, bizarre or crude. However, I only swallow wholesome ideas

My "immediate" goals are:

  1. Figure out the universe
  2. Fix the world
  3. Conquer  death  life
  4. Think & Do & Run & Jump & Play

I am not interested in general evaluations of existence and the feelings of others ... only functional-mechanical ideas which have the potential to lead to a "mathematical" description. If it can't be quantified ... I don't have any use for it in the long run.

Nuts & Bolts ... that's the ticket!

From BTTF-III ... aka Christopher Lloyd The person most like me is the "mad scientist" in Back to the Future. Imagine my surprise to see Emmett Brown's middle initial L (same as mine - what are the odds? ... mmmm ... 26x26x26= ... 1 in 17576 ... a nice round number! ... 13x13x13x2x2x2 ... arrgh ... no significance ... wait ... 123...123...123 ... ahah! ... I see it now !!).

E L B (right on the train at the end of BTTF-III).
Mad scientist who makes things that work ... sometimes.

Typical remarks made to me by others in the last 42 years:

  • Are you for real? ... 8764 instances
  • You must stay up all night thinking these things up ... 47,965 (true)
  • You looked like you just lost your best friend ... 5622
  • Are you all right? (sincerely meant) ... 4449

My site consists of ...

Three main folders (on Existence, Man and Government) which I've always wanted to develop and communicate to others. All the rest is there because I like to write as a hobby ... and ... every page gets indexed by search engines (like a free ad) and some generate dozens of new viewers per day. I never know what might catch on. If I did I'd have one of the most popular sites on the net.

EBTX means "E.B. from TeXas"

I don't broadcast my name over the Internet 'cause I prefer the more impersonal touch. I am just another nobody on the internet.

That's it. If you want to know more about me ... you are an even bigger lunatic ... and I sure wouldn't want to know you!