Hearme Live Chat

he script on this page will allow you to talk "live" with anyone else visiting this page ... if you have IE 4.0 or above, a microphone, a sound card & speakers. Ain't that positively RAD?!

C/net Download LiveChat from Hearme Oh Yeah ... You gotta' download the program from Hearme.com
(only about 80K - click on the Cnet download pic at right)


After you've downloaded the 80K program, you'll get connected automatically.

Minimize this separate window.
(Or, just make it as small as the gray "HearMe" control panel)
If anyone talks, you will hear them while you are browsing the web in the other window.
When you want to talk, press the F9 button on your keyboard.

It's like 10-4 good buddy.
You talk they listen ... they talk you listen.

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