A Little Slavery ... Please!

"Let us fight to the death ... no one may enslave us ... we are free men !!!"

Yada ... yada ... yada.

ou think you know what that means but ... what is slavery? Why is it bad? How much is bad? ... How much IS that doggie in the window?

Let us distinguish two types.

  • Whip-driven slavery
  • Wage slavery
We don't have much of the first type around here anymore (but let's divide this again into two types of whip-driven).
  • Terminal slavery
  • Draft animal slavery
In terminal whip driven slavery you are subjected to forced work and/or deprivation as a form of extermination. The purpose is to get as much out of an enemy prior to killing him. Examples abound expecially in marshall cultures, e.g. Nazi Germany, Stalin era Soviet Union, Mao's China.

This type has never occurred in the U.S. (not yet anyway) so we can just drop it except for one detail ... the percentage of time spent as a terminal slave is always 100% and the quality of control is always "Total".

The other form of whip-driven is most common and has been employed worldwide since the beginnings of civilization. It is far along on the way out mainly because of industrialization (machines make slaves mechanically obsolete and do a better job).

In this type the owner of the slave places value on the life of his property (like a vacuum cleaner,etc) since he serves the genuine needs of the master. Such slaves are given some vestige of autonomy out of necessity. If you strip a man completely of his self determination he has only two choices: accept his lot and die or fight and die (not much of a choice, eh?), but he's not gonna' do much in the way of actual work.

Hence, slaves in the South before the Civil War went home at night and could make babies (more hands to pick cotton) and beat their wives (after the slave owner was done with her of course). Not a good life ... but much better than terminal labor.

The time spent as a draft animal slave was say, ~80% of waking hours and the degree of control was perhaps the same ~80% (if you were obedient ... if not the percentages went up to and included "100% terminal labor").

You see what I'm getting at?
There are degrees of slavery.

At some point in the lessening of degree the concept of physical force weakens to coercion then to bargaining and in the extreme case ... the "master" begs you to be his slave !

Now the kicker.

Let's make a deal ... hmmmmmm ... let me see ...

You be my slave for 40 hours per week and I'll give you enough money to be semi-autonomous. Just be here mon-fri 9AM-5PM ... do some fairly easy work and that's it. Deal?

This is what most people get.

Future deal ...

You agree to give up 1 hour per week (on average) of your life to be a "slave to the state". In exchange ... you get a guaranteed income sufficient to give you a reasonable existence. The rest of your time is yours to make more money or play the horses or golf or read a book. Deal?

For most people ... their tongue is hangin' out. For a few stalwarts it's still a no go because "We are free men and we will fight to the death to retain our freedom!" (along with a 40 hour drudge work week).

As in the old Communist saw ... the state "withers away". At least a totalitarian state which demands 1 hour per week looks pretty damn withered by my reckoning.

It will come to this. The state leaves with a wimper ... not a bang. It isn't necessary to shoot them out. In the long run technology makes the state irrelevant, i.e. a very small slice of the panoply of life.

But can you wait that long?

For generations? Hardly. And if no one fights it ... it will take a damn sight longer. The withering away of the state is logically congruent with actions taken by you to "wither it". Those in charge and those 'henchmen' in their employ must be made to feel ... unwanted ... philosophically passe' ... anachronistically embarrassing. Then they will start to wither.

And what about that wage slavery?

Yes, there is an important distinction. True, the wage slave can leave without fear of reprisal. But not without fear of not being able to put food on the table for his family which is more coercive at base than the threat of a whipping. It is a mental coercion rather than physical. So wage slave is a legitimate term as far as I am concerned and fits in with the "spectrum of possibilities" in the realm of workaday economics.

And it is also true that you look like a "pussy" if you complain about it which is consistent with its median position in that spectrum of possibilities. After all, you wouldn't expect William Barrett Travis to complain about wage slavery, would ya'?

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