9/11 Solved
EBTX casts his lot with the conspiracy theorists

y wife discovered the DVR (DirecTV) a few months ago. (Posted May 2007) ... I cannot get air time due to spatial and temporal displacement. Therefore, I am driven to discover new forms of distraction. The new form is ... Google Video. Here there is unlimited variety of documentaries for me to watch ... though the visual and auditory quality is unlike high definition or even DVD quality. All is watchable and the information transmitted suffers no distortion 'less it be in the mind of the creator ... or observer.

Much of what is on Google Video cannot be seen on the tube because of controversial content (aka, ideas). Nothing is filtered except there is no porn. Which is just as well because porn here would swamp the documentaries and perhaps even the servers. If porn is wanted go elsewhere ("Who seeketh dirt, shall not be disappointed" - and, no, I'm not an anti-porn freak. I just have other fish to fry.).

Anyway my current interest has switched to ...

911 Documentaries

Hitherto, I had thought that all such conspiracy theories where the work of fruitcakes and paid them no mind. But I decided to watch a few to get the point of their madness. Instead of madness I have found complete rationality in most of the docs I've seen. There is the occasional screaming, in your face, thing ... but for the most part, the evidence is gathered and presented impartially for all to see and individuals are encouraged to judge for themselves the value of that evidence. These people also encourage the viewer to check out the facts for themselves in their original form. They use the evidence presented by others in official capacities, eyewitness testimony, real time TV footage, newspaper reports, etc. They don't make things up. The only original thing they offer is their own interpretation of those facts.

The hallmark of a rational presentation is calmness of demeanor, display of indisputable facts (what was seen by cameras), presentation of the opposition viewpoint, and invitation to the viewer to make his own interpretation. This is what you will generally find in these half hour to two hour documentaries. And ... there are no commercials ... and ... they are free to watch if you have a reasonably high bandwidth connection.

Having viewed a dozen or so of these conspiracy documentaries related to the 911 disaster, Murrah building event and a few other terrorist stories, I have come to the conclusion that ...

  • The facts presented are compelling and warrant full investigation
  • Those presenting the arguments are responsible, concerned citizens
  • The government has evaded an impartial investigation of the facts
  • The mainstream media is also guilty of willful evasion
  • The fact finders are falsely portrayed as irresponsible people

As to the content of these documentaries ...

I find the arguments to be compelling to the point of convincing. No counter arguments are put forward to account for many clearly observed facts. Those accusing the government of covering up present a well defined case while their opposition offers no counter to the factual argument other than to attack the presenter or simply evade any answer at all. It would seem that the antidote to reason is to postpone the discussion indefinitely by asserting that "the matter has already been settled" (settled means that a general discussion has taken place in the past that is considered to have covered all possible instances wherein the general conclusion might be refuted by a related specific fact).

I have learned something of immense value from these people. It is this:
That the "fog of obfuscation" I have detected in government throughout my life is

"focused" rather than diffuse

By this I mean that hitherto, I had thought that the people at the top of the political hierarchy were essentially independent of one another, i.e. falling into several groups who vied for political power. This scenario would breed the observed outward phenomena of government ineffiency, greed, smoke-filled room diplomacy, sexual peccadillos and the like.

Of late, this view has become increasingly untenable. For instance, there is the UFO problem. It is clear that such things exist yet it appears that the government has become "compartmentalized" such that one branch knows nothing of what another is doing. And ... these compartments can drift away from control, i.e. they make decisions of major import without constitutional authorization ... outside of the chain of command ... in secret. There appear to be parts of government that operate in a way which is anathema to the Constitution of the United States.

Authority appears to be in the hands of unknown persons making the president a puppet figure (albeit an apparently willing puppet).

The Focus

Taking into account all these "strange" parts of government and the fact that related controversies extend over decades and through administrations of both parties ... it is entirely conceivable ... even likely in my estimation ... that an invisible "cabal" is presently ruling America. And ... that this cabal has an agenda that is totally at odds with the spirit of our Constitution. They wish to enslave us through the manipulation of political and or military events.

Such a cabal must be quite long lived else it would have lost control through death by old age and transitions to differing personalities. However, for such a cabal to remain in place over very many decades (claimed to be ongoing and developing for over two centuries) it must have a mechanism of continuity.

The only workable mechanism of continuity outside of royal inheritance by birth is ... a shared philosophy. There is a philosophy guiding the cabal which is unlike the philosophy which guided the founding fathers, i.e. it is not reason dominated. The contention of the "conspiracy crowd" (to which I now subscribe) is completely bizarre. If I had been told that I would come to this conclusion 45 years ago at the start of my philosophical inquiries, I would have thought the matter too laughable to believe. Yet, it must be so.

We are ruled by some manner of
Satanic Cult

The "cult" which has morphed into the evil thing set upon us is identified as a "secret" society composed of a pyramid of compartmentalized levels of members most of whom know nothing of what goes on at the top of that pyramid. To lower members, this cult is more like a "lodge meeting" of good 'ol boys, i.e. the movers and shakers of civilization ... corporate-political leaders ... the Illuminati or Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) or Bilderburgers or Free Masons or whatever. They party down, make plans for civilization and generally think they are doing good works. Those who reach the very top by means of following the rules and exuding loyalty, are the most sinister element in our society. It is they who thought it expedient to bring down the WTC in order to further their plan to ... you guessed it ... take over the world. Irrationality at the bottom ... distills insanity at the top. Apparently, when amoral capitalists get into the top eschelons of government and thus have "power" ... they ... abuse it. And they do so in favor (they think) of capitalism (their version). We're getting into fascism here people.

But all is not lost.

This is comic book stuff. But it's real. The dead in the towers are real dead people. The families they left behind are real families. Real families killed by comic book villains dressed up in hooded robes. I am embarrassed for civilization ... to be brought low by such ... things. But understand this. The worst sort of men are all comic book characters who believe and act on comic book premises.

This is entirely consistent with my assessment of corporate leaders as cases of "arrested development". Their emotional development seems to stop at about the preteen level, i.e. about 12 or 13. Such an arrested personality can believe in witches and warlocks and such nonsense whereas a personality arrested at 17 would not be interested in the same things. These people find themselves at the helm of powerful corporations and move among the elite by virtue of the silly but persistent cult of "wealth, inheritance and breeding". Apparently, this got going in America early and now completely determines who rules the roost. It has become self-perpetuating, i.e. you can't get to the top without joining and to join you have to be rich and at least moderately nasty.

These types of lunes are in general non-violent. They don't have the stomach for killing (remember thry're only 12 year olds). However, they do have disdain for life in general because, having been fathered by successful men who were part of the cult themselves, they grew up in privileged conditions. Hence, they make "voodoo dolls" in the image of their disdain ... humanity in general. Their ultimate goal is to see themselves as being important persons without having to do anything to earn admiration.

Now comes the sinister part. They put their disdain into action by contracting it out to "thugs". A thug has no plan of action and is helpless unless someone tells him what to do ... then ... he is in his element. He glories in killing people. The illuminati don't kill ... they farm it out to thugs. From this we get ... falling buildings. These are the true sickos ... not the conspiracy theorists.

If you don't believe it ...

Check out these links and watch and hear what they have to show and tell. You owe that to your family and to your country. You owe it ... to look ... to see ... to judge ... for yourself, independently. You will get a better education in world history, politics and economics by watching these videos than you could ever get in any university graduate course.

EBTX picks 'em

Note: These URLs may change as new versions are added and some deleted. If you are not taken to a particular link, use an internet search engine to locate it. Do not rely entirely on Google or YouTube. It may move to hide these videos under pressure from "above". Eventually, they may begin censoring search results so as to make them all but invisible.

List updated December 16, 2013 -- 334 documentaries/videos

***** = see first (but they're all good)

1932, A True History of the United States
1 hour 42 min ... Lyndon LaRouche's insightful analysis of American history as it relates to the world wars and the banksters.
Cesar's Messiah Jesus A Roman Invention *****
1 hr 23 min ... Documentary about the making of the Gospels by the Flavian emperor's propagandists. This relates to present circumstances at the root level and should be seen by everyone interested in western history. My highest recommendation.

September 11 - The New Pearl Harbor ****
1 hour 28 min ... Part 3 of 3 of Massimo Mazzucco's masterpiece of 911 evidence. See parts 1 and 2 also. I did. This series showed me a few things I didn't know already (newer discoveries about the events I am just now aware of).

The Other Israel
58 min ... On the money history of the Zionist problem from Khasar to Russia to Washington to ... Armageddon? Great synopsis.

Secrets Police Don't Want You To Know
2 hours 28 min ... Excellent, though lengthy, talk by lawyer Eddie Craig about how it is not legal for police to give you a traffic ticket (it's only for commercial traffic - unless you get into a collision). Didn't know that. The purpose is to get money (well, we all knew that but I didn't know they don't have the right to stop you either).
9/11 Pentagon Attack - Behind the Smoke Curtain ****
3 hrs 5min ... Barbara Honnegger's revealing expose of the 911 Pentagon attack.

The Truth About Voting
17 min ... Stefan Molyneux's excellent diatribe on the futility of voting.

The Last Word on Snake Oil
8 min ... Corbett report about the oil industry, Rockefeller lineage, and destruction of public transportation.
UROKO ****
1 hour 28 min ... Really great historical documentary about the history of the "elite" who 'own' us. Very condensed, very educational.

All Wars Are Bankers' Wars
43 min ... Well made bankster history by Michael Rivero. Very good overview.

The Titanic Conspiracy
1 hour 38 min ... John Hamer masterfully details what appears to be another shennanigan by the New World Order crowd a hundred years ago. It's got the "stink" on it sure.

Take your calls somewhere else
20 min ... callers into C-Span ask about 911 and building 7. All are rebuffed ... nobody has any answers, nobody wants to talk. Hilarious ... showing the vacuousness of our "leaders" ;o)

Black Panthers Condemn Obama
46 min ... Larry Pinkney has really mellowed over the years. Excellent "sermon". Thank you. Reminds me of Brother Nathaniel in some ways.

There Will Be No Economic Recovery
1 hour ... Stefan Molyneux's relentless listing of all the economic signs pointing to continued and worsening depression. Depressing and true but ... easy to fix ... if ... you have sane people making economic decisions ;o)

Israeli Apartheid and The Nakba
07:38 ... Anthony Lawson's stinging indictment of Irael's treatment of the Palestinians.
Nine Eleven IS the LitmusTest ***
8 min ... Another piercing piece by Les Visible.

Woody Harrelson 'Ethos'
1 hour 8 min ... I didn't know Woody was a "truther". Not much new here but really well put together documentary. I don't agree with every little thing ... but mostly I concur.

The FBI Fosters, Funds and Equips American Terrorists
14 min ... Another excellent Corbett report on the Boston Marathon bombs.

When False Flags Don't Fly
8 min ... Corbett Report about false flags. Very condensed, concise and spot on. Corbett puts no more fat on his reports than on his body ;o)

GUNS (Virtual State of the Union 2013)
07:25 min ... Great speech before virtual congress. Get this guy virtually elected? Too bad we haven't got a president.

Wealth Inequality in America
6 minutes ... Interesting examination of chart of wealth distribution in America. Arrrgh....

All Wars Are Bankers' Wars
43 min ... Excellent review of the banksters world of war and assassination for the purpose of creating a debt based economy ... the debt is what we owe to them in exchange for using their paper.

The Woman Who Stopped the War
~25 min in 2 parts ... government consultant Gwenyth Todd's story of her opposition to the Bush administration's attempts to foment war with Iran in 2007. Very insightful.

F2C2012: Aaron Swartz keynote - "How we stopped SOPA"
23 min ... Speech by a good guy who "alledgedly" committed suicide at age 26. Very odd that he should kill himself ... by hanging?

The greatest story NEVER told! ****
2 hours 22 min ... "Velly eentearhesting ..." We never get to hear WWII from the Nazi perspective. Practically all I've ever 'known' about Herr Hitler comes from the Jewish controlled media. Hmmmm ... could there be more to it?

(**** as a lifetime achievement award)
1 hour 6 min ... Deek Jackson is one of my favorite internet personalities. He's left alone to heep insults on the elite in England because he believes in the global warming 'thing'. Thus, the 'elite' see him as a "useful idiot" and allow him to thrive. The Earth IS polluted (by industry and consumer waste) and over-populated (from a psychological standpoint) at this stage in the development of civilization ... but it's easily recoverable. Highly recommended for his very high intelligence and thus, incredibly lucid insights.

Gun Control explained
4 min ... Cute disection of gun control advocacy. Lots of truth here.

The Elite's Plan for World-Wide Genocide
1 hour ... Webster Tarpley gives his take on the goals of the new world order in regards to reducing population (reasons and mechanisms). Excellent summing up. Produced by Inforwars (documentary begins @3 minute mark)

Ron Paul's Congressional Farewell Speech *****
50 min ... Ron Paul sums up all that's wrong with America. What will we do about it? [Note the weak applause from a small audience. I'm surprized he got any applause at all ... is it just from the gallery?]

The Boy Who Cried Warming **
1 hour 25 min ... One of the best global warming skeptic documentaries I've ever seen. Very rational.

9/11 Conspiracy Solved: Names, Connections, & Details Exposed! ****
43 min ... AlienScientist's detailed video about who did what on 911. Highly recommended.

Powerful Paedophile Ring Linked to Parliament Exposed
1 hour 48 min ... Alex Jones interviews Brian Gerrish about the government paedophile ring servicing the Parliament in England.
romney exposed ***
41 min ... John Hankey reveals Mitt Romney's connections to CIA death squads, money laundering, 9-11, etc. ... another neo-con degenerate.

Obamacare Summed Up in One Sentence
2 min ... hilarious.

Romney Obama the Same?
10 min ... List of areas of agreement between Obama and Romney. Apparently they agree on just about everything. Obamney or Romama ;o)

Government criminalizes rainwater collection from your own property
14 min ... Natural News' philosophical analysis of Gary Harrington's arrest and imprisonment for collecting rainwater on his own land.

Chemtrail film: Don't Talk About the Weather
~4 hours in 27 parts ... Long documentary with some parts missing ... too much music in some parts ... but ... lots and lots of chemtrail pics that make it undeniably clear that they ARE spraying aluminum oxide and barium into the atmosphere ... and ... this spraying may be the cause of some weather and climate alterations ... possibly the direct cause of this year's drought (2012).

It's a Miracle!
6 min ... Afterburner with Bill Whittle ... the miracle of Barrack Obama's rise to the presidency.

The New American Century
1 hour 34 min ... Excellent in depth look at PNAC and the Neocons who made it ... as well as the consequences of it.

Why in the World are They Spraying?
113 min ... About the spraying of aluminum oxides and other chemicals into the atmosphere to control weather patterns ... the ongoing chemtrail catastrophe.

All of Society is Rotting Out!
37 min ... Gerald Celente on Alex Jones ... great rants on politics and economics!

Illegal Everything
42 min ... John Stossel's ridiculous illegal things you can get imprisoned for in America today due to excessive intrusion into personal behavior.

Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis
46 min ... nice Swedish made overview of the housing bubble and financial market screwups of the past decade.

Inside The Mind of an MKUltra Killer
1 hour ... Author Fritz Springmeier talks to Alex Jones. Interesting views from someone who's "paid his dues".

Economic Hitmen ****
2 min ... little cartoon with REALLY BIG meaning. What an excellent condensation of our "problem" !!

Michael Chertoff Gets The Truth
10 min ... From "We Are Change - Colorado". Well organized attack on Michael Chertoff. Four people on the insided to ask forbidden questions and more on the outside to harrass with further forbidden questions. That's the way to do it. Organized ... Decide dialogue before the show ... Make a plan ... Get the most out of your time ... make the NWO supporters uncomfortable.
I Want The Earth: Plus Five Percent ****
45 min ... Incredibly lucid account of the predatory banking system made from a 1971 work by Australian Larry Hannigan. As good as "Money as Debt".
Humanity's Greatest Secret: Dreams of the Universe ****
20 min ... One of Alex Jone's most inspired pieces. All is NOT lost ;o)

Shocking Videos Reveal Truth Behind Syrian “Freedom Fighters”
~1 hour's worth of videos (on Alex Jones site) showing real and faked videos that show the other side of the Syrian conflict, i.e. the one "they" don't want you to see.

Diesels, Gaswagons & Zyklon-B
1 hour in 6 parts ... I didn't know the Germans in WWII used Zyklon B to fumigate two train cars at a time to kill lice. Why didn't they just gas the Jews while they were in the cars?? Ans: Because they never had any gas chambers for people. Another excellent logical repudiation of the Holocaust.

Ron & Rand Paul Are Killing Their Movement
48 min ... Gerald Celente on Alex Jones Channel discussing latest catastrophes. Excellent, honest appraisals.

International Bureau of Double Standards
25 min ... Another great commentary by Alan Lawson about the western created "Iran problem".
Auschwitz. Why The Gas Chambers Are A Myth ****
50 min ... Another fine documentary from the "Unknown Denier" who made "1/3 of the Holocaust".

A Noble Lie
~2 hours ... This documentary is not yet available on line (April, 2012). I got the DVD a few months ago. Excellent, in depth study of the Oklahoma City Murrah building false flag.

Kymatica (2009) ****
1 hour 24 min ... Lots of very deep insights into philosophy and psychology from the Stewart brothers. Watch out for the "vibrations" ... they go a little off the reservation ... but ... that's OK. The insights more than make up for it. Highly recommended.

Impeach Obama 2012!
10 min ... The Littany of Obama's impeachable transgressions from InfoWars.com

Law Hot on The Trail of Criminally Forged Obama Documents
52 min ... Update on Sheriff Joe Arpaio's pursuit of Obama's forged birth certificate.

Iran Bashing, Terrorism and Who Chose The Chosen People, Anyway?
15 min ... Another excellent Alan Lawson presentation.

9/11 Explosive Connections - The 9/11 Masterminds
15 min ... AlienScientist's succinct listing of many people involved in the "inside job"

2 hours 9 min ... Foster Gamble's heartfelt documentary about what's gone wrong and what to do about it. I didn't agree with a few things but it's well made and going in the right direction generally. Certainly worth watching.

Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine
23 min ... Very well done "manifesto" ... poetic, philosophical and intellectual.

Bill Still says Ron Paul WRONG on Gold Standard
15 minutes ... Keiser report - Bill Still starts at 13 min mark. He's 'still' around and not enough people listen to him ... but he's got it right.

One Third of the Holocaust (in 30 parts) ... (here in one piece) ***** 4 hours and 15 min ... I watched this for the 3rd or 4th time yesterday and repost it here. In my opinion, it's the best documentary ever made by an amateur from the standpoint of content.

Holohoax Survivors who Tell the Truth
15 min ... Interesting personal recollections of Auschwitz (no gas chambers).
The Coverup of Zionist Organized Crime! ***
32 min ... David Duke's new expose of all-pervasive Jewish organized crime. Excellent production.

USS Enterprise False Flag!!
3 min ... Possible false flag attack on USS Enterprise in Persian Gulf to get us into war with Iran.
You Might not Feel it but Your Children Will ***
14 min ... Les Visible ... this is some of the most beautiful stuff on the internet.

War is always by Deception
3 hours ... Extensive but excellent rehash of 911 facts and other NWO evil by Ryan Dawson. He's obviously spending a lot of time on the "fight". Thank you, Ryan.

Vet Says Soldiers Are Starting to Wake Up to Gov't Lies
10 min .... What I like to see in the military.

Freedoms Greatest Hour of Danger is NOW!!!
5 min ... Judge Napalitano shoots from the hip.
The Most IMPORTANT Video You'll Ever See ****
~80 minutes in 8 parts ... Albert Bartlett's math lecture about exponential growth and its inevitable consequences. He doesn't discuss specific solutions. Obviously population growth must stop and will stop this century one way or the other. I prefer that it would stop by the demographer's method ... that is, people decide to have smaller families (no growth) because they are themselves prosperous and have other more interesting things to do. It is generally known among demographers that population growth historically slows and reverses in the presence of freedom and prosperity. It is also known to stop temporarily by means of famine, murder and enslavement. Your choice.

Secrets of the Federal Reserve
1 hour 31 min ... Eustace Mullins - origins of the Federal Reserve by one of the main investigators of the 20th century. Excellent stuff.

Murder by Injection
28 min ... Eustace Mullins about cancer treatment, flouride, etc. Lots of NWO connections.
The New World Order ****
58 min ... Eustace Mullins 1923-2010 (one of the premier investigators of the 20th century) interviewed (from mid 1990s). He explains his 50 year research in to what we now call the New World Order.

Penn State Secrets Pedophile Coverup
15 min ... Jason Bermas talks with Alex Jones about the widespread pedophilia in the elite class. This goes on everywhere and they're killing them as well as raping them.

9/11 Theories: Expert vs. Expert
18 min ... Jonathon Cole's latest comparison of what the "experts" say (all contradictory).

The Uptown Pepperoni for your Pizza from Hell
11 min ... Les Visible scores another direct hit. "It's not an air kiss ... it's a fart".

Social Pathology
1 hour 45 min ... Peter Joeseph's talk on why we're fucked. Excellent analysis though I don't agree with the Zeitgeist Movement's solution of "giving up control to computers" because of the programming of those computers (who programs the computers just transfers the proplems of politics to a new area).

The Story of Your Enslavement ****
13 min ... The real nitty gritty of our "situation". If you only saw this ... and nothing else ... you'd be 'in the know'.
9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out ***
2 hours 15 min ... A&E 911 Truth excellent documentary. If you don't believe that 911 was done by the government after watching this ... you are ... either an accompliss after the fact ... or ... a complete idiot ;o)

9/11: A Conspiracy Theory
5 min ... Corbett Report on the whole 911 thing. Most concise record of the event and subsequent events ever made ;o) ... It's a hoot.

9/11 Truth: Hollywood Speaks Out
2 hours 30 min ... Nice treatment of celebrities who dispute "the official story".

The End of America
1 hour 14 min ... Naomi Wolf's fairly lightweight documentary about the similarities between our "situation" and the rise of fascism in Germany and Italy before WWII.

Emperor of Hemp
1 hour ... story of Jack Heror (rhymes with "terror"), a leader in the legal battle to legalize ganja.
The Black Swan is on the Wing ***
9 min ... Les Visible's excellent poetic realization of the Bankster paradigm.

Dancing on the Edge of Oblivion
12 min ... Jim Kirwan's Obewan Kenobe talk about the super congress.
Season of Treason *****
1 hour 44 min ... Kurt Kallenback's analysis of our "situation". One of the best talks I've ever seen on the internet. Watch the whole thing.

Innocence Destroyed
30 minutes (3 parts) ... Bill Bowen's short piece on Child Protective Services which judicially murders about 1000 kids per year.
The Biggest Game in Town *****
2 hours 16 min ... Walter Burien's classic documentary about government's ownership of all the corporations through majority stock holdings ... through local, state, federal "Wall Street investments" using your tax money ... then reinvesting (rolling over) the profits to gain majority control ... hiding this from the American people and 'not' publicly proclaiming it as income. That is, government has three sources of major income [in order of importance] ... 1) interest and dividends on investments ... 2) taxation ... 3) enterprise income (from fees, toll roads, licences, etc.). The biggest component has gradually become "return on investments" and YOU don't get a PENNY ;o) ... or even know about it. There is enough now to fund government WITHOUT any taxation at all.
The Corporation Nation ***
~3 1/2 hours in 15 parts ... The facts revealed on this site (first investigated by Burien) are seminal to the understanding of our predicament. I'd put it with Bill Still's "MoneyMasters" as essential. Clint Richardson's documentary about who owns everything, i.e. all the major corporations. It's all owned by "US" ... ;o)
4 hours ... Clint Richardson's examination of the wealth obtained by the Government. It owns just about everything. That is ... it's the majority stock holder in all corporations. Everyone should be aware of the facts presented here.

Obama's Forged Birth Certificate
52 minutes ... document expert Doug Vogt talk about all the forged stuff in Obama's new long form birth certificate. Who the hell is this guy? ;o)

The Zionist Story
1 hour 15 min ... History of the Jews in Palestine from the perspective of a reformed Jewish soldier. Very good grounding in the issue. Unfortunately, the author still thinks that the Holocaust factually occurred and simply deplores the use of its supposed victims as propaganda.

Defense Against the Psychopath
38 min ... Excellent piece about psychopaths. Very concise. Gives no causes but excels in showing the variations of psychopathology. Everyone should know and recognize the telltale traits.

Forensic Evidence About the "Holocaust"
about 10 min ... Old Fred Leuchter speech to some group about his research into the Holocaust myth in defence of Ernst Zundel. Very concise.

Bin Laden, The Oswald Like Patsy Died 10 Years Ago ****
~1 hr in 7 parts ... Dr. Steve Pieczenik on Alex Jones discusses the BinLaden hoax and 9/11 attacks. Groundbreaking moment with one of the most credible men yet interviewed by Jones. Check this out ... really.

Origins of The House of Windsor
~1 hr in 5 parts ... Webster Tarpley with Alex Jones on the history of the present British monarchy. Engrossing info.

Holocaust, Hate Speech & Were the Germans so Stupid? ***
30 min ... Another great piece by Anthony Lawson (about the Holocaust). Check it out.

Masters of Terror
2 hours ... Alex Jones' 2002 litany of 911 facts indicating government control of WTC attacks.
Israel: The Promised Land for Organized Crime ****
~35 min (in 3 parts) ... David Duke's "outing" of organized crime as primarily a Jewish run operation. I didn't realize this before ... but it certainly makes sense.

20-20 Hindsight: Censorship on the Frontline
~90 min (in 9 parts) ... about Richard Andrew Grove's whistleblowing on Wall Street. Very insightful. (Sarbane-Oxley regulation ... computer backdoor)

Ron Paul 20/20 Banned ABC News Interview
~30 min ... in 6 parts ... excellent, revealing interview of Ron Paul (without any attacks on him).

911 : False-Flag Terrorism
1 hour 11 min ... Talk by Webster Tarpley from 2006 on "The Precedents & The Reality" for same. Very well put.

9/11 Experiments: Eliminate the Impossible
14 min ... Jonathon Cole's concise review of the evidence for WTC demolition. Good to go ... (to court).

Bank Bailouts Explained
7 min ... Cute cartoon about the money lost to the banks.

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward ***
2 hours 41 min ... Third installment of Peter Joseph's take on the collapse of modern civilization and proposed "resource-based" sustainable living. Some excellent insights (especially by Jacque Fresco ... a former card-carying communist) but ... really? ... a "computer" makes all the decisions "scientifically"?! Who programs the computer? Who selects the programmers? Computer based analysis is a tool of science but can't run by itself. Science in 90% politics too. Basically ... a repackaged form of communism is advocated though they object to this analysis.
My grade is ... Observations: "A" ; Solutions: "D"
The main question still remains to be solved ... "Who says what goes?" - EBTX

80 min in 2 parts ... interview with Michael Ruppert about the coming worldwide collapse of the oil based civilization. Here's an honest man trying to do his best.

The American Dream
30 min ... Engaging cartoon about the Federal Reserve ... all the major points displayed by other documentaries rolled into one cartoon. Excellent. (by the Provocateur Network)

The U.N. Deception
46 min ... John Birch Society documentary about the diabolical nature of the United Nations ... it's history and future intentions.

COINTELPRO 101 - The Sabotage Of Legitimate Dissent
11 min ... informative short video about how the government diffuses dissent by infiltrating groups that oppose them and disrupting and discrediting their activities from within that group. [I didn't know that David Shayler went coocoo!]

The Meaning of "Austerity"
8 min ... excellent Corbett Report about the shit soon to hit the fan.

Seats Of Jewish Power
4 min ... Brother Nathaniel gives a litany of Zionist influence in America.
It's the Bankers or Us ***
14 min ... Alex Jones' on the crucial necessity of stopping the banker's cabal that is attempting to take over the world ... our turn is coming up soon. Very concise ... very understandable.

How Nations Die!
15 min ... David Duke artistic expose' of Zionist influences in media and politics. Very well done.

Joel Skousen: Bank of England Involved in Laundering Money to The IRA!!
~40 min in 3 parts ... New false flag actions to justify TSA groping and nude scanner technology ... or ... get "biotagged" for future flights. References to Lord James of Blackheath speech in British House of Lords. Check it out too.


Friends of Israel — Enemies Inside the Gates
15 min ... Anthony Lawson's continuing exposure of Israel as a threat to world peace as well as the Palestinians.

Freud, Zionism and Sexual Revolution
15 min ... David Duke takes a few jabs at Sigmund "Shlomo" Freud the supposed great thinker of psychiatry.

Chertoff's TSA Death Scanners
~4 min ... Brother Nathaniel disarms the TSA Gropers. I like this guy ... he makes me feel good for some reason. Probably because he is happy in spite of our "predicament".

Climategate is Still the Issue
13 minutes ... Corbett Report synopsis of Climategate with warning to keep up the pressure on the climate scaremongers and their global CO2 cap and trade schemes.
Renaissance 2.0 *****
~2 hours in 12 parts ... Damon Vrabel's amazingly broad and clear statement of the present economic condition and its historical causes. Most highly recommended.
9/11 Experiments: The Great Thermate Debate ****
15 min ... Physics experiments that prove thermate can cut through steel columns. Check it out ... it's a hoot!

What in the World are they Spraying?
1 hour 40 min (in 7 parts) ... Michael Murphy - G. Edward Griffin production about chemtrails (aerosol aluminum spraying into the atmosphere to combat the non-existent global warming).

14 min ... Mark Basile Chemical Engineer gives his experimental evidence about the thermate particles found in WTC dust samples. From Archetects for 911 Truth

The Hate Mongers Among Us
~1 hour (in 4 parts) ... interesting documentary on the manipulation of public opinion by Israel and pro-Israeli, anti-Muslim elements in the USA.

Paul Craig Roberts
~34 minutes ... Interview for Alex Jones money-bomb day. This guy knows exactly what's going on and can express himself clearly to prove it.


Lord Christopher Monckton
~1 hour ... Alex Jones interview on global warming, new world order, Al Gore, etc. on Inforwars.com's Money Bomb day 10/14/10. Always interesting and on the money.
Psywar *****
1 hr 39 min ... in depth investigation of propaganda (modern and early 20th century) and basic moral/social principles and how they've eroded over the decades ... and more importantly "why". Excellent, insightful historical interpretation.

United We Fall
2 hours 20 min in 12 parts ... evenhanded examination of the coming North American Union giving those who favor the New World Order a chance to state their case. Unfortunately, it's hard to make a moral argument when they plan to kill people by the boatload and ... act on those plans (911, etc.).

Vaccine Death Coverup Implodes Worldwide
10 min ... Alex Jones goes off on H1N1 flu shots which cause that which they are designed to prevent (among other things). See this BEFORE you get "shot".
The Shocking Jewish Role in Slavery ***
20 min in 2 parts ... What Jewish Historians Say. David Duke's expose' of the part played by Jews in the American slave trade. (centered in Newport, Rhode Island). They owned the ships, manned the ships and ran the bulk of the trade but bear no part of the guilt trade ;o)

Why I Left Judaism
10 min ... Brother Nathaniel tells the story of his conversion to Christianity from Judaism (the "religion of death"). I like this guy and his open air format.

The Movie "They" Don't Want You To See!
1 hour 40 min (in 10 parts) ... Old movie "House of Rothschild" starring George Arliss with Robert Young and Lorretta Young and Boris Karloff. I remember seeing this fifty years ago. The scene near the end where Nathan Rothschild is urging people to "buy" government bonds is hilarious. (He bought them on the way down and wants the others to buy them on the way up thus giving him the humungous profit ... this is passed off in the movie as a great act of patriotism ... wonderful guy ;o)

“God Help America!”
1 hour ... Hamid Gul, retired general in Pakistan, interviewed by Alex Jones about potential war in Iran and rent-a-army from USA fighting in Pakistan.

Funny FKN Planet
53min ... He's brash ... he's fast ... he's on target ... the best of Deek Jackson. Always a good belly laugh ... all too true. Long live the LPP.

Double Vendetta — The Insanity of the Iran Confrontation
10 min ... Anthony Lawson's overview of the current Iran situation (America & Israel preparing for war over nothing).


The Kinsey Syndrome *****
3 hours in 17 parts ... Excellent dissection of the pervert Alfred Kinsey. I didn't completely agree with some of the side issues but they were irrelevant to the main body of the piece. Very well presented and I give it my highest recommendation.
How American News Media Works In Favor Of Israel: ***
30 min in 3 parts ... Alison Weir analysis of media coverage of Israel-Palestine conflict in favor of Israel. Scroll down page for video.

The insider: chemtrails KC-10 sprayer air to air
~3 min ... short video of chemical trails spread by an Air Force jet. No doubt here. Notice that there's no "contrail" coming out of the engines ... just from the special nozzles for that purpose.

Judge Napolitano at the American Revival
31 min ... the judge gives a stirring speech about big government and its rejection of the constitution it swore to uphold.

9/11 Experiments: The Mysterious Eutectic Steel
10 min ... experiment proves this piece of steel (from WTC) couldn't have been altered to its present state by any type of building fire.
The Secret of Oz ****
101 min ... Bill Still's rework of the MoneyMasters documentary. Very well done piece of cinematography. Presently available only for purchase on the internet (link is to his site). Less probing than MoneyMasters but has new some material. Highly recommended and worth the price.

Who is Peter Joeseph?
~1 hour in six parts ... Interview with Zeitgeist creator Peter Joseph. Very intelligent and well spoken young man with many right ideas.
National Security Alert - Sensitive Information ***
~1 hour ... Citizen Investigation Team compilation of 9/11 Pentagon witnesses whose testimony contradicts the official government line.

The Racial Supremacist State of Israel
10 min ... David Duke shows Zionists believe themselves to be racially superior. No wonder "God" chose them over all others.

The Voice of America — Part 2 The Treasonous Dollar Drain
8 min ... A closer look at how the members of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee exercise a grotesquely disproportionate amount of power over the foreign policy of the United States. (This guy is really good - EBTX)


Camp FEMA American Lockdown
~ 2 hours ... Gary Franchi's film about internment camps for Americans being built all over to hold future "dissenters".

Government Admits they Deal Heroin, Terrorize Families for Pot
11 min ... excellent Alex Jones vid about our government dealing drugs. It's all true.

Ron Paul and Alan Grayson with Dylan Ratigan: Audit the Fed!
13 min ... 5/3/10 about the three pending banking bills ... topical discussion.

White Genocide in South Africa
10 min ... David Duke reveals the genocide against white's there. I knew this would happen a decade ago. Africa is too primitive to have an advanced civilization. White people must abandon South Africa en masse. It's the next Rhodesia.
Invisible Empire A New World Order Defined *****
2 hours 14 min ... Jason Bermas film about the New World Order. This documentary is nothing if not comprehensive. I give it my highest recommendation. There were several things in it that even I didn't know about and I've seen hundreds of videos over the past three years. Watch it.

The Dylan Ratigan Show
12 min ... from 4/24/10 ... Ratigan skewers the Fed on MSNBC (with Alan Grayson). The appearance of this type of show on network TV indicates a crack in the Banker's Cabal that may be growing.

A prophetic interview with Sir James Goldsmith
~1hr in 6 parts ... 1994 Charlie Rose interview with Goldsmith about G.A.T. trade agreement by which most American jobs got moved to other countries and left us "unemployed".

Helen Thomas
9 min ... on her one question for Obama - (Who has nuclear weapons in the middle east?)
Why The Facts of 9/11 Are Suppressed *****
50 min ... John McMurtry - professor of Philosophy at the University of Guelph, Ontario. Concerning the degenerate philosophy and pathological motivations impelling the USA to global dominance sans moral foundation. Extremely intellectual but very understandable. Perhaps the best and most inciteful oration I've yet heard on the subject of 911 and its aftermath. Don't watch this one if you are in any way "small" minded ... you'll strain yourself and get a headache ... for experienced philosophical thinkers.

Flight 77 The Flight Data Recorder Investigation Files
~55 min (in 6 parts) ... Analysis of discrepancies contained in the flight data recorder recovered from the plane that hit the Pentagon. I saw this a couple years ago. It's still relevant and nothing has changed.


The Zionist Red Army
10 min ... David Duke gives evidence about the Jews in charge of the Red Army which is to be honored by Israel.

Internet Censorship Alert
10 min ... Alex Jones speaks about pending attempts by government to blacklist sites that don't tow their party line, i.e. anything resembling truth. Possible ciber "false flag" attack to usher in new regulations to save us from terrorists.

Holocaust Survivor Redefines AntiSemitism
9 min ... editorial video by David Duke about the new definition of anti-semitism ... "Someone the Jews hate." Well spoken

Slavers of the Third World
just 10 minutes ... About Walmart's exploitation of workers overseas and consequent loss of American jobs. A worker there gets 18 cents out of the 20 dollars they charge here. Somebody's gettin' rich and they are literally starving. All assisted by those third world governments bought and payed for by US corporations.

Holocaust or Hoax
Jurgen Graf ... This is not a video but an online book by a modern hero in the highest tradition. Read it if you care for truth.
Criminal State ***
~30 min in 3 parts ... Jeff Gates takes "A Closer Look at Israel's Role in Terrorism". Excellent talk about what Israel is really up to vis a vis "game theory" as applied to world politics. Extremely foundational stuff.

9/11 Truth: the Challenge to the Peace Movement
~36 min in 4 parts ... Very interesting and informative lecture by Dr. Graeme MacQueen on his transition from "peace movement" to 9/11 truther.

Global Warming, Global warming, global warming...megafreeze!
44 min ... a global warming propaganda piece. This is a good example of the trashy fearmongering coming from the globalists. At first I thought it was 'coming ice age' documentary from the 70s but it's from 2007. Here they claim that global warming "may" cause a global cooling in the northern parts of our hemisphere and heating and drought in the lower reaches. All cases lead to our imminent demise by freezing to death or wars over food or dying of thirst I guess. It's a real hoot !! Watch it with a bag popcorn! Excellent comedy.

Detroit in RUINS!
13 min ... Interesting piece about the current state of Detroit ( I was raised in Dearborn ). I haven't been there in 25 years and didn't realize it was that far gone. What a mess. I don't agree with all the points of the video but in general it's a serviceable piece.
WTC7: NIST Finally Admits Freefall ****
~20 min (in three parts) ... David Chandler's continued analysis of WTC7's "freefall". This time exposing NIST's active coverup of the data.

WTC7 in Freefall--No Longer Controversial
10 minutes ... David Chandler's thoroughly objective measurement of World Trade Center 7's 2.5 second freefall from when the top corner starts to fall ... through about half of the building's height ... totally damning to the government's claims of fire causation.


Larry McDonald on the New World Order
17 min ... 1983 interview with John Birch Society chairman Larry McDonald a few months before his death on KAL007 flight (which may have landed in Soviet Union). He was way ahead of his time.

Lord Monckton Vs. Greenpeace: On The Streets
10 min ... Excellent short piece wherein Monckton conducts a rational conversation with a greenpeace advocate.

Conspiracy Theory Global Warming
~1 hr in 6 parts ... Jesse Ventura's show on TruTv. He makes an excellent overview in an hour. He's definitely strong willed and won't shy away from an "inconvenient truth". I'm gonna' make sure to watch every installment of his show.

Reel Bad Arabs
50 min ... Jack Shaheen's 30 year study of Hollywood's racist and very sinister portrayal of Arabs for the past century.

Jesse Ventura on TruTV (Conspiracy Theories) 9/11
~1 hr in four parts ... Jesse puts on a surprisingly good show. I hadn't thought that much about the missing "black boxes" from the Towers. All were, of course, found ... but the official word is "none were found". Check it out.

Climate Lecture at Minnesota Free Market Institute
1 hr 35 min ... The "nuts and bolts" of global warming. Excellent talk on the climate swindle given by Lord Christopher Monckton.
Lord Monckton Returns to Alex Jones Tv ****
in 5 (10min) parts ... from Dec 08,2009. Interview with Monckton covering Copenhagen climate conference and world government set up / planning group. Plans in the treaty include a world government body to "tax without representation" everybody with 10 cents left in their pockets ... except the rich, of course.

Stalin - Man of Steel
90 min ... Excellent bio of probably the most evil person who ever lived (maybe worse than Mao ... certainly much worse than Hitler). The New World Order fully realized would problably be preferable to this.

Lord Christopher Monckton on Alex Jones Tv
about 1 hr ... Monkton talks about the recently discovered emails between UN climate scientists where they openly discuss the global warming scam and how to advance it.
The Jim Garrison Tapes ****
about 90 min ... in 10 parts on abovetopsecret.com ... Summary of everything related to the late Jim Garrison's JFK investigation. A few facts here I was unfamiliar with as well.


Jordan Maxwell -Basic Slideshow Presentation
about 2 hrs ... A joung Jordan Maxwell shows symbols found all over the place linking Free Masonry to nefarious activities all over the world. NWO "branding". ;o)
Religulous ***
1 hr 40 min. ... Bill Maher's excellent documentary from 2008 on the devastating effects of religion.

NWO Conspiracy Bullshit
~8 minutes ... This isn't a documentary but it's pretty funny ... and true.
Fall of the Republic ****
about 2 hrs in 13 parts .... The Presidency Of Barack H Obama. Might be Alex Jones best work yet. Hope it does go viral fast.

Jean Hill JFK Assassination Eyewitness
1 hr 4 min ... Telephone interview from 1998. Excellent first hand info.

Alex Jones Freeman\Strawman & The Rule of Law
70 min in 7 parts ... Randy Kelton on Jones show about his experiences dealing with courts and corruption. The You Tubers are right that Alex interupts his guests too much trying to clarify non-essential points. He's hyper ;o)

The Light Behind Masonry
2 hours 25 minutes ... Bill Schnoebelen (a 100% Christian) gives his testimony about his experiences inside of Masonry to The Prophecy Club (some kind of Bible thumper organization). He doesn't preach so much as give the inside details and history of Masonry from the perspective of someone who lived it. Skip to 3 minutes where he starts his oration. Rings true when considered in the light of what others have said concerning same.
Exposing the Illuminati from within
1 hr 54 min ... Bill Schnoebelen gives further details of his experiences with the Illuminati, Satanism, etc.
The New American Century ****
1 hour 34 min ... History of fake attacks staged by American governments to raise support for their wars. Lots of archival dirt and up to date Iraqi footage. Highly recommended.

The Strangest Secret
31 min ... Earl Nightengale's 1956 recording of what it takes to be successful. It's not about conspiracies but rather about the underlying conditions that make them possible. It definitely rings a bell with me even though I don't agree with every sentence pronounced therein. Very inspirational.

Justice for 911
18 min ... Short but very direct piece by John Hankey that should have been on my list a couple years ago (an oversight on my part). Arrest 'em all.


Hijacking Humanity
~2 hours in 5 parts ... Compilation of 911 info mostly repackaged but serves to introduce the overall subject though I wince whenever anybody starts talking about "vibrations".
Choosing Freedom ***
~90 min in maybe 8 parts ... This is a link to the intro for Irene-Maus:Gravenhorst's video about "legal schmeeze" in Canada. That is, the difference between Common Law and Admiralty Law. The word-crap that serves to enslave us can be attacked by simply knowing what "they" actually mean. Irene is a truly gutsy and knowledgeable babe.
[Mr. :Menaud is really gettin' round up north and the most experienced man on the planet at it is probably Jordan Maxwell. That you can tie "them" up in knots with words isn't something I'd ever have thought of ... but it's true. You can.]

102 Minutes That Changed America
102 min ... History Channel - compiled real-time footage of 911 taken mostly by people with handicams. No assessments of what happened or why ... just well put together footage.

1 hr 22 min ... Extensive and decisive compilation of eyewitness accounts of the 911 Pentagon attack, proving that the plane's angle into the Pentagon is inconsistent with the official line. It couldn't have caused the directional damage and therefore must have flown over the Pentagon while a missile hit along the official, more acute angle.
JFK - Case for Conspiracy ****
1 hr 42 min ... Robert Groden's documentary on the assassination. Proof positive of faked autopsy photos attested to by all the doctors, nurses and technicians present. Their testimony leaves no doubt.

Why the Meltdown Should Have Surprised No One
57 min ... Peter Schiff discussing the current economic situation ... its causes and solutions. Very informative. Video cuts off too early but lots there to increase your economic understanding.

JFK XXX Production
20 min ... interesting interview with E. Howard Hunt's son, St.John, about Hunt's involvement in the JFK assination.

Global Warming or Global Governance
1 hr 20 min ... excellent companion piece to the "Global Warming Swindle". NWO using it to advance its global agenda.

Hemp Revolution
~1 hr (in two parts) ... historical uses of hemp (marijuana) and reasons for its prohibition in western cultures. Yup, NWO at it again.
A Brief History of Disbelief ***
3 hours in 3 one hour parts ... Jonathan Miller's eloquent dissection of the historical development of atheism. This serves as an excellent background to the machinations of today's political chicanery.


9/11 Blueprint for Truth (2008 Edition)
2 hours ... Richard Gage's architects and engineers group. This talk brings up Steven Jones recent findings of Thermate chips in the WTC dust.
The Ascent of Money ****
~5 hours in 6 parts ... Niall Ferguson's excellent history of the rise of capital finance in civilization mostly from the 17th century on with particular emphasis on what lead to our current predicament. Part Six is cut off short for some reason ... you can find the end piece ... here ... on YouTube.
The Crash Course *****
~ 4 hours (in 21 pieces) ... Chris Martenson's laudable overview of our physical "situation". I'm putting this with the Money Masters and Money as Debt as essential to any comprehensive understanding of the current world condition. Please view the entire thing ...
Money as Debt II - Promises Unleashed ****
77 min ... [Video not yet available free. Link is to purchasing site] The second installment of the Money as Debt video. Another hour+ of excellently reasoned mechanics of the banking industry. Paul Grignon comes to the same conclusion that I have reached ... the entire banking industry must be nationalized and run as a public service ... as a legitimate service of government.

Iran is not the Problem
1 hr 19 min ... Excellent presentation about the Iranian situation that you won't, of course, see on primetime TV. I don't completely agree on their proposed solutions though. Some yes, others no.

The Other Side of AIDS
1 hr 27 min ... More enlightenment on the AIDS topic. Of particular interest ... Mark Wainberg at 1:05:50 mark. If you've never seen someone who "reeked" of evil ... here he is. Good companion piece to "HIV=AIDS:Fact or Fraud" further down this list.

Immigration 103: American Trauma, Jobs and the Economy
34:40 min ... Lots of good information in many installments (101 to 111 totalling several hours of testimonies). Haven't seen them all because they are all "talking heads" and nothing else. No visuals ... nothing to break the head monotony.

Taken for a Ride
56 min ... How General Motors destroyed the trolley cars in all major cities and mass transit in general. I didn't know that.

New World Order Documentary
69 min ... Good overview of new world order stuff. Excellent introduction to the subject.

School of the Americas
13 min ... about the US army terrorist training program in Fort Benning, Georgia. They mainly train military assassins and mass murderers from Latin American countries so they can more efficiently kill women and children with their hands tied behind their backs.


Dead In The Water - The Sinking of the USS Liberty
108 min ... Another excellent documentary on the Liberty. This one by the BBC. PS - It didn't sink. It was "swiss-cheezed" in 1967.

Missing Links
2 hr 7 min ... Interesting video about the involvement of the "Jewish Crime Syndicate" and Mossad in the 911 attacks. Gives extensive listing of high ranking Jews in the US government and those with dual citizenship (Israelis are the only people allowed to vote in Israel and America and serve in high US government ranks ... eg. Michael Chertoff - Head of Homeland Security and Israeli citizen as well). Lots of info I didn't know about ... though I speculated before that Mossad did the actual gruntwork.

The American Power Structure
47 min ... Ron Paul - (from 1988) Interesting discussion about the Federal Reserve system and general economic state. What we now have all over the internet was then just as well known but by fewer people.

ZERO: An Investigation into 9/11
1 hr 45 min ... Excellent 911 documentary. Somehow I missed this one. I hope there are more. This is Italian but with English overdubbing so you don't need to read subtitles.
LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) ***
1 hr ... Peter Christ ... Absolutely the best presentation of the logic behind the drive to end the "War on Drugs" that I've yet seen. All the right reasons perfectly and engagingly displayed. Jump to 1+ minutes for start of Christ's lecture.

Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe
***** This is not a video. It is a link to download Steven Jones research paper in which he and his colleagues show their finding of weapons grade thermite in the WTC dust. They measure parameters of ... and even detonate a small sample of this thermite. This is absolute proof of demolition of WTC by our own government.

The Final Push for World Government
10 min ... Excellent short synopsis of the New World Order's plans. It's an introduction to the subject.

They Live
1 hr 34 min ... It's not a documentary but it's the way things really are ... as an artistic interpretation. John Carpenter's horror film from 1988.

Welcome to North Korea
53 min ... A view of North Korea. This is what the NWO would consider an ideal country. It's what's in store for you in their imagined future. ;o)

Undercover In The Secret State North Korea
49 min ... Smuggled out video about dissidents in North Korea. The border can be breached ... if ... you are willing to risk your life and bribe guards.

Children of the Secret State - North Korea
45 min ... Pitiful state of starving children in Kim il Jung's paradise. Gut-wrenching plight of orphans trying to sift grains of fallen rice out of mud puddles.


The Nation's Deathbed
1 hr 46 min ... Canadians protest the SPP (North American Union - Security and Prosperity Partnership). At about the halfway point, they corner three guys dressed up as protesters with bandana masks and try to get them to take off their masks. So the "agents provocateurs" jump into the riot police lines to get away from their "fellow protesters". As the riot police put them on the ground to 'cuff 'em ... you can clearly see the bottom of their boots which are the identical standard issue boots of the riot police. A real hoot!!
Core Of Corruption: In The Shadows ***
2 hours 27 min ... Excellent compendium of 9/11 information made after Obama election ... some new stuff. First of proposed 5 part series.

Recycling Is Bullshit
30 min ... Penn & Teller give the heave ho to recycling. Except for aluminum cans ... there is no economic or environmental reason to recycle.

The War On Democracy
1 hour 34 min ...John Pilger's excellent documentary on US interference in Latin America over the last few decades.

Free Speach is Sacred
about 7 minutes ... Pat Condell (one of the sharpest guys onn the planet) gives a diatribe on the UN attempt to criminalize "defamation of religion" ... principally Islam.

The Obama Deception
1 hr 51 min ... Alex Jones takes a swing at Barack Obama. Mr. Obama has filled all the positions of government with New World Order adherents from the CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, etc. and is continuing the policies of King George II. You are known by the company you keep and the deeds you do ... not by what you say. That's only how an initial estimate is formed.

The Union
1 hr 44 min ... about marijuana (especially from British Columbia) and general aspects of its prohibition, cultivation, history, and possible legalization, etc. Best cannabis show I've seen on the net.
The Illegal Immigration Invasion ****
1 hr 41 min ... Excellent and unique documentary about the invasion of Mexicans across the "open borders" in the south. They intend to "take over without firing a shot" if we can take the Mexican luminaries at their word. This is another major aspect of the systematic looting and destruction of America by its own government..

Conspiracy uncovered
56 min ... The whole truth about the Iraq war. Lots of creditable witnesses, CIA analysts, etc.

Republican Paul Findley Dares to Speak Out -- Again ! - AIPAC Exposed
1 hr 9 min ... Long talk about the Israeli influence in America and a little info about the "Liberty incident" (the Israeli attempt to sink an American ship in 1967 as part of plot to get America into war with Egypt).


Churchill's War
1 hr 33 min ... David Irving talks about his book of the same name. Turns out that Churchill was a "drunken bum" who lied to the British people time and again to further his own ambition. He was a good book end for Eisenhower (see "Buchenwald" two entrees down).

The Persecution of Revisionists: The Holocaust Unveiled
1 hour 12 min ... What Holocaust investigators have sufferred at the hands of the "thought police". Some excellent pics & video of what the supposed extermination camps were really like.

Buchenwald - A Dumb Dumb Portrayal Of Evil *****
2 hr 22 min ... Holocaust denial documentary by author of "1/3 of the Holocaust". Excellent well-reasoned exploration of the making of the Holocaust myth. This guy's documentaries are among the best ever produced on this planet. He remains anonymous as far as I presently know. Gee, I wonder why.

Truth in History - The Holocaust Lie Exposed
~ 2 hours ... David Irving, historian, talks about his persecution for examining the holocaust and coming to the conclusion that it didn't happen (not the gassings). It's doubtful that 6,000,000 Jews died ... more like 600,000 of which 400,000 died from typhus, general mistreatment and starvation ... and 200,000 got shot or hanged with piano wire (my estimates based on the videos and writings I've encountered).

Peg Luksik: Who Controls Our Children ?
1 hour ... about the insidious machinations (of government and industry) to take control of children in schools, dumb them down ... and make them pliable, "good" citizens.

9/11 Blueprint for Truth
2 hours ... Richard Gage of architects and engineers for 911 truth, gives the latest evidence for demolition of WTC. Several new pieces of good evidence I haven't seen before. Good presentation ... completely convincing overall.

Kill the Messenger
52 min ... About Sybel Edmonds who has the "gag" order not to talk about what she found out as an FBI translator (concerning nuclear stuff transferred to Pakistan through Turkey?) ... [Supreme Court is totally "owned" by New World Order]
Occupation ***
88 min ... One of the best Palestinian-Israeli conflict documentaries I've seen. Doin' em dirt on the Gaza strip and in the West Bank.

The Iron Wall
57 min ... Another vid about the depredations of the "Jewzis" perpetrated on the hapless Palestinians. Soon they will all be dead or evicted by "god's chosen people".
Sicko ***
123 min ... Michael Moore's documentary about health care. We should be able to go to a doctor without worrying about losing "everything" we own. (I have learned that Mr. Moore was heavily invested with defense contractors prior to the Iraq war ... so ... his intentions are suspect in all his videos.)


Life and Debt - Globalization and Jamaica
86 min ... Depredations of IMF and WTO in Jamaica. Another country destroyed by the New World Order. Very insidious ... same, same ... all same.

Orwell Rolls In His Grave
104 min ... About big corporate media taking over (ala "1984"). Lots of insights I wasn't aware of before ... and many I was ;o)

Demographic Winter: Decline of the Human Family
52 minutes ... very depressing but necessary facts about our declining western civilization. This is one of the most important points about modern life ... it happened in ancient Rome too.

War Made Easy
70 min ... Examination of the pattern of government deception leading to and sustaining war.

Spooks, Hoods and the Hidden Elite
2 hrs ... Chauncey Holt's version of the events of 11/22/63. His peripheral participation as a CIA contract agent made 8 days before his death in 1997 at age 75. very believable and well-corroborated.

FIREWALL - In Defense of Nation State
84 min ... Excellent analysis of the present economic problem and its history ... and a reasonable proposed solution from the Lyndon LaRouche people.

Argentina's Economic Collapse
about 2 hours ... What's in store for us. Excellent story of Argentina's globalization ripoffs by IMF and its own "owned" politicians. ("full version isn't full" ... you have to go to YouTube's 10 minute pieces to get the other half)

Zeitgeist: Addendum
123 min ... Peter Joseph's sequel to Zeitgeist the Movie. Excellent production similar to the original and should do as well. Check it out. Lots of good ideas. I don't agree with the "emergent" idea or the "symbiotic" or any kind of merger with the "cosmic oneness" but most of the rest is first rate.
World Trade Center Not a Demolition ***
47 min ... Mark Roberts excellent rebuttal of WTC conspiracy theories. Unfortunately, he does not tackle the molten steel issue. But his analysis of the concrete dust and lack of explosive noise is righteous. I'd almost believe that the WTCs were simple collapses were it not for the fact that a government sponsored 911 is consistent with the psychology and philosophy of the people running the country while a simple but "unplanned" collapse is not. Check out his video. It's really a good piece of work.
Note: His gratuitous, ad hominem attacks on 911 conspiracy theorists are characteristic of JREF followers. Because of JREF, the phrase "incapable of critical thinking" now means "Anybody who doesn't share my opinion".

Good Conduct:The Michael New Story
30 min ... young guy in army refuses to wear the UN uniform and get sent to Bosnia and is destroyed by army judicial system. "New" World Order ... hmmmm.


Evidence of Revision ***
Part 1 of 5 ... about 7 to 8 hours total ... extensive compilation of videos concerning JFK, RFK assassinations as well as Jim Jones CIA connection. Excellent work. Lots of archival footage of both Kennedys. Highly recommended.

911 False Flag
73 min ... Excellent German production about 911. You have to read subtitles for English but it's a good show.

Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land
1 hour ... in two parts here. Loads part 2 for some reason. All about the American press supporting any Israeli political position.
One Third of the Holocaust *****
4 hrs 15 min ... Best holocaust denial video I've seen. Examination of Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzac hoax using "their own words" seen in the light of logic, physics, geometry and mathematics to discredit the entire Jewish history of that period. Definitely ... a must see ... for those who have eyes.

"Judea Declares War on Germany" - New York Times headline 1933
73 min ... Interesting 'holocaust denial' video. Apparently the total number of Jews "gassed" during WWII was ... "0". I found their presentation and reasoning to be quite sound. Check it out for yourself.

Rebuilding America's Defenses
107 min ... Daniel Abrahamson. Young guy, glib ... knows his shit. About everything new world order but mostly the shadow government.

Crude Awakening
83 min ... Basil Gelpke, Ray McCormack ... about running out of oil without any viable alternative. According to this documentary there is no replacement for oil that can supply sufficient terrawatts of energy to keep the earth's civilization going at its present pace. Hence, population reduction is inevitable even without the illuminati killing us off. Hmmmmm...

911 - Pattern of the Crimes
24 min ... Hawkescafe.com video about world trade center destruction from the financial perspective.

The Corporation
3 hours ... about corporations being by their nature "amoral" (I agree with this thesis completely - they're not evil ... they're insects, psychologically speaking).
The Men Who Killed Kennedy ****
About 9 Hours in several parts ... Nigel Turner's TV documentary about all the evidence. The section on LBJ as one of the ringleaders was banned from further air time after the History Channel aired it once. People complained about accusing this "noble" leader (people like Ladybird Johnson, Gerald Ford, etc.). Nevertheless, the exact moment I learned JFK was dead ... I thought ... "Johnson did it". I was 14 ... and my subconscious fed me up the right answer in spite of my youth ;o)


Secrets of the CIA ***
122 min ... British TV documentary. Fairly hard-hitting for TV. Laundry list of their known political pecadillos over the past 6 decades.

Codex Alimentarius
89 min ... Ian Crane - How 'new world order' is taking over food and drugs

7/7 Ripple Effect
56 min ... Best video on the London bombings I've seen. His theory of the event seems utterly plausible.

Big Brother, the Big Picture (July 6,2008)
173 min ... David Icke about Big Brother and global enslavement

Dr. Steven Jones - Boston 911 Conference
58 min ... Presentation showing current status of research into thermate use in WTC collapses. The fat lady is warming up and will sing shortly.

Bill and Hillary Clinton: Their Secret Life
1 hour 51 min ... Excellent expose of their mischief. Bill is a real "work". What a hoot.

Loss of Liberty
51 min ... About the Israeli attack on the US ship "Liberty" in the Meditteranean at the same time that the Israeli's took the Golan Heights in 1967. The idea was for the attack to be blamed on the Egyptians and the US would make war on Egypt. This sordid affair shows the moral depths to which American presidents (and those who put them in power) will sink. Truly, American soldiers are regarded as disposable pawns in the power struggle as the Banksters "go for the gold".

The Energy Non-Crisis
75 min ... Lindsey Williams (baptist minister in Prudhoe Bay) explains the ins and outs of oil as it relates to the world monetary crisis and World Bank and IMF ... long winded but eminently credible.

Ring of Power
2 parts about 5 hours ... Lots of historical stuff here and lots of speculation about ancient religious history that I don't see as viable ... but interesting nonetheless.
Freedom or Fascism: The Time to Choose ****
3 parts totalling about 6 hours ... David Icke's 2006 appearance at Brixton Academy. I don't agree in every detail (especially concerning an advanced civilization existing prior to Egypt but that's a fairly minor detail). This is a most excellent highly philosophical presentation ... very strongly recommended just because of that philosophy.


The UFO and ET Cover-up with Stephen Basset ***
57 min ... Excellent video about the relationship of the extraterrestrial presence and "the Cabal" and how this information has skewed the earth's history. This isn't normally discussed in the 911 truth movement or anywhere else for that matter ... yet ... it's all true. The only unknown is the magnitude of the skewing.

HIV=AIDS:Fact or Fraud
2 hours ... HIV doesn't cause AIDS ... excellent, balanced expose of the HIV bandwagon. A classic example of big corporate money corrupting science. If you're looking for rationality in science ... you won't find it in any greater abundance than in any other field. Scientists screw up and screw you just like any other group.

The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class
~1 hour ... Elizabeth Warren gives an insightful analysis of the results of two incomes in one family. Very surprising.

Hacking Democracy
81 min ... How Diebold Corp. helps steal elections by doctoring their machines to change vote totals in an untraceable way. Computers count about 80% of people's votes and it's all rigged ... of course. No paper trails here just computer programs.

Project Camelot interviews Benjamin Fulford
Three part youtube about 2 hours ... This guy sometimes is off the wall (as in believing that the US "harp" project can release earthquakes) but he is who he says he is ... and often is right on the money. He's the only person who has said, as a last resort - the Illuminati can simply be whacked (they are all known individuals and are few in number).

Who Killed the Electric Car
92 minutes ... GM kills off the EV1 (excellent commuter car) in collusion with the oil companies and government.

Unrepentent: Kevin Annett and Canada's Genocide
108 min ... in 11 parts ... credible documentary of the mass murder of Canadian native americans which astoundingly continued into the 1960's. Killings performed mostly by priests and nuns of the Catholic Church and United Church of Canada in "residential schools" which were in fact concentration camps for Indian children forcibly taken from their parents. (The big Google version is corrupted ... this YouTube in parts is OK but the link takes you to 6of11 for some reason)

The Marihuana Conspiracy
22 min ... Lots of uses of "hemp" before it was criminalized in 1937 (to keep those uses out of the economy for the benefit of cotton and oil industries). Bring back Panama Red !!

The Auschwitz 'History' ---a case for holocaust denial
1 hour ... David Cole gives an excellent, objective documentary concerning why "holocaust denial" is a legitimate point of view. (It's not what you've been lead to believe). It's not 911 but it is a good conspiracy ;o) and shows how the truth is reshaped by those in power.

Ludicrous Diversion - 7/7 London Bombings Documentary
28 min ... Short, penetrating analysis of England's "embarrassment" ... compliments of Tony Blair. Excellent ... a real turd blaster.


Nazis: The Occult Conspiracy
About 2 hours in 2 parts ... How big time Nazis believed in astrology, etc. and incorporated it into their "Reich". They actually believed their own bullshit ... but of course ... that's the way it is today too.

CIA Drug Ops Conspiracy
1 hour 46 min. ... Unaired documentary from 1996. Unaired?! Why ... I just can't believe it. (Another Bill Clinton bio ;o)

Mike Scheuer - "America's Global War On Terrorism"
1 hr 12 min ... Straight up lecture by a former CIA Senior Counter-terrorist Analyst. America is making its own enemies ... newsflash ... They hate us for our policies (like bombing them and occupying their country) - not for our freedom, etc.

The God Makers - The Mormon Conspiracy
48 min ... Excellent "revelation" of Mormon cult crap. There are many competing groups who want to "take over the world" (just like the Banker's Cabal). All nuts ... (the bankers are just the main nut).

Esoteric Agenda
2 hour 6 min ... Finally got around to watching the whole thing. A good compendium of things conspiratorial. The last half hour has a lot of stuff about "vibrations" that I can't swallow ... but philosophically it's very well directed ... I just can't buy the weird vibration stuff ... too left-brained, I guess. Check it out.

No EU - Common Purpose Government Infiltrators
1 hour 56 min ... Brian Gerrish ... discussion of the organization that is destroying England. It's called "Common Purpose" and recruits many from British government.

Think Free - Bursting Bubbles of Government deception
1 hour 21 min ... interesting Canadian seminar video by Robert Arthur Menard about the law, words, consent, acceptance, honor and dishonor as legal levers. Though this is Canadian, I'm quite sure that the same principles would equally apply in the USA. Very fundamental, core stuff. If people in general adopted his attitude, all government domination of individuals would cease.

September Clues (Part 1-8)
1 hour 21 min ... This is now on Google in one file. Excellent observations on possible TV fakery involved in 911. I do not believe that no planes hit the towers (computer graphics) ... but the idea is appealing. It's the absolute bottom floor of conspiracy. If planes were real ... why all the fake stuff? Why not interview the casual observers down on the scene? Where's the plane parts? Why cover up the site's evidence ... and on and on and on. Also, check out "911 Amateur" ... some excellent perspective stuff.
4/7/08 ... Unfortunately, when I went to check out the geometry/math, their evaluation turned out to be inaccurate ... the images were viable with respect to perspective. In fact, I think all of their perspective stuff is wrong. Too bad.

Uncounted - The New Math of American Elections
1 hr 20 min ... How Diebold company makes software to rig election machines. Total fraud ... as expected.

The Kay Griggs Interviews
in 4 parts each about 2 hours long ... This is the wife of an army colonel in the dirty tricks division. She divorced him and kept his "diaries of a mad husband". Lots of good dirt and insights into the filth that is the upper ranks of the armed forces. Unfortunately, the interviewers don't have any real plan of "debriefing" so many things they "will get to later" are just forgotten and left in limbo. Bad interviewing, but still there's lots to learn here. I wouldn't bother with the last two parts ... too redundant.


"Presidential Secrets' -- Former CIA Operative Chip Tatum Speaks
1 hour 22 minutes ... His experiences as helo pilot during Iran-Contra. Supposedly, he was whacked and washed up on Panama beach in early 2007 for "ratting 'em out". Lots of good stuff here ... extremely believable. However, on reflection ... this may be a disinfo video produced by the CIA. For instance, why is a phone number offered?? You can call to get his data and copies of incriminating papers. Why not just jpg them and put 'em up on the web? In all probability, if you call this number ... you're on a government list of "people of interest". Still, the video is fundamentally believable.

Martial Law: 9/11 Rise of the Police State (1)
44 minutes ... Part one of three. Alex Jones at Republican National Convention in 2004. Part three has excellent dissection of Arnold Swarzeneggar's Nazi background and the ludicrous attempts to amend the constitution to allow him to run for president.

No End in Sight
1 hour 42 minutes ... Iraq war documentary ... very revealing "professionally made" video. Don't wait for it to be seen on TV and don't wait to see a video of hell freezing over either ;o)
The Money Masters *****
3 hour 35 minutes ... How international bankers gained control of America ... This is the most exhaustive treatment of the nature of the Banker's Cabal that I've yet seen. It's fairly old but right "on the money" ;o) ... also has the proper solutions to the problem, i.e. the ones that I personally recommend. I watched this for the second time last night and realized I hadn't put it on my list. This is the video "they" don't want you to see most. PS - Ignore Mr. Still's nervous pen habit ;o)

Theft by Deception
1 hour 27 min ... Deciphering the Federal Income Tax ... This video is like an intellectual root canal. But you need to get it done ... so ... bite the bullet and watch this vid. It goes into excrutiating detail to show that there is no regulation by which the IRS can force an income tax from you (as an individual citizen working in the United States).

Behind the Big News - Propaganda and the CFR
1 hour ... John Birch Society offering about how news is manipulated toward the goals set by the Council On Foreign Relations ... excellent piece. .
The Great Global Warming Swindle ***
1 hour 13 minutes ... The truth about CO2 and global warming. It's not the cause ... not even close. A no-brainer here. If you thought it was "us" causing it ... you need to look at this. One of the ten "best integrated" videos on the Web.

911 Octopus - Rough cut
1 hour 39 minutes ... Yup, it's rough ... but it has some stuff you can't find anywhere else. Some stuff repeated. Watch it for the extras ... specializes in No Plane Theory which is completely discredited as of 2011.

Empire of the City (World Superstate) Part 1
This video has two very long parts about 2 and 1/2 hours each. Some sections are a little "over the top" but it has many insights into what's going on that are very well presented. Very "in your face" type video which is what I like about it. Should be viewed as being similar to "Zeitgeist" but somewhat older ... not as slick as Zeitgeist but has more "stuff" (i.e. more talking points). A must see for historical references and connections to today's seemingly inscrutable shit. Remember: A cold analysis of insanity may seem as insane as that being analyzed ... and ... when you deal with dirt, you may get a little dirty too ... but you've got to try it anyway :o)
An admirable piece.

The Clinton Chronicles
1 hour 42 minutes ... more of Bill and "Hillarious" as governor of Arkansas ... doing drugs and all the pussy in town ... snortin' coke and killing the occasional witness. Excellent piece with many credible people who were there (even in on it).


American Blackout
90 minutes .... How black people get disenfranchised in the current voting system. Lots of Cynthia McKinney ... hard-ass lady with guts. She'd make a better president than Ron Paul too.

911 Hoax
September Clues. Eight 10 minute videos. See evidence of graphics manipulation of airplane attacks on WTC 2. Excellent workmanship ... although it's definitely untrue. The "no plane theory" has been completely discredited by numerous researchers over the past ten years.
Money as Debt ****
47 min - Paul Grignon - Extremely integrated description of how our monetary system works. Possibly the best conceived video on the internet about any subject at all.

September 11: Evidence to the Contrary Redux 2006
1 hr 26 min - Feb 2006 - From Lone Lantern ... a compilation from many 911 videos. If you don't see any other, see this one for excellent overview.

911: Ripple Effect
1 hr 26 min 44 sec - Jul 9, 2007 ... Recent documentary by Dave VonKliest. These more recent videos are geting more integrated philosophically, politically and scientifically. Very well made.
Zeitgiest ****
2 hrs - June 2007 - About Christianity, religion in general, wars, 911 and the cabal's plans for the New World Order ... a "context" documentary for what follows. The first minutes are kind of avante garde. A great video worth seeing.

The Capitalist Conspiracy
47 min 6 sec - Nov 2, 2006 ... An Inside View of International Banking ... from the late 60s ... old, but right on (same, same all same ding den as now, mahn)
The Mena Connection **
54 min 1 sec - Sep 12, 2006 - Bill Clinton's Arkansas dirty too. A young Bill looks the other way while witnesses are murdered. Culprits rewarded ... as usual.

John Pilger - Freedom Next Time
43 min 43 sec - Jun 16, 2007 - recent speech, good info

Korey Rowe Interview
22 min 56 sec - Jun 29, 2006 ... Korey Rowe Interviewed by Alex Jones


Globalization is Good
50 min - Sept 2003 - Johan Norberg ... the positive aspects of globalization. Excellent video about the transformation from "sweatshops" to improvement in the general welfare of countries due to capitalism. Note: Most of the documentaries in this list demonize "globalization". However, "demons" are in individuals ... capitalism itself is simply "amoral" not immoral, i.e. it is a machine for production at the cheapest price and doesn't care about people either way. This is the first video that I've seen that expresses the "other" side with reasonable analysis. My congratulations to the author for bucking the "trend" in the interest of truth.

The Power of Nightmares
3 hrs in 3 parts - Mar 25, 2007 - BBC documentary about the rise of Neo-conservatives and Islamic Fundamentalists since the 50s ... very balanced presentation even though they do not acknowledge the "banking cabal" that is the power behind almost all of politics today.

The Brotherhood of Darkness
1 hr 43 min - July 23, 2006 - Stanley Monteith - Good talk on the origins of the CFR and other stuff from Cecil Rhodes on down to the present. Monteith is a bible thumping Christian but he's a decent guy so I accept him as an ally in the struggle against the "creeps". We can hash out the philosophy after the common threat has passed ;o)

From the Wilderness - The CIA Connection
2 hr 17 min - Mar 2, 2007 - Michael Ruppert - Excellent contextual piece for all that folows

Fahrenheit 911
2 hr - Michael Moore's controversial movie which turns out to be tame by internet standards but still very good.

The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis
1 hr 26 min -from 1987 by Bill Moyers - Evil things our government has done which are known
America: Freedom to Fascism*****
1 hr 51 min - Aaron Russo ... IRS has no legal right to collect income tax ... hmmmm, I didn't know that. This is perhaps the most sincere presentation about the evils of the Fed that is on the internet.

The Architecture of the Prison Planet
1 hr 9 min 23 sec - Jan 30, 2007 ... Aaron Russo: Nick Rockefeller told him about 911 before it happened

911 Mysteries - Demolitions
29 min 50 sec - Sep 11, 2006 (Part 1 of 3) - 90 minutes of pure demolition evidence and analysis, laced with staggering witness testimonials.

Improbable Collapse : The Demolition of our Republic 1 hr 9 min 8 sec - Oct 9, 2006


Assassination of Russia
43 min 57 sec - Dec 19, 2006 ... False flag Govenment sponsored terrorism Russian style. Putin does it too.

Panama Deception
1 1/2 hour - 3 part ... documents the untold story of the December 1989 U.S. Invasion of Panama; 3000-4000 civilians killed (many outright murders compliments of King George I )

Boogieman Video
1 hr 33 min 13 sec - May 1, 2006 [911 September 11 World Trade Center Pentagon Flight 93]

Painful Deceptions
1 hr 59 min 55 sec - Nov 10, 2006 - An Analysis Of The 911 Attack , Flight 77

Pentagon 911 Witnesses
1 hrs 20 minutes - Feb 22, 2007 - Four eyewitnesses to Pentagon crash contradict the official story. At the angle the plane hit, it was impossible for the lightpoles to be hit and the real angle is inconsistent with the internal Pentagon damage report as well. Conclusive evidence of "inside job".
1 hr 52 min 21 sec - Jun 23, 2006 ... Alex Jones ... Alex has many videos on the internet (all worth watching). I haven't listed them all because anyone interested in the present condition of the United States will encounter them automatically. He should have his blood pressure monitored continuously as he may blow up at any moment and cannot be replaced. Check out his site on the internet for the latest nastiness ... Infowars.com

911 - The Great Illusion
58 min 22 sec - Apr 9, 2006 ... George Humphrey ... End Game Of The Illuminati (1 of 2)

Loose Change 2nd Edition
1 hr 29 min 22 sec - Aug 16, 2006 ... 9/11 conspiracy

Murder in the Heartland
1 hr 56 min - 1995 ...Oklahoma City bombing of Murrah building

Coverup in Oklahoma
1 hr 47 min - Aug 16, 2006 ...Oklahoma City bombing eyewitnesses


Waco - A New Revelation - part 1
53 minutes ... The other story
Waco - A New Revelation - part 2 ***
57 minutes ... most interesting F.L.I.R. video of automatic weapons fire from helicopters and ground assault
Bush Link to JFK Assassination****
1 hr 30 min - Sep 1, 2004 ... John Hankey - Everybody involved is closely associated to everybody else ... pulled off by King George I (when he was still only a duke).
The Assassination of JFK Junior***
106 min - John Hankey - Examines the probable "murder by airplane" by the New World Order, aka. King George II

Michael Parenti
1 hour - Oct 9, 2002 - Terrorism, Globalism and Conspiracy ... bad video but good audio. Very interesting talk given in Presbyterian church in Canada. I learned a few new slants on current events here.

Morgan Reynolds Interview
57 min 14 sec - Jun 2, 2006 - Morgan Reynolds, Texas A & M Professor ... This is a good guy. Very intelligent

The New rulers of The World
53 min 11 sec - Aug 7, 2006 - John Pilger - Effects of Globalization in Indonesia and other Third World countries

1 hour 38 min. - April 21, 2006 - The High Cost of Low Prices - This is the type of shit that goes on under the watchful eye of the "cabal".

Fidel - the Untold Story
31 min. - Aug 5, 2006 - Part 1 of 3 ... I have to admit that my view of Fidel Castro has changed due to this video. I understand that it's a propaganda video from his side ... but ... all I've ever known is the propaganda from the US side. This adds some balance. Undoubtedly, the truth is somewhere in between and knowing my "cabal" ... the truth is probably closer to his side.

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
1 hour 14 min. - April 23, 2006 - This is about Hugo Chavez. My view of him has changed due to this video since I have never seen anything but US propaganda before. Clearly, this is propaganda from his side but like the Fidel video, my understanding of my "cabal" suggests that the "true truth" is probably closer to Chavez' side of the issue.

What is to be done?

These evildoers have much control of the formal press and network TV. They can intimidate reporters who might choose not to go along with the party line. Naysayers are routinely vilified. Some people who know too much are simply disposed of in "accidents". But they can't kill everybody because there are just too many ... and ... they don't have complete control ... just enough to be brazen. Here is where they are making mistakes. They don't care because they believe that they can pull the wool over your eyes ... or better ... get you to pull the wool over your own eyes.

They don't yet control the military completely. The men in uniform believe that their government had nothing to do with the World Trade Center disaster. If they simply knew, the whole sinister plan would collapse just like the Towers.

What you can do personally is be responsible for your own understanding ... and ... tell those around you about these facts. Once a significant percentage of the population knows what happened, the jig is up. Remember, you are being manipulated by mentally diseased pre-teens but you are being killed by pure thugs in their employ. The thugs will disintegrate when their leaders disintegrate ... probably without a shot being fired.

Alternatively, you could simply "point" at them. As in ... point your finger. Nothing is so painful to a preteen as being singled out as the guilty party. If at every photo-op hundreds of people started pointing their fingers at them ... they would be forced out of view ... thus admitting guilt. Or, they could stay and try to have the TV people not show the finger pointers. It could get pretty funny.

Maintaining a malevolent subterfuge such as this is incredibly rickety. It's already falling apart and remains standing simply because people refuse to believe anything like this could happen ... or ... more often ... they just don't know. If twenty percent of the people simply "knew", it would be all over. The irrational goal of getting rid of 80% of the earth's population (hmmmm...) and running the world as a personal slave state (please ... gimme a break ;o) would end ... after all ...

it's only a comic book