General Theories

Controls on Civilization
CO2 Warming
The 75% Solution
Jet Stream
Criss Angel
Anecdotal Evidence
EBTX' Michelson-Morley
Earth Core Rotation
Nuclear Solutions
The End of NASA
The Deep Ocean Conveyer Belt
Exploding the Earth with Uranium
The Evolution of the Eye
Oceanic Rogue Waves
The Value of Text
Lifting Heavy Objects
Dehydration, Osmosis and the Second Law
We're all gonna' die !!
Exploding Planets
Global Warming & The Atmosphere of Venus
Accretion and Planetary Anomalies
Tornados & Hurricanes
Unusual Rainbow
Lunar Eclipse 1-20-00
The Precession of the Equinoxes

The Logic of Fairness
The Direction of Evolution
The Logic of Evolution
Anthropocentric Theories of Evolution

The Pyramids of Egypt
The Sphinx
The Sahara Culture
Ancient Roman Army Tactics
Civil War Battle Plans

Drunk Driver Concentration Camp
The Cause of Rising Gas Prices
10 Ways to Save Karl Wallenda
The Folly of Education
JFK Assassination

Playing God - part II
David Blaine - street magician

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