My Complimentary Mail and Constructive Site Comments

start date: 07/13/06

Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2009

Firstly I would like to complement you on your video ďBankers Cabal.Ē I particularly enjoyed the objective stance you took towards zero reserve banking. I managed to mature a little bit today realizing my view that has remained unchanged since my father since first showed me a ten dollar gold certificate, that it has been wrong that U.S. currency is not backed by real worth. I can only say that it seems to me that you have the right idea. The more I learn (I came late to the game of proactively learning at age 46) the more I realize that I donít have any idea of what the right ideas are. I do realize one thing and that is that I donít like the fact that I am outside of the norm of what the system of everything the government can be in control of and that the government favors a certain norm. A Gaussian distribution of personalities I guess you might say. Hmm. Speaking of Gaussian stuff, what a mess it is that corporations get their boots licked by the government that is sup posed belong to the people huh? The line gets so blurred as to where government ends and corporate interests begin itís hard to keep it straight.

From what Iíve read on your site so far, you and I seem to share many of the same views. However, I find your attitude towards Islam disturbing. I donít know how alike you and I are in regard to knowing what being raised in any particular tradition to be like, but I would venture to guess that neither of us is that familiar with being brought up in a culture which bears much resemblance to the culture of previous generations. As we are both aware, the trappings of modernity have been an easy sell that have come at a price of our individuality and living in a society that thinks for itself. Accepting the blank space of nothingness that resides in the part of the mind that is aware of what is as yet unknown is a feat that is difficult to accomplish. Enter religion. Any religion.

If, as you seem to expect religion to define for the flock what is good, wouldnít that distance a person more from their own self determinism of what is good, than a religion that doesnít define what is good? I wonít go insulting your intelligence with any historical reminders like how civil liberties in th U.S. are a fairly new phenomenon and how capitalism has gained near religious status. But I have to ask if you are very aware of the hegemonic practices of the U.S. Donít you think that Islamic Fundamentalism is what you could expect as a result of ruthless hegemonic activity of a rouge world super power like the U.S. And by that same token, wouldnít the U.S. be responsible for such threats?

Well thanks for the videos and the site. Iíll checking them out more in time to come.
[ Thanks for writing.

My views on Islam have changed since 911 when I thought that they actually did it. (I initially bought into the Bush-Cheney version - hook, line and stinker.) Our own government actually carried out the entire attack which is a pretty well established fact on the internet ... lots of proofs for that.

Now that I'm not mad at the Muslims, I can be more objective. I now see them as just another primitive philosophy which happens to be 100% testosterone driven, i.e. women don't count for anything in their society ... at least not in a fundamentalist Islamic state. And that must inevitably be their undoing. They are philosophically "unbalanced".

I no longer worry about what Islam might do. They are no threat at all to us militarily or philosophically. I feel sorry for them in Palestine for what the "Jewzies" are doing to them.

My biggest concern is our own banker-government which will surely send us into another dark age as time goes by. The solution ... is to correct the two primary disfunctions of civilization. These problems are as old as history.

They are:

1) The Authority Selection Mechanism (I've given my solution in Proper Government)

2) The Inheritance Disease (Stop letting people inherit more than, say, 100 million dollars worth of money, land, goods ... and no workarounds like - The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Ford Foundation, Carnegie-Mellon Foundation, etc.)

When these two problems are addressed and fixed, everything else will work itself out. If not addressed ... we go into another dark age.


PS Check out my video pics by clicking on the "911" ad at the bottom of every one of my web pages. Watch them all if you can. I don't endorse every word but each has something to offer which I consider to be a piece of the truth. If you watch them all you will have to invest several hundred hours in your "education". I did ... it's worth it. You won't find them on the TV ... ever. ]

Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2008
00:16:26 -0400

I discovered your website this evening and have decided to bookmark it already. I find your passion for knowledge and understanding to be both fascinating and inspiring, meaning that, while you seem to possess an intellectual fervor that surpasses the limits of my own imagination, I nonetheless maintain hope that I may one day be (to put it bluntly) as smart as you. You have a brilliant mind that appears to be equal parts genetically gifted and self-made. Still, the conclusions that you seem to have reached over the topic of mankind's existence sadden me. I hope that you continue to search out this area and that you do not resign yourself to an answer that rests wholly in your own rationality.

I do not believe that the truth behind our existence can be explained through reason (the provision in this statement being that there is a Creator, and that He has left us an answer to our existence which transcends the reasoning abilities of mankind, the Created). And I will stop here. You can probably assume that my said beliefs are Judeo-Christian in nature, and you would be right.

But alas, I am no scientific stalwart like yourself. I am not an great experimenter or a man of profound scientific curiosity who makes discoveries about nature or writes natural laws. I am hardly even a man; at the age of 19, I can only aspire to one day become a great artist of the written word...or perhaps of the gilded screen. I have not yet decided what to do with my life or what my greatest passion is, so please do not assume that I have written this email with any intention of preaching at you, for I know very little about life or even myself.

What I do know, however, is where I stand on the topic of my own existence (and yes, a decision to believe in a divine authority more or less culls all the science out of life's greatest question; There truly is little mental stimulation in allowing the culmination of one's quest for meaning to end with an ancient and controversial text known as "the Bible"). Yet, in all the questioning I have done regarding religion and even regarding the nature of the very faith I hold in my own God, my greatest peace lies in realizing that ultimately, the truth cannot be found by rationality. Faith transcends rationality, as you are surely aware to some extent, judging from what you have written about religion on your website.

But faith, in this context even, is not the escapism from a colder and less endearing ďrealityĒ that you may have been led to believe through your unflinching rationale. However, I will stop here and spare you the fire and brimstone. Instead, I will simply interject my opinion that Christianity is truly not a feminine religion.

To conclude, I hope and pray that you will consider looking into Christianity, even if this means looking again. If you would be so interested, I highly recommend that you read a well-known book by C.S. Lewis entitled Mere Christianity. It isn't highly cerebral and it isn't meant to be, but Lewis presents a brilliantly simplified view of the Christian religion and an explanation of our existence that transcends mankind's rationality. This book does not try to convert you; it simply explains a religion so that anyone with a curiosity about Christianity can understand what it's founded upon and see the logic behind it. I know you have done research, but I implore you to look again.

That's all. Meanwhile, I am exploring your website with open eyes. Surely, most of my opinions about life are hardly formed yet; I haven't even experienced college yet. But rest assured, this one thing will never change: God loves you and I both.

[You are right in that the whole of existence cannot be understood by reason. Rather, exactly 50 percent of it is open to reason. That is because reason is entirely about quantity and never about quality. So our understanding of existence approaches 50 percent asymtotically. As for the other 50 percent ... you may find God there ... or ... I don't know what's there. And ... more importantly, I can't know what's there ... in principle.

In my opinion, existence is incomplete without consciousness. But I see that such a consciousness applied to the entirety of existence may be something totally foreign to me and may perhaps be just a "sea of potential consciousness" without being "self-aware".

I don't know. I suspect that when I die ... I will experience nothing beyond that moment. However, if there were to be something "more" ... I wouldn't be too surprised. The universe hasn't gotten any less weird by the study of it. It's always strange.

I think you will do alright in life because you are well balanced enough to accept truth when you see it even if you are not presently of that mind. Go to my page with all the links to the 911 stuff and learn the lesser truths of life and existence that are going to impact your own life fairly soon.

Our world is run my murderers. This will test your faith to the utmost. I hope you keep that faith ... just dump the religion ... they are two very different things. ]

Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2008
20:48:53 -0400

i was wondering around your site and have happened to come across a mistake. it is in reference to the fakland islands. the house you circle i believe is government house - where our governer lives, and in fact mos houses are two story - since new development (which google earth does not show yeat) many more new houses are being built as one story. the older house and all two story. and it is notg as desolte as you think, we have a strivign coommunity, with wonderful unruined landscapes and wildlife. every night it is possible to look at the sky and see millions of stars, something which isnt possible in most other places. we have a huge tourism trade, and we continue to expand, witht he highest ideas of oil being founded in our waters. this is not a negative email i only thought i should correct your mistake and let you know from our point of view how beautiful the falklands are. on day maybe you will travel the plane journey down and see!!!
[I'd love to go to the Falklands and see all those stars. I got to see the Milky Way only once in my life many years ago. And I hope you don't have any oil, that would be the end of your country ... at least the beautiful part. ]
Date: Tue, 05 Aug 2008
15:27:10 -0400

On 08/02/08 I took my 2001 VW Jetta to Midas because I had the check engine light on and the engine would shake when idle. I was greeted by Michael Jaskowiak, he said they were gonna run some tests, I left the car and went to work. Later I called several times and I spoke with Michael and he kept telling me he\'ll call me back in 5 minutes, hours later I would call back. This is not the issue, when he finally told me what was wrong with the vehicle, he gave me several reasons why and recommended about $1200 worth of repairs.

I told him that by no means I could afford that and asked him what would be extremelly important to get the car on the road safelly, otherwise I wouldn\'t repair it, he told me a tune up and install a new Oxygen sensor, this would take care of the problem(check engine light would go away and car would run ok), and later on I could come back to get the rest of the work done. So I agreed on $731.22 of repairs, $345.80 (highly inflated prize tag) for an Oxygen sensor, and $139.28 for sparkplugs (also highly inflated prize), $68.02 of Engine diagnosis plus $205.88 in labor costs.

When I picked up the car, it seemed fine (the problem was on and off, so this didn\'t mean the car was fixed), so I drove it home and the next day when I started it, it had the same problem, check engine light on and the engine shaking a bit while idle, SO i took the car back to Midas, this time I was greeted by Chris, and he told me he\'d check the car and call me, when he called me later he said he had to replace the oxygen sensor they installed and that now I also need a different sensor it it would cost me around $400, on top of the $731 I already paid! So, basically, I paid $731 for sparkplugs and an oxygen sensor, and now they want more money to fix it. I want my money back or the car fixed, and they won\'t do either unless I pay more. He told me I can call corporate if I\'d like, which I will, good luck with that right?
[Yeah ... you got fucked in the ass good. Don't get anything from them. They are crooks. Folks, whenever you get an estimate that seems likely to break your bank ... run for the nearest exit. Never take your vehicle to a company that specializes in one thing and ask them to fix another. Midas does mufflers ... so, just ask for mufflers ... nothing else there. Get it? For major repairs ... take it to a dealer of that type of car. They charge more but will get it right ... the first time. If it doesn't work, most dealers will not charge it against you and start making new costly repairs. Most dealers are kept honest by the car companies who understand what a bad reputation can do to sales. They simply have to be honest to compete with Honda, Toyota, etc.]

Date: Mon, 05 May 2008
00:31:05 -0400

Only the weak and frightened lean upon religion as a crutch for their insecurities in life. A true person of strength and character will never need other people's flawed perceptions of god. Would you agree? I'm writing a paper for my literature class and i enjoyed your feedback from my last comment :)

[We all need someone's flawed perceptions of something to live by. Initially one takes up whatever philosophy one is born into. Ideally, as we gain experience we formulate our own ideas and toss out what we don't like thereby creating new "flawed" perceptions to live by. Hopefully the new flawed perceptions are a little less flawed than those we absorbed by cultural osmosis as a child. Character comes from experience alone. You don't have character as a teen for instance ... you have a "personality" ... a "proto-character" or initial model.

There is a Gaussian distribution here. Most people just hobble along with what they were born into. Others go off in the right direction and develop a "good" character while a corresponding percentage go off the other way and become evildoers. In the end we should all become better because knowledge in general accumulates as it is learned and passed on from one generation to the next. ]

Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2008
23:48:06 -0400

Do you beleive in God? Or do you feel god is just an idea thought up by a couple of dumbfucks who couldn't think of anything better to base the existence of the universe on? I could really use your feedback- thanks.

I don't "believe" ... period.
I know, I do not know, I speculate.
"Believe" connotes a degree of emotional involvement that I would prefer not to have with intellectual subjects.

Concerning God ... to me, the universe is incomplete without some form of consciousness. But if there is a consciousness associated with the universe as a whole, I think it is more like a sea of potential consciousness rather than a specific entity with a sense of self.
That is, "God" is not like us in any sense.

On the other hand, there may be a finite entity associated with the human race in the form of a "distributed consciousness".

That is, each of us has some part of his brain as a component of a larger conscious entity sort of like the individual cells of our own brains but each "God-cell" is many times more sophisticated than one of our brain cells. The "neural connections" between God-cells would be accomplished by an under-signal sent to other God-cells (other people) when we communicate with each other ... similar to a DSL signal under the regular telephone signal. It would be a sight-sound signal rather than some hypothetical or imaginary ESP electronic "whatever".

This is just my speculation but there are several good reasons for it that I won't go into here. If such a God-entity exists, it would be in some way guiding the development of humanity even as it develops along with us as individuals.

It would be a being far more advanced and powerful than us but not infinitely more so ... it's always learning with us though way beyond us. People could perhaps "feel" its presence or maybe they just convince themselves of that. I've only just begun to think along these lines this year but it's an interesting "thread" to reason on. - EBTX 4/29/08

Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008
15:55:26 -0400

emet is what will eventualy come out. it is lovely to think that there is someone else out there that thinks.
[I don't know what "emet" means ... but thanks ]
Date: Sat, 02 Feb 2008
04:47:14 -0500

i've been a long-time reader of your website and remember my spontaneous discovery of it in 2002 memorable. i would read the section on understand over and over, each time understanding a little more. :)

almost exactly a year ago i wrote in and questioned, after my own recognition of the 9/11 scandal, your views on the matter. it didn't make sense to me that you hadn't stumbled upon similar conclusions, and a pang of nervousness shot through me when you posted your response. your dismissal of the question i'd raised was like a swift and sudden rejection after a torrid love-affair. i remember thinking that, what to my best judgment had been a true champion of logic and reason, ebtx had finally disappointed me. i was uneasy and confused. all that you'd written in which i believed with conviction suddenly was at arms with my own reason. it was a difficult time. an internal conflict in critical thinking...

after a period of consciously 'forgetting' to check back with EBTX, it was pure exhilaration when i saw "911-solved" as the leading headline. your analysis is articulate, authentic, witty, and biting as ever. once again--i agree!

i'm proud to be one of your readers and happy to have seen the transformation in opinion. it is both inspiring and encouraging to know that even someone who's tendency is to stand behind his ideas with seemingly indestructible resolve, will graciously and willingly concede and heed to reason.

i check in regularly, and you can bet that i will be one of the first to watch your long-awaited video.

from a young student who's faith in critical thinking has been restored time and time again by your website--thank you. -s.k

[Thank you. The reason I never looked into the 911 "thing" is because I'm too busy to bother with politics anymore ... I mean ... I gave up on that crap years ago thinking that they were a bunch of incurable idiots. Then, I got broadband and could see video on my computer. So, one day, I looked on the video list on Google and saw one for "911" and thought ... "I guess I should investigate what these 'nuts' are up to ... ought to be good for a laugh". That opened the entire can of worms because I saw immediately that they were all sincere and diligent in their efforts to uncloak the invisible government ... which I hadn't thought existed because the general media doesn't report on that. (We know why of course.)
My present position on these topics was inevitable given the evidence presented ... the overall context presented ... and the historical record. All that remains are details and getting them "the fuck out".]

Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2008
21:46:45 -0500

: Well, I have taken the greater part of a saturday, as you site is pretty interesting. I do have one particular "gripe" and that is this. With all of the conspiracy theory on the web re: 9:11 I have a comment. There have been a huge amount of time and space focusing on the "so called phantom air craft, and the fact that there is "proof" that it was all digitally created.
I was in fact in downtown NYC at the time of the impact, and I physically saw the aircraft strike the building of the trade center. So....i agree that you don't have to believe me any more than I do you, but i know what i saw, I am not a paid "spy", just a regular guy that happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. So, how can I believe anything that you say when I know for an absolute, my eyes tell me, that you are wrong, and that the information that you spread must have another agenda. To my analytical mind, if what you are saying and telling others is an absolute lie, again, I know what I saw with my eyes, not through a camera or a video, how can I believe anything that you say on any subject.
[ I don't "know" for certain that no plane hit the WTC ... I wasn't there and don't claim to have been. The reason that I can't accept your testimony is ... "I don't know you". You could be an honest person, a screwball or a government agent. The only way I can accept eyewitness testimony in this issue is if thousands of witnesses come forward and testify in a general canvassing of the area. Then the group could be rigorously spot-checked to see if their stories are corroborated concerning their whereabouts on that day. If planes actually hit the WTC it would be easier for me as a simpler conspiracy. But I don't know ... I can only look at the physical evidence and that evidence supports ... presently ... the no plane theory.]
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2008
12:24:39 -0500

Thanks for making the amps/watts page. I use it all the time. Just though tyou would like to know that you made someone's life a little easier. I can never remember the formulas either.
[ You're welcome ... and ... and ... I ... uh ... hope it's right ;o)]
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2007
02:39:35 -0500

Hi, i just wanted to say i really like your website with the intelligence stuff and then even more with the 9/11 stuff. I havent read all of it but just glanced at it. But the thing that struck me was that you are very smart. So i wanted to ask you if you have checked out islam as a relgion yet?? I mean really study it from the authentic sources and not from the media or christian missionaries. If you check it out i think you will gain a lot of insight on life and how your thinking is very much like really smart muslims, (the very few that are out there, sadly). So please let me know what you think.
[Yes, after 911 I read up a great deal on Islam. As written, Islam is similar to many other religions. In practice, Islamic people don't even adhere to their own principles. Nowhere in what I read was there the idea that women were draught animals to be disposed of as men see fit. Yet that is the fate of most Muslim women. Their societal position is "unnatural" in the extreme. Hence, Islam is a testerone driven culture at odds with the fundamental nature of humanity and thus doomed to eventual failure as are all religions.]
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2007
02:13:39 -0500

Holly Sxxt !!! Just briefly walked trough your site, and I am Soooooo Impressed !!!!!! Very logical, very detailed very deep very thoughtful VERRY Good .... =%3E nothing else to be said, congrats,keeep up the good work and have a nice life.
[Thank you for the thank you.]
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2007
19:52:43 -0400

Great stuff. I come and visit your site and read your writings when I need to clear my head. Your logic is refreshing. So thanks, keep it up and oh yeah, I dream of working in Hollywood. Any general advice? Thanks.
Chris D---ll
[Assuming you're a girl that appreciates my site ... if you go to Hollywood to become a movie star ... you will more likely become a prostitute with one black eye and a front tooth knocked out and have needle tracks running down both arms ... legs too. The only way to stardom not on your back (or on your knees if you're a guy) would be to luck out and get into a commercial and be so cute that some honest director or producer says "I want her in my movie". Good luck.]
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2007
19:52:43 -0400

Hello. I am a long-time reader and first time "caller" (e-mailer?). Other than the fact that I love your site and that pretty much everything you've printed has made perfect sense to me, my main purpose for this e-mail is to ask for your opinion on something.
I am in two bands. The one band is a hardcore metal band, which I'm honestly not really into and don't take very seriously. I'm a member mainly because my friends asked me to join and I give them time whenever I can. Other than that, that band is nothing more than an exercise in futility.
The other band I'm in, however, I take much more seriously. We are a mixture of hard rock, progressive rock, punk rock, and Irish folk music (weird mixture, eh?). This is a band where I enjoy working with the members and hope to strive towards making good music. In short, I think this band has potential. Potential (of course) to make good music, and not (at all) potential for mainstream success (which is not at all one of my main concerns).
My request, then, is to ask for your opinion on my band's music. If you have any comments, criticisms, or just plain likes or dislikes about us, please be 100% honest and let me know anything about what you think of us.
Now, I realize that you must be a busy man and that you have other things to do than listen to some stranger's music online. That is why if you choose not to listen or respond to me, I will not be upset or discouraged. I will continue to read your material as long as you continue to post it. I am simply looking for a very different opinion on the matters of music.
Here is the link:
Thank you for your time.
[I went to your site and listened to all of the tunes offered. I agree that Irish is a little "different". You can shoot the singer on that one ... as in off-key (more appropriately slightly off key as in off by a quarter tone or less). What I mean is that when you talk you're in 24 or 48 tone scale. But when you sing you must restrict yourself to a 12 tone scale to be recognized by the listener as "singing". It takes practice to stay out of the 24-48 automatically. Invariably, without practicing scales, a singer will drift out of 12 tone. I don't know of any rock singer who can stay in 12 tone (even Jim Morrison of the Doors couldn't do that but he was close). The greatest problem here is that your instruments are designed to stay in 12 tone by their construction. So, the singer must follow suit or the audience sees him as "dissonant" in an undesirable way and heads for the exit.
In composition, you are fortunate to have only 4 or 5 potential simultaneously lines to deal with, i.e. 4 or 5 instruments including the singer instead of an entire symphonic repetoire. You probably ... like most bands ... compose backwards ... starting with some cool sound in base or rhythm guitar then you proceed to "write" the song that seems to go with it. This is like "The Scream" by Edvard Munch (the painting). Here Mr. Munch paints something more of less grotesque then ... gives it a name that seems to suit it. Artistically he has cheated himself and his audience for he should have conceived of a meaningful work of art in his head ... then executied it as faithfully as possible letting his internal vision be his only guide.
In terms of your art, you must do this to distinguish yourself from all others (which ain't too hard given the competition).
Write the song first ... not the music ... the song ... THE WORDS. That's what the song is. A song is a poem first and foremost ... then a 12 tone tune (further restricted to 8 tones by staying in key ... but Debussy did such amazing things in full 12 tone that I wouldn't want to restrict anyone on that score). Work on your poem for several months utilising the totality or your being ... so that when you are done ... you are afraid to show anyone because it would hurt too much to be rejected. Then show someone your work. When they laugh at it ... absorb the resultant pain with your soul (which will sop up anything if you are willing to risk all thereby remaining "true to yourself" as commanded by Socrates ). Now you will feel very, very strong ... like you could lift the whole world up with one hand because you know in the depths of your being that you are right.
Now, you are ready to compose music to which the "song" might be properly attached. You will find this to be easier because your song will tell you what it needs. The melody will come to you ... then the base part and the drums and anything else that it needs. And you will deny it nothing else you would have to say, "My soul is no good" which is as close to death as you may wish to get (very unpleasant).
Now you will play the song for an audience and they will appreciate it all the while not knowing exactly why they appreciate it. They will appreciate it because they will see that your soul has value and therefore so might their's. They will see that your life is worth living and will then have hope that their's can also be worth living.
Aim firstly for the core of things ... risk all ... if you succeed ... you win at life itself.
Alternatively, you can play around the periphery trying to stand out without risking any kind of horrible failure. Then you will get old and quit the band and become an insurance salesman.
Stay with the band you like and devote all your time there. Think about every detail while you practice ... only "feel" when the gig is on (no thinking here - just feel the music and it will use - you - as its instrument). ]

Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007
18:14:11 -0400

: "I THINK" you're 1 of the good guys ... you either got the balls to put your life at risk for the greater good of humanity ... your country - or you haven't yet realized which 200 people actually committed 911 (200 were arrested)
look up "stranger than fiction" on youtube (the guy that wrote it knows more about world history , politics than any teacher I ever had.)
the will ferrel movie was released AFTER to bury the ORIGINAL 'movie' with the same name (which is mostly text in 5 parts)
read the 1996 document "a clean break" then look up the current job, nationality of the authors (perle, wurmsers)
look up this stuff on google (check video too): jfk+dimona vanunu gerald bull 911+mossad 7/7+mossad 1-15-2007 mossad
look up this stuff on google video: fox+israel fox+milk outfoxed
look this up on google images: depleted+uranium+defects
look ME up on google groups: "the king of men" (you will find A TON of links and information in my posts there)
my grandfather was buried in a box with a giant "G" and a "compass" on it - but I know nothing probably because my mother protected me from th at world
[ It's not really a riisk since "they" don't have enough bullets to get rid of all the doubters.]
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2007
23:42:06 -0400

: P.S "ex nihilo"
"In the beginning....God created the heavens and the earth....the earth was without form and darkness covered the face of the deep.....
Then God said "let there be light, and there was light"
I used "ex nihilo" as a reference in a paper I wrote about the "Correlation in Creation" from creation myths from the different cultures around the world.
anyhoo....Im a bonafide bible thumper.....but I still like your website:) "Gloriad"
[Gee, a compliment from a Christian. What's the world coming too? ... must be the end times ... ]
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2007
23:20:24 -0400

I just happened upon your website tonight! I went looking for Marushka paintings to copy and paint on my wall and I found you discussing how God gave you a print.
Anyhow, I couldn't stop reading...I LOVE IT! You can put this in your "kinky" mail box. I think your fricken hilarious and completely Brilliant. My absolute favorite is your responses to the Hate mailers. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.
Thank God I finally found an intellectual cyber cite with real analytical thought. Brilliant. See you in cyber land, "Gloriad"
[And thank you for your appreciation]
Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2007
10:16:21 -0400

Dear Mr. EBTX - I've been enjoying your web site for several years now. First came across it after doing a yahoo seach on "the nature of existence". Naturally (pun intended), your theory was quickly over my head - as is much of your science and technical offerings. But I still enjoy your varied postings, most recently your conclusions on the collapse of the world trade towers.
Since the 2004 elections I've not followed your postings as freguently as previously because I became facinated with the notion that we citizens (subjects?) of the good ole USA were having the rug of democracy pulled right out from under our collective nose, and spent just about all my computer time keeping up with a few web sites devoted to matters related to - or primarily to -election integrity. It has only been rather recently that I've began reading your postings again. A few minutes ago I went through your list of entries dating back to Nov. '04 trying to find anything you may have written regarding election fraud and did not notice anything. I wonder if you've given the matter much thought and have any opinions about it? Since you have such a analytical bent to your thought you might find interesting the writings of a Steve Freeman of the Univ. of Pa. on the '04 elections. He gets into the statistical relationship of the exit polls and the official results and basically says no way there was no fraud.
Anyway, if this subject is something you've given some serious thought to I'm sure many of your readers would be interested to know what you think about it!
[Yes, we're losing our "republic" ... we never had a democracy and I hope to never see one ("...tyranny of the many over the few" - Aristotle). I can't investigate anything like voter fraud since I have no access to any parts involved. I'm quite sure that Jeb Bush and company got brother George Florida in the first Bush election. There probably isn't much fraud in the US because so many are watching and taking exit polls. It would be hard to get away with anything on a really big scale ... I mean ... you'd get away with it ... but everybody would know ... they just wouldn't talk about it in the press or on TV which are owned maybe 75% by the "cabal" ... just on the Internet and they're not afraid of the 'netters or 'nutters as they think of us. ]
Date: Fri, 4 May 2007
14:33:30 -0500

Hey ebtx -- Thanks for the post on the civic. Sorry about your car, but the post will help me in my dealings with US Lloyds and Standard Insurance. I'm basically in the same boat.
[B ... patient and good things may come ... or no]
Date: Wed, 9 May 2007
17:01:40 +1000

I was wondering why my phone chord (leering at me now as I type) twists itself so easily into a hellish twister. One phone-call earlier I noticed that the chord was perfectly well aligned. Now Iím fairly sure I didnít do any somersaults or backflips whilst I was talking Ö but anyway, next phone call Ö I could only lift the receiver 6 inches since the chord (in a hellish twisting nightmarish scene) had tangled itís receiver end with itís phone end. Yes, I had to crane my neck for the entire phone call. Typing the problem into google brought me to your site.
My issue lies in your calculation of the chance of your sharing of initials with Dr Emmett Brown. Sure there are 26 letters in the alphabet, right so far, but there isnít an equal chance of any one letter being an initial as any one other. Less chance of an X than an A for example. Therefore your website is fatally flawed, which brings a tear to my eye since it had so much promise Ö ;)
Iíd refer to a phone book Ö or better summarize all the phone-books from all the countries in the world Ö to truly get to grips with the probability of letters being initials.
[I ahve never solved the phone cord problem. I believe it to be extra-dimensional ;o)]
Date: Wed, 2 May 2007
09:23:32 -0400 (EDT)

Dear Sir, the rocket equation section in your website caughtmy attension. We are working on an inertial propulsion drive.... We arecurrently seeking patent protection for this inertia drive wich we expectto mount into an model airplane soon...would you be intrested in postinginformation about it and the rocket equation implication for a"reactionless impact drive" compared to a rocket expulsiondrive on your web site??? Sincerely
P.S. Areaction less impact drive doesn't need to carry the "BRICKS" tobe expulsed!!! and is therefore twice as efficient
[If you can produce a successful model of a reactionless drive you don't need the patent office ... video it and put it up on YouTube a.s.a.p. explaining exactly how it works ... for everyone to see. Then it's out "in the wild" and you can make lots of money. Otherwise forget it. The consequences of making such a device are so vast that money is actually completely irrelevant. Produce a working model and I will sing your praises from the highest rooftops. However, of course, I have "zero" confidence in your ability to do so. ;o) ]
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2007
19:19:26 -0400

I had these thoughts on ufo propulsion,what if the center of the craft housed a powerful electrical fan motor pushed by a unknown source of energy(could be solar) the air drawn in would exert pressure on the saucers under belly giving it lift,now the exiting high pressure air( in the center cone) could be controlled with some sort of nozzle to give directional flight,maybe this is step 1 on how they work,or nothing
[Been thought of before ... doesn't wash (literally, no prop wash involved in UFO flight) so propulsion by air is pretty much out. Might make a nice Christmas toy though.]
Mon, 16 Apr 2007
02:55:48 -0400

I like your Venus stuff
A couple of comments:
ROTATION PERIOD: 243 Earth days - siderial, with respect to the stars Diurnal rotational period - 116.75 Earth days, with respect to the Sun. There is NO temperature difference between the day and night on Venus. This is why there is no convection - the spin rate does not matter.
I don't agree that "the thickness of a planet's atmosphere is constant regardless of how much more gas you add to it." If you add air to a balloon, it expands.
I liked the bits about a cold car and insolation for your roof - I think I'll add them to my page.
Keep reading - the science is not done :)
[If you add air to a balloon it will be bigger but under less pressure. This is because as the balloon expands it resists further expansion to a lesser degree, i.e. the more you blow it up the easier it is to blow up some more. Think about it. If you force twice as much air into a hollowed out cannon ball, it will occupy the same space. After you've let it cool back to the original temperature (it heated up when you compressed it to add more)... it will be under twice the pressure but it occupies the same space. That's why Venus' atmosphere is roughly the same height as ours and not 92 times higher all other things being equal (which they are not). The gravity is somewhat different and the temperature is much higher ... but it's still not 92 times higher. The height of an atmosphere is proportional to the gravity and the temperature and not the quantity of gas contained (up till Boyle's gas law breaks down).]
Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2007
18:43:19 -0700 (PDT)

About Martian pics:
I hadnt actually seen these before today, but I tend to try and put my mind to work whenever I see something interesting. Now before I saw the pictures on your site, I hadnt noticed the transparent nature or tubular shape...then I was thinking some type of tracks or maybe an odd windplay in certain types of land terrain.
Then after seeing your stuff... Giving the benefit of the doubt to your pictures that they are what they are, I do see the transparent nature as well as the cicular ribs throughout. I like the way they seem to come in and out of the part that was interesting to me was how they seem to go into, or emerge from holes in the ground, or pop up out of the ground. Now, I dont remember seeing much evidence of water (save the poles) currently on mars...however, if the could the purpose of these structures be, to collect as much water through condensation and channel it to the actual habitat, underground, where it is MORE hospitible? Where in referrence to the Suns direct or indirect path are these otherword, to they pop up in a place where it would be MOST beneficial to get the best chance for condensation. Anyway, just some food for thought. I understand what you were saying about collapsing from the weight of the water...but if your channelling it as its happening...
Anyway, just some food for thought, and Id be delighted if you would email me back to tell me if Im just a moron, or if you had already thought about this possibility yourself. Sad thing, there are probably people with the answers, but since were just the pet goats, we're not allowed to know them.
[ I think they are probably just sand dunes now. If they were tunnels they are just toooooooo big. Still, we'll find out this century for sure if there is anything "wonderful" as well as interesting on Mars (and the Moon too). ]
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2007
concerning the Mars pictures again

Hey, thanks for replying back so quick...but I do have a question. If they are sand dunes, was it just a trick of film that showed to complete circles...I mean, to me that was one really interesting feature...and hey bud...when it comes to anything of another world, I wouldnt never say something was too big, to round, to crazy, or has too many breasts!!! Is there a reason that you cant disclose that you went back on this...only reason Im asking is because I seriously notice full concentric rings and I dont get why sand dunes would be that thin or tapered...but anyway, I just saw the stuff today and was interested. Thanks again for taking the time...
[After searching through hundreds of photos form Mars, I came to the conclusion that there were so many anomalies that I couldn't identify that I just gave up the idea of anything ... tremendously ... interesting there. There may yet be some sort of alien enclave there or some underground life remnants but we will need to go there to find out for sure.
In the meantime, it would be helpful if one could obtain spy satellite resolutions from Martian orbiters. But these are unavailable for security reasons (nobody wants to let on how much resolution we are really capable of).
I remain interested but very wary of extraordinary claims about Mars photos. Sometimes I can't even decide which way the sun is casting shadows. ]

Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2007
17:59:53 -0400 (EDT)

[and thank you for thanking me ... or ... thank you for your hate mail ... if ... you are the same person who sent the nice mail from the same date on my "Hate Mail" page]
Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2007
13:29:43 -0500 (EST)

i think you should check into nikola tesla's research. modern ufos are probably the flying machines he envisioned. military maybe? lots of his papers are still classified
[Mikola invented many wonderful things but the UFO was not one of them. He is one of my favorite people.]
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2007
10:58:24 -0500 (EST)

Thank you for the Mooninites article, it was spot-on. You're exactly right, the Dept of Fatherland Security is testing its limits. *sigh* Have you seen the BBC documentary called The Century of the Self? You can find all four hour-long parts on It was perhaps the most riveting documentary I've seen in ages.
[Haven't seen the BBC thing but will check it out ;o) ]
Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2007
09:51:30 -0500 (EST)

I read your "Islam versus Bushido" article, and although you attempt to present a balanced argument it was biased in assuming that Islam was not compatible with current values. Islam is compatible, the fact that you have made such a suggestion is becasue of the unfortunate abuse of the reilgion by the 'muslims'. Lets not blame the constitution that fails to govern/guide the people. The people have failed not Islam- dont take things out of context to promote your agenda ;). I would like to also add, that Islam duting thier golden age used reason (as required by the Quran) and philosophy by the Greeks to improve themselves. But by the 11 and 12 century they removed these teachings from thier curriculum and became more extreme. In the thier supposed honorable attempt to save the youth from being corrupted (Socrates) they made the people easier to control and manipulate.
[I don't regard "Islam" as anything other than what Muslims profess. What's in the Koran is as meaningless as a fiction novel by itself. It's people who bring it to life. Islam is presently just another cult of death worship (you can hold death at bay by worshipping it). Every "religion" at base is compatible with modern living because at the base of every religion is "secular humanism" a non-mystical set of values older than religion and in turn based on mammalian nurturing behavior. So, in that sense you are right. I'm aware of all that you alude to ... thanks anyway.]
Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2007
15:16:50 -0500 (EST)

Thank You for the hurricane strapping, where do I buy one?
[I don't know. Maybe you could make one yourself and if it worked out, make & sell them?]
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2007
17:33:31 -0500 (EST)

i was wondering if you could perhaps expand on the reasons for the physical collapse of the WTCs (and WTC-7) under the proposed 'pancake' theory. in light of new investigations and inquiries, the official explanantion of melting metal simply does not scientifically check out. not to mention the central columns of the towers could not have possibly been affected to such degrees under such a short exposure to fires (which reportedly were contained in the buildings). the entire buildings came plummeting down at free-fall speed, pulvorizing into dust. how could this be?
[Nothing happened that day that was surprising to me. When I saw the buildings coming down, it was the exact thing I expected due to the horrific weight bearing down after the metal aupport structure heated up and became too weak to support the floors above. I expected the things to go down as I watched. What surprised me was the length of time they stayed standing which allowed most people to get out. I thought 20,000 might die ... instead it was "only" < 2,000. Why doesn't it "scientifically check out"? What do you mean? Have you made calculations? Nothing occurred there except the obvious. The plane hit it and it burned so much that the metal got soft and couldn't support so many floors above. If it had hit only two floors above ... maybe the towers would have stayed up ... but they hit 10 or 20 floors down. There was no chance they could stay up.]
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2006
16:29:46 -0500 (EST)

Hi! Like the work you've done on the alternative keyboard. Im currently embarking on building my own "normal" keyboard, but might have a stab at building yours just to see how well it holds up. Have you built it yourself yet? If so, how easily did you adapt? Regards Edward
[No, I've never built it. That would cost tooooo much. I made a paper outline of the keys to see how the fingering would work out and was very encouraged by the ease of movement over keys of the size I designed. I think it would be easier to play than a regular piano but would probably be something like learning a new instrument if you were already a regular piano player. However, lots of people play more than one insturment. ]
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2006
20:53:12 -0500 (EST)

Dear Sir, Your exchange with E. Wright is a typical example of how the issues are avoided by the so-called "experts". The trouble with Mr. Wright, and those of his ilk, is that he actually knows nothing about type 1 Einstein spaces, from which the notions of black holes, expansion of the Universe, and big bangs are allegedly derived. Wright's remarks on mathematics are merely a facade for ignorance. Indeed, one needs nothing more than high school calculus and analytic geometry to fully comprehend the mathematical reasons why black holes, expansion of the Universe, and big bangs are actually inconsistent with General Relativity. Wright himself was sent the simple proofs, but of course, has not yet replied, and I suspect will not do so. Therefore, I provide you with the simple proofs, which have been published in international science journals. Go to for a mathematical summary, and for related matters of waste of taxpayers' money go to for details.
[ I don't blame Mr. Wright for his views at all. I have found that no one knows much more than a part of the story at best. Yet all seem to think that they alone are "on the right track". I have read so many differences of basic opinion (even at the most fundamental logical level) that I no longer think that way myself. Rather, I think of my own efforts not as "truth" but as "the best theory I can come up with at present given my limited abilities and what facts I have access to". So, I can readily accept that I may be included among those in fundamental error.
I'll check out your links and see if I learn a few new things. Thanks for your input.]

Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2006
23:53:42 -0500 (EST)

I must say you have a different view on things. It is quite amusing in a good way. Just what the world of art needs some times. someone who will just tell them to pull there head out of their ass
[It's always simple Watson ... after I've explained it ;o) ]
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2006
17:29:14 -0500 (EST)

Dear EBTX: Your explanation of origin of charge and mass needs further investigation and synthesis. May be you would like to synthesize with and . Let me know what you come up with. Regards, Ram
[I don't synthesize with other people's ideas. It's too "sexual" ;o) However, I'll check out the sites you suggested. ... ... and ...]
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2006
14:03:58 -0500 (EST)

Um, the link to your thread spinning page is broken. So are the links to your small differences pages.
[Thanks for saying so. This is ominous ... It was OK two days ago. I checked my site and it was gone off the webhost server. I put it back up again.
Just found out what happened ... Verio had a server go down then used an older backup for my site thereby losing everything I posted in the last week. Thanks for the info. I might not have noticed it.]

Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2006
01:35:54 -0500 (EST)

i "stumbled" upon this site tonight...after having recently struggled beyond pain to begin to create. i am an old gal, used to be a college prof, recently retired...hallelujah! NOW i can "do" my art. never had the time to before. your site has given me EXACTLY what i need to proceed. i thank you for sharing your intelligence, wit, emotions, introspection. perhaps i am so ecstatic because i think like you! i spent one day a week for 2 years with a teacher copying from photos (pretty work, part of self included) and am now with an artist who is painting abstract. under both teachers i knew "something wasn't right"....thanks, thank, thanks for opening doors that i thought were closed. i now feel a bit more secure in my instinctive beliefs about art. i am ready to march merrily "down that road" , paint brush in hand.
[You made my day. Somebody understands with her "mind".]
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2006
06:43:30 -0500 (EST)

I personally did not understand exactly why you believe the Christian calender that we all go by now is any less rational than any other arbitrarily assigned system. Perhaps if it were not so arbitrary? For instance, our temperatures celcius and farenheit were originally arbitrarily assigned, but then absolute zero became a notion. Perhaps starting the years when history began (written records.) If anything, that would strike me as a more "rational" date to start at than just another arbitrary date.
[The Christian calendar is based on a non-event. So my pick is for the moon landing which is noteworthy and real. It's significance is unique. I do acknowledge that it really doesn't matter to us much anyway. ]
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2006
15:10:45 -0500 (EST)

Hi there, I love the site, its very useful. Quick question... You said you raised your IQ 38 points since high school, how did you go about that? You say to think, think, think, but I'm curious, what kinds of things do you think about? What are some books you would recommend? Just wondering because I'm trying to raise mine substantially. Apparently it's possible, I guess I'll find out......signed, anonymous guy.
[You don't raise your IQ so much as others lose their's. They stop thinking and you keep going Ö tortoise vs hare thing. As to what to think about Ö if you find existence at all intellectually stimulating you can just follow your nose. Go anywhere Ö in detail. Get into some subject very deeply. Have several interests beyond your main interest and lots of small interests as well. Your brain will enlarge noticeably every ten years or so.]
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2006
22:14:23 -0500 (EST)

Hello There... I'm building a LCD boom here in Brazil... Would be glad to share the results with you... Daniel. (
[Unless you have access to welding torches and/or a bicycle (machine) shop, I wouldn't bother. You can't make anything satisfactory from off the shelf stuff. If you finish and it's looking good, give me a link and I will take a look and send some traffic your way. I would be very interested to see one that works properly as I've envisioned it. Hope you go with a maximum screen size of 26" LCD. Try to find one without speakers so you can mount them off the boom. You don't need any extra weight there.]
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2006
23:42:27 -0400 (EDT)

Love your site. I find the eclectic topics quite intriguing.
[Thank you and also for saying "eclectic" ;o) ]
Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2006
05:13:20 -0400 (EDT)

love the 'dead drop' just wanted to say - how clever xxxxxx
[Thank you for understanding the nuances of airflow in a confined space. Most people don't realize that it would actually work. Though it would be cost prohibitive. ]
Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2006
13:15:24 -0400 (EDT)

I have found a secret code of the Gospels which is like a Da vinci code. It is so easy, anybody can you. It is just to use the meaning behind the Biblical words to reveil the real message. The Gospels werre actually written by someone in the Fourteenth Century. The character called "Jesus" is really the concept of "Ideas". Note here, BOTH have same amount of letters; which is part of the secret code. The concept that the myth of "Jesus Christ" is fake is correct. There was no such person and this only has to do do with the concept of "innovation.
[ Hmmmm ... Well, I guess because they have the same amount of letters ... it must be so. You have me convinced. So, JC is Bill Gates?]
Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2006
02:55:00 -0400 (EDT)

re:Duralube and re:smokes but not if the engine had just been turned off ... and not if the engine "cranked over a bit" before starting.....I've been told and witnessed the following without Dura lube.The valve seals on most cars can become old and crack allowing oil to seap down into the cylinder causing a smokey morning startup
[That was a long, long time ago. I don't think cars made in the past few years burn any oil anymore if less than five years old. As I remember, my experience with Duralube was negative. It could have been for the reasons you site, I guess.]
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2006
19:00:40 -0400 (EDT)

Your bottle design needs some work yo. There are so many manufacturing constraints that would prohibit that bottle from even being blown (not fused). Not trying to be harsh, just FYI. It could possibly be done for non-carbonated beverages, but there are still some challenges. Good effort overall.
[Yes, I saw bottles being blown just a couple months ago on "How things are made". You don't mention any specific constraints but I see that it would require a more sophisticated machine than the standard blower. Thanks.]
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2006
18:00:16 -0400 (EDT)

in your ever-lasting quest of approaching knowledge and reality from a perspective of rational objectivity, i think you should look deeper into the events and truth behind the cataclysmic crime of september 11th. how about a little hate for the neo-con administration?
[You are right. True hate blinds. The focus on the "result" must, at length, descend upon the cause. ]
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2006
12:05:06 -0400 (EDT)

[He's got something up there and it ain't kosher ]
Date: Sat, 9 Sep 2006
18:29:24 +0100

Hi, What a strange site you have, I still don't know what to make of it. A couple of comments:
[1] Planetary Accretion I found your page on planetary accretion very interesting but where are the links to published theory? Is this your own theory perhaps?
[2] Football Or ("soccer" as you Yanks insist on calling it) is not broken. One of the best games I saw in recent years was a 0-0 draw between the two Milan clubs. Less is more: you can be guaranteed that a 6-4 game not a classic. Let me put it this way - I find basketball boring precisely because there is an unending series of scores. Or let me choose an American sport I like: is a score of Bears 90-70 Vikings neccessarily a good game?
"I'd chuck the offside rule for passes in the goal-half of the field". Now that is a workable idea!
[1) I don't refer to other people's theories unless it's pertinent to the discussion. For the one you're talking about, I made up my own theory from scratch. 2) I don't like too much scoring either ... but 0-0 sounds like a real "sucker" to me. I want to see an average of at least 4 goals in a soccer game and all of 'em by the normal system game tactics not by free kicks. I think that the offside rule change would facilitate just this.]
Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2006
17:23:34 -0400

Sometimes, even though I find your site extremely interesting, I get a little weary at the (apparent) cynicism, but I have to say that your Steve Erwin obituary was the best thing I've read today about the man. So maybe I'm mistaken about the cynicism.
[Cynicism or "realism". Realistically one should be somewhat cynical considering the state of the world ... but it could change. I'll give you that. It's never too late to turn around and take the other direction.]
Date: Sat, 2 Sep 2006
12:27:20 -0400 (EDT)

Hey EBTX, I wish to appreciate your constructive approach in the formulation of this theory you have put forth. I would not want to comment on your content for I have only been through some part of it and am in agreement with most of the thing, but not all. I really congratulate you for this effort. Keep it up and wish me luck too. I hope someday you will find my theories on the net. Sincerely, Holistic Singularity.
[Which theory? I've put up a lot. I guess you mean my theory of existence since that is most prominent. Thank you for reading it.]
Date: Sat, 2 Sep 2006
14:58:16 -0400 (EDT)

Thank you for posting that article about how AOL sucks. I do appreciate it and have learned a lot. Ditto here.
[Thanks. I''m not mad at AOL anymore ... I just don't deal with them and that's permanent.]
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2006
16:49:04 -0400 (EDT)

Dear EBTX,
Stumbled on this site looking for some insight on AMPS, voltage. and watts. I rarely write to anyone. I read as often as necessary for my job as a medical professional working as an urgent care physician. Trying to help people in this crazy world with their medical dilemmas is a trying job. As a Primary care provider we are challenged daily with sorting out the facts, perceptions, and lies that people both tell and believe. Your site reminds me of my day by day existence as both a cog like Sisyphus, a philosopher like yourself, and servant to whomever touches my little universe. As a potential chokehold in your grandiose universe I would suggest a little love for our designer as the second law of thermodynamics does not allow for any random intelligence. Your website shows how our place in history is a result of collective consciousness and as Shoemaker-Levy demonstrated an act of kindness, As we are a mere blip in time compared to the infinite. jboh
[I don't profess any love for "our designer" because I have not met him. A truer expression is found in the genuine study of the thing as it is ... rather than just gawking and drooling over it. You could just as well hate it, you know ... if your condition in life is truly miserable. My condition is just average so I am dispassionate.]
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2006
00:48:59 -0400 (EDT)

I would simply and sincerely like to thank you for an interesting and thought provoking website.
[Thank you for saying so.]
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2006
08:03:06 -0400 (EDT)

I totally with you man.. logic-reason-math-.. I spend many hours a day just logically deducing ..I have figured out much.. It looks like you have figured out much more than I... the nature of existance is one I have been working on my whole on, your writings will provide me with much knowledge and comfort..
[Believe me ... knowledge is interesting but it gives scarce comfort ;o)]
Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2006
23:21:47 -0400 (EDT)

Hello, I read the article about the difference between human intelligence and insect intelligence, and would like to say that you had a lot of useful information in there! However I noticed that you stated that the Turing test is a test of consiousness, it is not. Turing himself said that it is impossible to test a subjective quality such as consiouness with objective tests such as his test (Turing test) and said that it is only to be used to judge whether an entity can reason as well as a human. Clearly a dog has feelings, emotions, and is self-aware, it loves, and gets scared, so I would say that it is consious; but it would be impossible for a dog to pass the turing test, so are you saying that since the dog cannot pass the test it is not consious? I'm not sure if this is an honest mistake or misguided beleive, but the test was NOT designed to test for consiousness at all! Ok, I'm done with my ranting :) I just wanted to correct that little mistake, other than that I think the article was very well written and I look forward to reading more on the site.
[The dog is not included because it is irrelevant to the point. Turing is the one who is wrong. If it reasons well enough to fool everybody ... it is, by definition, conscious. The fact is, the Turing test wouldn't prove that YOU were conscious either. I merely take it as given, by means of what I know of myself, i.e. I am conscious therefore you are too. Hence, the machine that fools me completely is also conscious (and I mean here after extensive testing ... like years). It's the way the universe works ... it supplies the commodity "consciousness" where appropriate and in proportion to the degree of integration and quantity of the information which can be communicated with. Consciousness is the way the universe expresses the exchange of information at this level. I do not create my consciousness, the universe does and it will do so for any machine as well ... to the appropriate extent. For the universe, a thing IS what it appears to other things TO BE.]
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006
07:46:12 -0400 (EDT)

I wonder why you are so angry with God, or seem to be to me anyway. I like you though. Loved your stuff on artistic composition. The pencils are a great idea.
In some other topics though, I hope that your words are not so loose upon the universe so as to mislead (misdirect) souls. Not good! It makes me cringe a little.
Please don't let the hate mail get to you. Despite your hardened exterior, I suspect you are actually a very dear person. You are vulnerable to the bad thoughts of others because your intellect is not sufficient to protect you. Watch out brave one.
You could probably use some love, and a little "light" ... so here is a source for you. By the way, when was the last time you read Augustine's "The Trinity"?
[I'm not angry. There is no one there to be angry with;o) And I thought "other" people's intellects were insufficient! It's me that's deficient! Never read "Trinity".]

See more Complimentary Mail     (Yeah, sure ;o)