Fix Our Email
It's being destroyed by spam

esterday I got over one hundred pieces of email. Almost all of it consisted of unsolicited advertisements from ... The Video Professor, porn sites, Nokia, Viagra, and any number of great deals that I just can't afford to miss out on ... "You've been selected ...". Yeah, sure.

Now, I wouldn't care so much (one key deletes all) but I can't find my own email from amongst all this trash. So, I have to go through all of it in the subject field ... then in the address field (just to make sure I didn't miss anything). First, I mark all for deletion then I examine each one and uncheck it ... finally I can hit the delete key for all that's left. And, I have lost some email due to the camouflage that spammers use to get you to open something they know you don't want.

On my email page I ask people to put XYZ in the subject field so that I can spot it more easily. It works great ... IF they actually do this and often they don't. But it has led me to ...

My solution

I don't expect it to be applied because it employs government mandated rules of the type one would expect to see for snail mail or the telephone and no one wants the government to get into the Internet regulation business.

What I want is for all email programs to affix in the subject field six possible two letter combinations to help sort the incoming mail. You get to choose which, but it must have one of them or the mail will not be sent. They are:

  • PP - meaning person to person. Personal email from your mother to you, etc.
  • PB - meaning person to business. Email you send to a business (also government) you are dealing with.
  • BB - business to business. Email from one business to another about business they are conducting together.
  • BP - business to person. Email from a business you deal with as a customer such as a notice about a billing.
  • AD - meaning an unsolicited advertisement sent to you (or a business) for the purpose of leading you here or there with the intent of getting you to buy some goods or services.
  • A1 - meaning an ad which you've signed up for ... like when you buy something on the web or through snail mail and fill out a questionnaire marking the Send me info about future offers checkbox.

With this law in place, your email program will have no trouble sorting your mail for you and putting your personal and business email at the top where you can see them easily and ... just delete the rest ... or, look through them if you are looking for amateur coed sluts who suck huge ... just whatever.

Everybody would be pleased with this except the spammers whose last resort is mimicry. And if they can't get read by looking like personal email and try to evade "the law" ... a few prosecutions should get rid of the bigtime cheats. I think 90% of the email troubles will be solved by this.

One of the other big problems is bandwidth

These spammers suck bandwidth like a blond coed who has just turned 18 and - "I put some pictures of me on my web site. Tee hee!" - sucks the big baloney. But I don't see this as the huge problem it is sometimes made out to be. They spam for money not to irritate. When there is so much spam, no one can read it and the return on investment must suffer greatly. Consequently, the amount of spam that can be sent will stop as some level all by itself. Making it easier to delete will hasten that day.

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