Communists All

o matter how loudly any American businessman proclaims himself to be a supporter of the free market, he invariably runs his own company like a communist slave state (in regard to hourly workers) and a feudal monarchy to salaried personal. After all it's HIS company isn't it?

Well ... OK ... I accept that (to some extent). After all, if you create a company from the ground up ... nurture it ... sweat over it for decades ... you deserve to "say what goes". No doubt about it.

However, this isn't true of huge century old corporations. Those on the board of directors are in the position of public trustees. When something has been around for ages, can you imagine what would occur if they suddenly decided to "toss it all in the sh_tcan". The government would step in and make up some sort of legal schmeeze to prevent them from ruining the company (upon which the civilization may heavily depend).

In fact, large corporations are run by boards of directors, CEOs, its union, government regulators (each with a hand in the others pocket) ... all watched over by our BIG BROTHER ... tada ... the TV/Noisepaper people.

And they do a bang up job, don't they?

So why are they commies?

Well, communism is the easiest way to go ... the lazy man's way ... the teenagers conception of government. Give everybody the same thing for the same pay (hourly / communism). Which translated means the better workers do the lions share of the work without any additional benefit (except the ubiquitous "You're a good man, Joe. I wish I had ten like you.").

And the salaried (feudal) personnel assume all the responsibility for marginal pay increases and no credit while the owner makes the big decisions (tee-off time)

What we actually get in a capitalistic economy is a whole bunch (thousands and thousands) of mini- Stalins and a coupla' decent people. This is better than straight up communism because the mini-Stalins have to compete with each other which presents the worker with "other options" when things don't work out, i.e. quit & try elsewhere.

This is why capitalism produces greater and better goods and services ... it divides and conquers (or holds in moderate check) all the would be dictators.

You can have yer' potaters ...
& you can have yer' dictaters ...
but yuh cain't have both.

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