The Reward for
Work Well Done

................ is ... all together now ... More Work !

f course, everybody knows this but why is it so?
The reason lies in a simple fact.

"Each man has an exalted opinion of his own worth."

Because of this, management sees the labor pool in a different way than the worker himself. To the business owner, those working for him are good workers, bad workers or mediocre workers. He's getting his moneys worth from the good workers but not from the others.

To the mediocre (or bad) worker, it appears that he is doing more than his share and should therefore be paid more than the minimum that is paid out to everybody else. After all, it's only fair that those who don't do most should be paid most. Isn't it?

You're reading this right aren't you? 'Cause I'm definitely writing it right. Read more slowly and ... concentrate.
Now while all this is going through the heads of those involved, the actual work itself MUST be done or the entire enterprise crashes taking both management and labor with it.

To the rescue comes the honest workman who just keeps plodding along thinking (subconsciously) that he must shoulder the burden of supporting civilization and take up the slack of those who are too busy complaining about proper recompense to 'tote that barge - lift that bale'.

Management knows this and says nothing, does nothing till the work is done. Then, you get your

"You're a good man, Joe."
which you can take to the bank, deposit in your checking account and buy groceries with ; )

Then you get your next assignment. And you will keep getting more work until your back is broken or you decide "slack off" too ... a little. You see, the work must be done so it falls to him who is willing to do it ... to actually do it.

That person is the one with the certain knowledge that he is not the most important or only person in the world. The one without an exalted opinion of his own worth, i.e. the only one who's worth a damn.

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