Nuclear Solutions
why people hate the n-word

erhaps you've wondered as I have about why people get up in arms about nuclear power, nuclear bombs, radiation waste disposal and can't even say the n-word correctly (saying new-kyoo-ler or noo-kuh-ler). Well, of course, I have a theory.

The Incomprehensibility of the Nuclear Force

Nuclear properties cannot be comprehended in any way by an irrational mind. A savage can understand completely a fire destroying a house or a city ... even if he were a cave man ... because ... a caveman can make a fire and knows that, once started, it can grow into a conflagration of immense proportions ... if ... it has access to fuel. Everyone on earth knows what fire is. It's "earthy". It's beneficial at night and wards of the beasties. But you can get burned by this phenomenon if you don't use it properly. Everybody understands getting burned by fire and hot things.

Not so with nuclear energy. No one can obtain it without a vast education unless they steal from those who do possess such an education. And if they steal some 'radioactive stuff' more often than not ... they get scorched themselves because their knowledge is of stealing rather than of handling radioactive materials.

Here is where the resentment of radio-activity starts. It is rooted in the primitive's hatred of reason. If a thing in not immediately comprehensible to the senses ... but ... has demonstrable objective properties, it is to be reviled. Notice that I said "objective properties". Religious principles and tenets are not immediately comprehensible but they have no objective properties. Thus, if you do not understand them ... it's OK because ... nothing actually happens anyway. So you can get by with a fake understanding. Fake reason and understanding is alright because everybody has that ... it's free ... you don't have to learn anything ... you just "feel" the correct answer. Yeah ... feel. I feel it ... so ... it must be true. There, I've reasoned it out.

Atom bomb = bad for Nagasaki ... Firestorm = OK for Tokyo

Here people are killed by the tens of thousands by radio-activity which is considered a monstrous evil ... but if they are killed by the tens of thousands in Tokyo by fire (or Dresden and some other places), it's alright.

What's the difference?

The difference is that, those killed by radio-activity proclaims the superiority of reason, i.e. its raw, physical power in war. Whereas, if you are burned to death, it's just what anybody can do ... it proclaims the power of general humanity to destroy. The former is very selective. It means that those who are devoted to reason exclusively can "whoop anybody's ass ... anytime" ... if it comes to that ... but the opposite is untrue. Those who proclaim faith and force as the dominate motif have to put up or shut up. So they feel they must stifle "nukyooler stuff".

So, nukyooler waste is much more horrible than coal burning wastes or oil burning wastes. It's tooooo dangerous to use (read: tooooo close to an objective, outright, advocacy of reason).

To a large extent this is true of many other things

Genetic research is impossible to the brutes in principle ... hence it must by stifled as with stem cell research and cloning, i.e. We have to control those who can reason.

Computers are certainly to be deemed dangerous (except the kids love 'dem games 'de play).

Stop that space station. Stop manned exploration of space. Stop any exploration of anything. Stop, stop, stop ... or ... we'll have ... to ...



And worse, stop feeling as a way of understanding the world. That's the big difference. You reason to understand ... feel to enjoy existence. The two must be kept separate or there is trouble.

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