Welcome to the
Ebtx Whore House

ecause .com means commercial (at least now it does ... soon it will mean just "common" and .biz or .bs will mean business), I feel that I should offer something for sale in order to be "with it".

Now, since you do not wish to accept ideas of inestimable value for nothing, I thought perhaps that you might like to purchase

One piece of junk for a major chunk ... [of CA$H]

My Excellent Ebtx T-Shirt

Ebtx most excellent T-shirt
Made special for your order on fine, domestic, densely woven cotton, heavy duty, pastel colored (light green, tan, yellow or bone?), no pockets, Sunday-go-to-meeting, "T" (aka. Wal-Mart special).

And ...

  • Emblazoned with my (soon to be immortalized in a major motion picture) excellent logo on the front.
  • With ... Your name and order number on the back.
    Example: John Doe (idiot #17)
  • And ... One of the very famous Ebtx quotes (front or back) of your choice ------ If ... you have the balls.
  • And ... an authentication card guaranteed to verify that your "T" is a genuine Ebtx "T" (an "ET"). Personally signed by me
    [quantity of orders permitting]
All this for only

$547.34 * non-refundable

Alternate payment method: Pay 10% ($54.73) and
owe me the rest If and When I become famous ;o)

* No monies will be refunded under any circumstance so that you will know
that sinking, "Oh God, what have I done?", feeling as I have often known it.
If you should encounter a T-shirt anywhere else that costs more, please email
me so that I can raise my price. (subject to change without notice). ----- Ebtx

Find out why
Your web site sucks

Get an expert critique of your web site's navigation and bandwidth considerations (I'll ignore the quality of your content but will comment on it's quantity).
  • What's wrong with your site - $19.95
  • And how to fix it - $99.95
  • I fix it - Forget about it.

Htmlize your book for the Web

I will make your book look good for the web and
supply excellent navigation and bandwidth miser jpg & gif backgrounds
(or just good ol' plain color ... actually this is best)

$500 - Synchronized payments of $50 per tenth of job.

See my freebies for example:

  • David King's book here on my site.
  • Phil Gibbs book on his site.
    Many of the gif files (with aqua background color) are his.

Create or fix your huge site's
Navigation System

  • Thousands of files = Thousands of dollars
  • Millions of files = "... come to papa"
    (e.g. netscape, microsoft, disney, nasa, etc.)
            ^ these sites ^ suck big monkey dung
    Cause: overwhelmed websters

For Big Time Investors
with small minds

I can blow all search engines off the internet.
Yup, out of business ... (except those which serve me)
And ... I can sink Yahoo.
If you did you'd already be doing it.

In the area of navigation (the creation of hierarchical structures) ...

"I can think as well as any man,
be he who he may."

This is where I make my fortune, right?
Mr.Yeh ;o)       :o( Mr.Neh