The Martian Face
shades of ;the King

he latest pics from the Martian orbital surveyor show something that no one seems to notice. And the phenomenon is rather striking in its simplicity. It tells much about the US government (but nothing about Martians).

First, let me state up front that I do not believe that the "face" on Mars was made by an alien race. My reasons are as follows.

  • There is no sociological reason for an advanced alien race to make such a face. If they wanted to make something for spacefarers to see from great distances a linear glyph would be much easier to make and would be even more visible (ala, the great wall of china). Something like this ...... :o) ........ or how about this ....... ;>| ....... ? And make several of them on the planet on a scale of 20 miles wide? Just line up rocks & boulders.
  • If this face were made by an ancient race it would mean that the planet became uninhabitable just at the instant that such a race became capable of making a one kilometer face but before they got advanced enough to save themselves by terraforming their own planet. Something like hitting a bullseye on a target 3 miles away with an arrow on the first try ... sure.
So there is probably no face ... let's face it.

But it is also interesting to see that the government has shoved your face in the face (and you don't even know it).

Because the face picture has been "doctored".

What? ... No... they couldn't have ... they wouldn't ...

They did.

The new "face" pictures have been digitally "flattened" so as to appear to the uneducated to be nothing at all to speak of. And they are right ... there's nothing to speak of ... but ... except ... they're flattened. Why? How?

The culprit is, I believe, the NSA. No, not NASA ... rather, the National Security Agency. You see, by the charter of such groups as the FBI, CIA, NSA no event is to be unexpected. They are not to be taken off guard.

So there is this problem.

Aliens are in fact visiting the planet. The NSA knows this. The early face picture shows what clearly appears to be a manufactured face almost a kilometer long. Perhaps it's not a human artifact ... but what if it is? After all, in the entire solar system there is no other large natural structure which resembles anything at all. The NSA must save this information as classified. To save us from ... hmmmm.

But ...

The surveyor pictures are sent from Mars and anyone with a dish and some knowledge of the process can decipher the downlink. You can't encode the data without raising suspicion. So they arranged to "digitally alter" the pics just as the surveyor goes over the sensitive area. Not too hard to preprogram into the satellite or send a "start algorithm now" message ~8 minutes before the overpass. Then everybody thinks the pics are kosher.


Notice the shadows in the above and the really facelike look of the closeup. Based on your own experience at seeing things wouldn't you say that the rock formations castings shadows are at least ~half as tall as the shadows they're making? I certainly think so. And knowing that the length of the face is ~ 1 kilometer, wouldn't you estimate the height of the face at its "nose" to be at least 300 meters? Come on NASA, then what the hell am I supposed to make of this "doctored" pic?

Extra Crispy


The left side is Nasa's and the right is Carlotto's attempt to fix the shading to add depth. But that's not the problem ... the pic has been more than light & shadowed ... it's been digitally flattened by (probably) the NSA. Even the "fixed" pic (at right) is too lean to be mean.

& Check out that "Elvis" mouth. I don't detect anything of the King in the original pic. Nobody said then, "Hey, it looks like Elvis!" ... rather ... it looks like a "real, cold dude" ... very alien. But I think doctoring specifically rather than globally is problematic so I tend to rule that out.


Is anyone really buying into this flat pic sham? I think somebody got caught with his pants down. By trying to fake up this face thing, the government has tipped its hand revealing an ongoing interest in the subject of extra-terrestrial visitations.

Their intentions?

Always the same ... to be thought of as great and wise men without an actual shred of intellectual fortitude. If we really knew that aliens were here, our pols and other sundry derelicts would rapidly become the nobodies they really are. This fact scares them more than any "alien menace".

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