Graft Everywhere

raft and graft. America is built on these.

First, master craftsmen design, build, make generally available, dispense cheap to everyone, advance civilization, nuture it, and keep us all alive (and feed everybody to boot).

Then some snake politico grafts it onto his own torso (for the good of the public).

But ... Why graft? ...

Graft occurs when 'low-paid-pols' are placed in charge of dispensing monies from the public trough at their own disgression. We elect them to do this ... so the road is cleared by the very people they intend to fleece.

Suppose you are an elected official and must choose a contractor to build something (whatever). How do you make the decision? By accepting bids and awarding the contract to the low, competent bidder?

No ... of course not ...

The contract is awarded to whomsoever gives the biggest kickback, i.e. you agree to pay for the 'build' a certain amount with the understanding that x% is to be returned, discreetly, to you. This is the American way, or European way, or Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian, etc. All are the same.

A (relatively) low paid politico feathers his nest with such kbs and everybody knows it and nothing is done about it. Why?

Because the problem is subconsciously understood to be systemic. There is nothing that can be done about it. It is "hardwired" into the constitution of every government (The Serpico Error). We elect someone who, by definition, is psychologically sick to some extent (no decent, moral person would even think of taking such a position ... to seek office today in the US is a horrible confession of "lack") and expect him to do a righteous job (that we don't want to do ourselves).

And do they do a job ...

They steal money and "get in the way" because, as a matter of fact, the person responsible for civilization in general (the craftsman) abdicates that responsibility and since the weight must be carried by someone up pops the "feebleminded" (graftsman).

Whomsoever, does these jobs really deserves a very large salary. Something on the order of millions per annum for a high official. Something comparable exceeding the highest salaries of CEOs or TVOs, etc. A high salary would mean less graft (which takes its place) but more important it would attract "normal" men to such a position resulting in generally better service.

So why not ante up?

Because we expect people to do these jobs - gratis - for the shear honor we bestow upon them with our munificent vote. A politician is expected to serve the public good ... selflessly (or rather with ingenuous selflessness). Our "public good" always means that we expect to get something for nothing.

And ... ya' know?

We do.
We get a good screwing.

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