Zero Sum

ush Limbaugh

Where is he anyhow - dead? - gone fishin'? - I enjoyed his books although too superficial, in general, for my tastes.
was fond of stating (often) that the economy of a free market was not a "zero sum game" meaning that the amount of "stuff" to be divied up was not static. It grows with the amount of effort put into the maintenance and development of civilization.

True enough ... but ... over what time interval?

There's the rub.

If the growth of the economy were such as to provide a 1% greater quantity of goods & services this year than last, what kind of noticeable improvement is that? This is called a ().

In fact, even in a rapidly expanding economy, there's little difference between it and a zero sum game averaged out over a year.

Then, shouldn't the average working Joe see the "big picture" and accept his meager lot quietly since, in fact, it is improving? Of course, just like politicians ... he'll see, prepare for and anticipate future gains ... 10 years down the road. What foresight he has!

One should never lose sight of the eternal fact of work, that it's

Kill or be killed

as always ... never changes ... just cosmetic alterations.

Nowadays, we don't kill one another immediately with a gun. We kill over decades, insidiously but just as surely. Because it is a zero sum game, each must take more at the expense of someone else - or do more for less thus dying younger from overwork, etc.

For me to get significantly more means that you and your family must do with less (with a 1-4% upgrade modification after C.O.L.A. if you get that ... if not subtract cola from overall economic improvement ... ahh! complication ... let's just kill one another straight up ... and no more bull ; )

In fact, it is the fight which causes us to "rachet" forward and make everybody's lot better. I have observed this to be true in most endeavors. You thrash about wildly and every now and again catch a "tooth" and rachet up a notch.

"The more you thrash, the higher you go."

That's the ticket,
Fight ! Fight ! Fight!

for - higher wages, more time off, a bigger cut of the pie,

There ... now I've done it ... I'll have to wash the whole thing ...
- Ripley (Aliens#2)

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