Drunk Driver
Concentration Camp

he big problem with drunk driving is how to keep them from doing it over and over and over. Everything done so far doesn't seem effective. There are too many deaths to accept ... what to do?

Here's my proposed solution in which I have only small confidence. If tried, (this goes for any idea), the recidivism rate is the only reasonable factor in deciding whether to continue the program, i.e. no work, try something else.

Send yourself to jail

Arrested for drunk driving ... sentence=one week (first time offense). You have to go to drunk driver concentration camp on your own. Take the bus, take the train ... whatever. You have one week to get there, get in the cage and one week to sit in it. If you don't get there on time, one more day is added to your sentence. If you haven't shown up in seven days ... they come to get you and your sentence is automatically doubled.

Second offense ... two weeks ... and four weeks if you don't show up on time (within seven days).

Third offense ... three weeks ... and six weeks if you don't show up on time.

Fourth offense ... it isn't working ... you get the "bighouse" (sentence determined by jury).

You see, you have a vested interest in getting to the jail on time. That's why they will show up. No, not the criminal element ... the drunk drivers who have jobs and own homes,etc. These are the people doing most of the killing and they also have something to lose. They have to go.

The idea here is that the potential violator knows what his sentence will be before he takes the first drink. He doesn't like the idea so he doesn't take the first drink (at least not in situations where he knows he will have to drive).

This is where the problem must be solved ... before the first drink. After someone is drunk, not only is he physically impaired but ... more importantly ... his "observer" judgement is gone, i.e. that voice that says in the background "You're too drunk to drive.". Instead it says, "______" - nada.

What do you do in the concentration camp?


You just sit in your wire cage cell and wait ... for your time to be up.
You get no communication from the outside. No visitors. Nada. You just wait. You're dead for that time just like your victim would be if you continue down this road.

These cells are individual wire cages. Something like the storage area in the basement of an apartment building. Not escape proof. They don't have to be. If you escape, your sentence is doubled and you are moved to a cell from which you cannot escape. It's like a dog pound ... very cheap to construct. You can talk to the fellow in the next cell but that's all you can do. You never get out of the cell except for medical reasons. Poop in a bucket (with a lid ;o). Sleep on a mat on the floor.

When your time is up ... you walk. You pay the bus fare.

Very simple. Very cheap. Not for extremely long sentences. It's a deterent. A reminder of the potential seriousness of your offense. Nothing more.

And, if it does'nt (for the most part) work ... can it and try another approach.

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