EBTX Forum

wing to its complete takeover by porn ads, viagra, etc. ... I've permanently discontinued my forum "EBTeXt". It's unfortunate that this occurs but it is inevitable when there is no one around to edit. An empty lot grows weeds. I'm just not interested in such things any longer. I'd rather read a good novel at this stage in my life.

If you are looking for a good forum on the internet, you need only search for an hour or two and I guarantee you will find something to your liking.

Those "desperate" to contact me ;o) can do so via standard email. Just make sure your heading identifies you as a serious person and doesn't look like an ad for viagra or I'll undoubtedly trash it by mistake as I get quite a lot of such trash ... so far this month I've won about 30,000,000 dollars in "random internet lotteries" and I have 127 widows with inheritances waiting for my assistance in getting that money to America. Wow ... I'm the luckiest man alive :o|

Thanks to all of you who posted here. - EBTX (January 17, 2009)