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03/12/40 ... 1st video ... The Nature of Existence ... 2 hrs 23 min
This is an "ex nihilo" derivation of existence as the geometric embodiment of a simple integer count. Possible mechanisms are given for the nuclear, weak, electromagnetic and gravitational interactions as well as cosmological observations.


07/03/40 ... 2nd video ... Proper Government ... 25 min.
Examination of an idealized model government with respect to present forms ... how civilizations are maintained and why they fail.

09/28/40 ... 3rd video ... The Banker's Cabal ... 49 min.
The fundamental principles of banking from a moral and logical perspective.

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10/31/41 ... 55 min. in 6 parts ...
Saucerdotal - The Mystery of Ufo Propulsion
What are UFOs? ... where do they come from? ... How do they do those things?

11/16/41 ... 10 min ...
Saucerdotal - Addendum 1
About necessary non-conservation of energy for "anti-gravity" propulsion mechanisms ... if ... they are to have any usability greater than standard thrusters.

01/18/42 ... 10 min ...
Reactionless UFO Propulsion
This is a description of my design for a UFO propulsion system from the viewpoint of standard physics. The mechanism is reactionless and would not obey linear momentum ... or ... energy conservation ... so ... those of you who are carnally associated with the Standard Model need not "look through my telescope". You may not believe in UFOs ... but "they're heeeeeere" nevertheless. For my part, I shall continue to try to figure it all out.

02/14/42 ... ~20 min (in 2 parts) ...
UFOs and the Laws of Thermodynamics
About the nearly impossible aspects of sending a moderately sized craft to another star at reasonable velocities, i.e. one one-hundredth to one tenth light speed. Anti-matter drive and earth-based laser examined with respect ot energy conservation and the second law of thermodynamics. Verdict: Mission Impossible ... "IF" the laws of physics are valid.

02/22/42 ... ~8 min ...
Absolute Time and Space or Special Relativity
An objective refutation of the first postulate of relativity is offered ... e.g. the laws of physics are the same for all inertial reference frames. Clamor from the biobots is both anticipated and welcomed. Let there be fight ... flight ... light.

03/04/42 ... ~10 min ...
Quantum Gravity and the Nuclear Force
This is a derivation of the mechanism of gravity and its relationship to the nuclear force. Gravitons are dismissed as mathematically impossible by way of the true field gradient ... linear curved space rather than an inverse square field.

03/17/42 ... ~6 min ...
Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Pioneer Anomaly
A variant theory of dark matter is presented. It's the same thing causing the Pioneer spacecraft to slow down and an explanation of dark energy.

03/29/42 ... ~10 min ...
On the Impossibility of the Uniform Acceleration of Extended Bodies
This concerns relativistic compression and elongation caused by the asymmetric acceleration of any physical body or field from the front or back ... by a push or a pull. This is not Lorentz contraction and is not covered in any popular literature or physics textbooks I've seen. Why??

04/05/42 ... 5+ min... Human History (from a higher perspective)
How aliens view our "condition" ... their overall perspective.

05/07/42 ... ~10 min ...
Reactionless UFO Propulsion #2
Some additiional details regarding the propulsion system proposed in my first video of the same name.

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