New Dating System:

To those interested,

I am abandoning the Christian calendar (which commemorates the arbitrarily assigned birth date of a non-existent person) in favor of a more rational, objective and universal timeline.

The Lunar Landing System

This is the most noticeable and objective event in human history which can be reliably dated. Therefore, I will begin to use (whenever I think of it) the new designations of AL [ante-lunar] and PL [post-lunar]. Or, if you will ... ante landing and post landing.

Thus, 1969 is year 1 PL. I am preserving the Julian dates and months, weeks, etc. because it would cause unnecessary confusion. And these are holdovers from Roman times anyway (or before). Therefore the year 1PL begins about a half year before the actual lunar landing.

EBTX ... 32 PL ... (=2000 AD)