The Fate of Iraq
(after the election)

efore discussing Iraq in any detail, let me first digress for a moment about perspective. Terrorism is given much too much attention owing to its marquee value on TV. It's always more exciting to watch destruction on a personal scale one can identify with ... blown up bodies all over the place ... but one should remember that in addition to the 20 or 30 terrorist 'kills' today or tomorrow, there were also about 200,000 to 400,000 other deaths today on planet earth that escaped our attention. This goes on daily and a large fraction of them die in tragic circumstances well before their time ... of starvation and disease much of which is brought on by humanity's number one affliction ... ignorance.

One should understand that the purpose of "media" ... especially television ... is not to inform but rather to masterbate the public in exchange for $$$. Their purposes are closer to sexual gratification than to political presentation. If this were not so they would visit a more balanced style upon us all.

Representative government must inevitably fail in Iraq

Though one cannot predict the immediate results of elections and future fighting there (that would be like predicting the weather) ... we can predict with great confidence that which is dependent on the philosophical climate. As certainly as fall follows summer, Iraq will collapse back into its preferred state of intellectual darkness. The religious night will fall ... there has been no enlightenment dawning there as yet.

Philosophical changes occur ...

... only when proposed changes are defended in private conversation ... and ... the changes proposed win out in the vast majority of conversations. Philosophical issues are not settled with weapons. War is an expression of philosophy not its cause.

Certainly there are many Iraqis who could sustain a viable representative government and they are the ones I shall feel sorry for when the experiment there fails. They will be hounded, persecuted and many will be killed because they dared to oppose the blind religious fervor of the majority. But it is absolutely inevitable. Having an election is just another form of "Vietnamization" which also had no chance whatever of working. There was no underlying philosophy to support political freedom there either.

Such philosophy as there is, is a psychologically sick, misogynic cult of "ground sniffers". No advanced civilization can be built on this mud wallow. All the proposed buildings will fall down.

What is to be done ?

What will be done by those presently in charge or those to come will be similar to what happened in Vietnam. They will holler the most about freedom in general, our commitments, how we should all stand firm in the face of the "terrorist threat", yada, yada, yada ... all the while they will be hoping that congress cuts funding so as to provide a graceless way out of the mess. In short, you cannot save those who have no desire to be saved.

I predict that :

  • Some Islamic extremists will obtain a nuclear weapon or two probably form Pakistan (less likely from North Korea).
  • They will detonate them in New York's financial district and/or Washington DC around the White House.
  • This will happen within the next 10 years
  • At least the New York bomb will be detonated inside of a helicopter several hundred feet above ground level so as to increase the efficiency of the blast.
  • The US will then be forced to do what I advocated after 911

What should be done ... wasn't ... I refer to the nuking of the Islamic cities of Mecca and Medina. This would have put an end to the present viciousness of the Islamic culture.

One must understand the nature of a primitive religious philosophy. All really successful religions take secular moral principles (all of which are founded on the base of mammalian "nuturing" behavior) ... pronounce them as the "word of God" and add to these the religious "ornaments" which distinguish one religion from the other, i.e. the names of the mythic figures involved in the formation of the religion, the rituals that one must perform in addition to complying with the afforementioned secular principles (like bowing to Mecca or being baptized), some less successful religions are fairly exclusive by way of genetic qualifications - Judaism, and so on.

But ... the real mortar that holds every religion together is ... buildings and sacred sites where the faithful come together to reinforce their mutual delusions ... and ... be fleeced by their "shepherds". Without these often magnificent structures, any religion will wilt and inevitable fail ... reduced first to private rituals ... then to just the base secular principles (which is what we all want them to retain anyway). This is the reverse order in which they became large scale institutions.

Certainly new religions will form up to fill the philosophical vacuum of that which has been so reduced. Ignorant, primitive people will always need something to reassure them that ignorance is the "proper" state of man thus freeing them of the responsibility of thought. But the new religion will start off benevolent. It would be at least a few centuries till they began to kill again in the name of their gods.

What I would do at this point is make it clear to all Islamic people that, if any serious attack is made against the US (equal to or exceeding 911), Mecca and Medina will automatically be forfeited and perhaps much worse. It isn't necessary to kill people (though they will certainly get in the way). It is only necessary to kill their philosophy ... And that's an easy thing to do ... if one has ...

the sand for it


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