Hydrogen Bomb Credibility

he "recent unpleasantness" brings to mind the equation of war which determines who will win any given contest.

Power = Weapons x Willingness to use them

Now, we know who has the weapons but the second aspect of power is (in the case of the United States) ... dubious to say the least. Certainly, no one can doubt that America has become a major "wus" since being thrashed by Vietnam's incredible war machine. ;o)

About all America can muster the "will" for is emotionally detached (and safe) aerial bombardment. And I seriously doubt that any US war planes would be put "in harm's way" if the Taliban had even a used crop duster with a pop gun on it. The behavior of our illustrious presedente' makes George McClellan look like a medal of honor recipient. Imagine the insult of considering the dietary requirements of the enemy and whether we should bomb during Ramadan! This is WUS with a capital woo.

I stand behind the president ...

with a cattle prod. I want action not bombs. I want major troops on the ground ... in winter ... hosing down the bad guys with major fire power.

What the hell is the sense of having "the best trained army in the world" if they are never to be used? Why do we have an army anyway? Why bother, if all they are to do is parade drills? I see the training of Navy Seals on the Discovery Channel and the like and these look like really tough guys. So, why don't they do some fucking fighting? Let 'em loose, God dammit!

Well, they can't do that because ...

Newsflash: The President is not a man ...

He is a politician. He got elected by trying to please as many people as possible. So he's applying the same strategy to his war on terrorism. Taking into account the needs and wants of all the factions AS EQUAL PARTNERS. In other words, the opiniion of the American people is no more important than the opinion of the residents of Pakistan.

Same old political bullshit.

So what about the H-bomb?

The bad news is ... we haven't got one. That's right ... no A-bombs either. Everything we have is "imaginary" and therefore can't be used.


That's right. To the president and all congressman and all army personnel ... and all Al Quaeda and Taliban and all Muslims ... there is no bomb. Have you ever seen one? Neither have I. Here's the rub.

That which is never seen ... does not exist

To "have" an H-bomb, one must "use" an H-bomb. Not only must it be seen, it must be seen to work ... and not only must it be seen to work ... it must be seen to work on human flesh.

The United States cannot threaten to use "the big one" because they never use it ... against humans ... in the memory of all living combatants. No one now alive and doing the fighting has any sort of real memory of a nuclear device. They see "pictures" of bombs being used against inanimate objects. People fear concrete reality more than motion pictures. Where there is no perceived reality there is no fear.

You can dangle your nuclear arsenal all over in front of their faces and they will laugh at you because they "know" that it has no more reality than, say, Allah. It's an illusion. A boogyman.

Paradoxically, one must use a weapon to prevent its use

The failure of the USA to use its weaponry has cost the world dearly. Instead of having a few hundred thousand dead bodies every decade or so ... we get millions of dead ones from other war scenarios which would have been prevented if Pax Americana had existed.

There was once a Pax Romana and it worked. After the Romans defeated you and you agreed, you were part of the Empire and gradually you profitted from this form of peace. Their threats were credible and obvious. Anyone who stepped out of line got whacked for all to know about.

Not so with America. It "whacks" nobody. Look at the respect you get in the real world. Right ... none. You get spit on and they blow up your buildings. Imagine, a 10th rate country blows up your buildings intending to kill as many as 100,000 people and through ineptness gets only 5000. Then ... we can't muster the testosterone to send in our best troops who have been training night and day for years and decades for just this eventuality.

We can't send in massed troops in direct defense of American civilians
who were and are to be massacred by these Dark Age animals
for fear of
possible casualties !?

This cannot become another Vietnam.

These people have only about 30,000 troops (less than the number of casualties at Gettysburg I think). They have no viable resupply for arms. They have no cover except caves and tunnels. They have little food. Their weapons consist of AK47s and a couple of tanks and some Stinger SA missiles. What the fuck? Our McClellans are afraid of this?

What they are afraid of is ...


They believe in the media-hyped invincibility of the Afghan army. Holy Christ!

"We haven't got a chance.
Our wonderful boys could get killed.
Waaahhhh! Waaahhhh! Waaahhhh!
Pleas don't hurt us Osama!
We'll do anything ... but ... but ... please don't hurt us.
Waaahhhh! Waaahhhh! Waaahhhh!
Here, we're lighting candles and singing songs and running for peace ...
is that OK?
Please, please don't hurt us ...
slobber ... blubber ... wimper ... simper ..."

That's what I call "wus".

It ain't pretty, but ... there it is.

H a p p y   H o L L o W - W E E n i e

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