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have never before solicited donations because I figured it wouldn't generate enough money to be worth the trouble of making a page. But ... I don't know that for sure. To be scientific, I must give it a trial. If it doesn't pan out ... c'est la vie ... ou guerre.

pencil.gif - 5kb My eventual goal is to have my site generate $10 per day. That's why I've put some ads in as well. If I can do this, I might have enough money coming in (when added to social security, small pension, and a part time job) to retire in another decade. Otherwise, I will have to work till I drop or live under a bridge for two weeks per month ;o)

I designed a scheme to make money from a web site just from content ... PennyWeb ... but I can't implement it myself. So, I'm not going to wait till hell freezes over for someone to do it for me. There are other options to explore.

Below is a PayPal button. If you send me a buck or two, it'll make my day for sure as I don't think it will be used very often. If you use it, thanks. I appreciate it. When somebody says it with money ... you know they mean it. - EBTX

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