New YaBB Forum Started
Finally ... Hope you like it

Click ^ up there on YaBB

'm putting this up prematurely but I can work on it forever if I want ... as long as it works.

You can post here without registering but you have to use a fake email address so the program will accept it. Maybe I can dump that requirement. I left all the swear words alone so anything goes. They say I can get your IP address when you post so that I can ban bad people. Shit, I want more of them! Anyway, if you ban an IP you ban everybody west of the Mississippi as well.

HTML is working but I sure don't like those smilies cluttering up everything. I can't use my background on this forum so I did my "green thing" as I am want to do now & then. I made some preliminary Categories to get started. Any suggestions will be appreciated. I am the "Forum Administrator" and the only "Moderator" (Hah! Like I'm gonna' moderate!).

I don't know how this will work out so the other forum will be available if this one craps out.

This is a YaBB Forum

It's quite advanced ... and ... it's free! Yabba Dabba Dooooooo!

It is a bit difficult to put together a color scheme that works because the same background color may be used for different things in different ways. Kinda like Windows. You get it all right ... then ... try to write something in Notepad and you have dark type on a dark background. I'll get it right sometime. Also, I must try to replace my mug with my logo ... but that's another story.

Old WWWBOARD is here