What should be done in Iraq?
what post-war system will serve best

ith the end of the war, there is much blather about what kind of government is needed in Iraq. To come to grips with this issue requires an understanding of the fundamental problems there. These are definitely unknown to the Iraqis and possibly to the American politicians involved in making the decision.

What's wrong in Iraq?

The hallmark of an advancing civilization is the acquisition of new and retention of old, knowledge ... combined with the accumulation of durable goods.

Fundamentally, in the human being sense, the civilization of Iraq is a testosterone driven primitive culture which by its nature places no value on a philosophy which underwrites technology without which modern living is impossible. They will say that they want the amenities of such a culture as America ... roads, sewers, water purification, oil wells, tvs, computers, modern hospitals ... but they are unwilling to accept the base upon which such a civilization rests.

We all know this ... but what can be done about it? ... Simply this,

Get the Iraqi women into cultural parity with the men

Besides their backwardness, the main cause of their mal(e)-adjustment is the lack of a moderating influence of women. It is the long term influence of women which calms the male into a more productive state. In any state where women are regarded as little more than cattle (all Islamic states), the men focus on the macho aspects of their existence, i.e. fighting one another. There is no progress when men fight each other. It destroys the knowledge base of civilization (people) and its durable goods (buildings, etc.) so that the nation is impoverished.

When men don't fight, they display "maleness" by building things (Tool Town ... argh, argh, argh). Thus, in a peaceful state, people who learn how to run and improve civilization survive to do that learning ... and ... pass that learning on to the next generation (who also are not killed). In addition to this, all the stuff they've built ... which nature won't destroy for perhaps centuries ... is left standing for those future generations to use without having to spend their lives recreating what has been done before but was knocked down by fighting..

I have often wondered when the American army destroys an enemy bridge why they say something like "Well, no one was killed and now their army can't use it to attack us". Well ... people definitely will be killed in the long run because that bridge isn't there anymore. They built it for a reason and all proper reasons end in extending the ability of that civilization to support the lives of its citizens. They just disappear for reasons not seemingly directly connected to the bridge destruction.

It is possible to bolster the position of women in an Islamic culture

As far as I know, there is nothing in the Koran which condemns women to slave status. In fact, I believe it is specifically against that byzantine document. Hence, it may be possible to finesse a representative government in which women have a role to play.

In fact, this is THE CRITICAL ELEMENT of progress in post-Saddam Iraq. Without women ... any solution at all ... will in time degenerate back into the same crap we see in other Islamic cultures ... beggars subsisting on hand-outs from Western civilization for oil which just happens to be under their feet and the concomitant simmering hatred for the people who have robbed them of ... what? ... (they didn't work for what they have - thus guilt - transformed in the mind of the primitive extrovert to hatred for they who caused that self-loathing, i.e. the Rich Guy Syndrome).

With women permanently in the mix ... any piece of slop government at all ... will eventually transform itself into a stable, reasonable government that all will be able to deal with ... without recriminations.

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