Alien Philosophy and Physiology

bserver accounts of alien sightings allow a hypothetical reconstruction of their general sociological state. We are free to surmise that their "perspective on existence" is of far greater longevity than our nascent eye opening. Hence, they are finished products.

They have nothing to learn from us except ... possibly ... about us. They certainly do not require our raw materials or our wondrous inventions. All of this has been obtained before (perhaps 100,000,000 years ago or more). And they most certainly are not in need of us as a source of admiration to fuel a deficient psyche ... they are finished products.

So what are they up to?

Alien Philosophy

There are only three fundamental motives in existence.
  1. The validation of one's soul
  2. The excercise of one's identity
  3. The maintenance of one's body
We have ruled out 1 and 3. This leaves a race of beings simply doing their thing which is ... bearing witness to the universe, observing everything, thinking about everything, i.e. gathering data and integrating it into a consistent map of existence.

Is there something else?

As a side issue they are our obstetricians. They are here to insure that we are not stillborn. For instance, they might push an asteroid out of the way if it threatened us. More likely, they would make sure that we did not blow ourselves to kingdom come with H-bombs by insinuating themselves into our collective psyche using disinformation in a way which allows us to both deny their existence and have knowledge of it at the same time.

This isn't all that hard to do. Dump a saucer with a few bodies (not aliens ... alien bodies) and let some of us (the government) deny their existence yet know they are there. This constitutes an "influence" on us without interfering. And ... they absolutely do not wish to interfere and deprive us of our identity as an independent race of beings.
Think about this for a moment. If you were visiting a "pregnant planet" when would you choose to communicate with the fetus? When they are cavemen? What information would you convey to a caveman? And why? Should you wait till they have "nuclear power"? Then show up and save 'em from self destruction? And if you made yourself known, couldn't you plan on getting punched in the face when visiting a local tavern ("Hey ... It's one of them there little fellers !" )

As finished products, they are compelled to play the end game. They must do what is understood by them to be the only valid approach to interaction with a nascent planet. They will hang around till they are sure we are going to be all right and then they will leave without making contact. This is, philosophically speaking, the pithiest thing conceivable (and therefore the only righteous course). It's the "normal" thing to do. We will encounter them millenia in the future when we too venture out into the galactic vastness.

Alien Sociology

An alien civilization is marginally communistic as evidenced by their costume. Very plain, unisex, no unnecessary do-dads ... these people have no taste in clothing as we understand it. Form follows function is taken to the nth degree. There is no elaborate Star Trek type coiffure ... there is no coiffure ... no hair. Unnecessary ... lose it!

They have no "property" as we understand it. They don't need anything (except information). They have everything. So why carry around possessions? These are unnecessary burdens. If you can get it anytime you want don't carry it around in your pocket ... They have no pockets!

If you don't need it ... lose it.

Alien men and women look much alike. Our conception of male-female differences is in a curious, temporary state. The ideal of male and female are caricatures. Attributes are magnified maximally to create difference.

Social stress coupled with the ability to do so is the cause of extreme sexual differentiation. You can bet your last dollar that you will not find an alien equivalent of Arnold Schwarzeneggar or Marilyn Monroe.
And you will find a measure of equality in their social hierarchy although no female alien is ever seen to be "in charge" of their group.
I understand this completely ... but apparently no one else does.
I speculate also that alien music will be 24 tone rather than 12 because our 12 tone scale isn't complicated enough to hold the attention of that large brain.

Alien Physiology

An alien has a large head to accomodate a large brain. Hey ... they're info hounds ... they've upgraded their hard drive. I suspect that the human brain just isn't large enough to accomodate a lifetime of information gathering ... if you have an extended life expectancy (as would be expected of an alien with millions of years to figure out the aging process).

And they do die. Even if it could be avoided, I must conjecture that they would still choose to die as a matter of phiosophical necessity (but no alien children have ever been seen ... as far as I know).

The eyes have been enlarged and the mouth made small (nose all but non-existent) for the same reason as our male & female ideals are caricatures. The alien body planform is the caricature of an infant.

"The eyes are the windows of the soul" ... so it goes. What does an "end product" wish to display? Not physicality, ala Schwarzeneggar-Monroe, but rather the alien identity as a primarily philosophical-intellectual being.
Their bodies are physically weak in keeping with the former reasoning. They are short perhaps because of a weaker G-field on their home planet. Notice that though they have the technical ability to genetically alter their identity, they have chosen to retain that identity. This is important to any argument that might alter our structure to venture into space. We lose something more philosophically than we could hope to gain physically.

Their skin is pasty grey. Let's do an experiment and see what color we on earth will be after we have "mixed" our colors (interbreeding).

Here are three hypothetical skin colors and their RGB Hue Sat. and Lum. numbers from MSpaint program. Let's add 'em up ... divide by three and see what comes up.

White people R191 G167 B140 H21 S68 L156 Black people R66 G52 B40 H18 S59 L50 Yellow people R192 G163 B101 H27 S101 L138 Composite R150 G127 B94 H22 S76 L115

Well ... looks like we'll end up pasty brown.
(Actual colors changed by becoming 256 color gifs)

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