The Era of JOB

e live in a specialized, temporary era I like to call the era of 'Job'. It may last 20,000 years but, by geologic standards, it is quite fleeting.

This is both a blessing and a curse. After all, who wants to work? I'd rather play and make html pages all day. (Of course, I'm talking about workwork - what you have to do but don't want to do - and which usually makes the other guy rich).

In a very short time it may be coming to an end - the 20,000 years is about up. When machines, tethered to computers, do practically all the work ... what will we do for a living?

Well, get that "work paradigm" out of your ( ! )

In the finalized world, there is no work to do. I mean here the aforementioned workwork. We will always find something to do ... it simply won't be forced upon us by circumstances and crude physical needs. This isn't too far off ... certainly beyond our lifespans but perhaps less than 4 or 5 centuries away.

In fact, we're already seeing some transition problems. For instance, if everybody is willing to work 40 hours a week and there is only 3 hours per week per man average available ... what happens? Do some people get employed while others starve? Wouldn't this be pointless since most "stuff" is produced by computer aided machines? I say this is happening now because in the USA we are about ready to go to a general 32 hour work week but hoards of people are willing to work the extra eight hours to make more money. After all, a forty hour work week ain't too shabby when you compare it to the coal mine / sweat shop standard of 60-80 hrs per week. In that era, life was hardly worth living ... just work, work, work and on a rare day off ... sleep.

People can handle 40 hours. It makes them just tired enough to feel that what they are doing is worthwhile and they get a sense of accomplishment. I don't, personally, because I have other things to do which I would rather be doing. But what about those people who have nothing else to live for? They're holding the rest of us back by "skewing" the labor market, i.e. if lots of people are willing to work 40 hours and I want to work 30 hours. I have to follow their suit because they are going to drive down salaries in a free market (more people chasing fewer job-hours).


What we're talking about is a mixture of oil & water (capitalism + communism = socialism). It absolutely doesn't work ... one drives out the other. Yet it must happen sooner or later because we, the human community, are going to


So eventually we are all going to be communists? Well sort of ... mmmmmmm ... not really ...

The new form of government I have devised will resolve all conceivable issues placed before it. So no matter how "dark" the sky may appear to us ("Murphy, I'm a mess.") ... well ...

"They can fix you ...
they can fix ... anything."

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