The War with Iraq
my fearless predictions

his will be a very short war. In fact, to call it a war does a disservice to all those who fought in "real" wars, i.e. those that cost 50,000 lives or thereabouts (or more). This is truly a police action like they tried to pass off the Vietnam war. Here, America, as the world's policeman, has to go the extra mile once more to assume the moral responsibility of ridding the world of yet another dictator under a barrage of insults from its "friends".

We are the bully.

Saddam is innocent. After the war he will make movies with Shirley Temple look-a-likes and dance like Fred Astaire through the remainder of his life. A wonderful man whom it is rumored will be honored with the Nobel Peace Prize (no doubt) ... a true man of peace.

Saddam is a butcher

He kills people all over the place. That is his nature. He is a psychopath. If you have not read about his rise to power and how he holds onto it ... do a Google search and revise your good opinion of this pond scum.

I predict ...

Saddam's tent will collapse almost instantly when the first bombs begin falling.


Because his power base is a hollow tree. It may look formidable but because of his methods, he has weakened it tremendously. He has killed off anyone of intelligence close to him and he hasn't got much of that on his own. He is surrounded by sychophants. By ruling with fear alone, he will have no means of holding onto power once his generals no longer fear him. Knowing that the American juggernaut is at the door will give them confidence that they are in the "end times".

When the Iraqi army sees that it's curtains for Saddam, they will send a few generals over to his hideout (with a company of infantry) to convince him to do the right thing, i.e. they will put a bullet in his head to save their own skins and prepare for the next phase of Iraqi history ... the post-Saddam history. Whoever caps this loon will have a leg up on everybody else provided that he's not on the USA's hit list.

Dark-horse candidate to do the deed ... Teric Aziz ... he could get close enough to cap him but probably doesn't have the cajones.

It is also likely that his generals and army will not follow his scorched earth policy just as German generals refused to "burn Paris" and such. Historically the losers look to cement their relationship with the conquerors even prior to their surrender if they believe that they have any future at all in a new regime. So don't expect to see all the oil wells blown. If more than half are blown, I'll be quite surprised by the extent of entrenched lunacy over there.

Similarly, don't expect a gas attack against our guys except by the totally wacko Republican Guards ... and maybe not even them 'cause that's the short ride to Allah.

When it comes right down to the nitty-gritty, it's Saddam and his sons and a few relatives against everybody else. It can't work out for him no matter how you cut it. He's history.

Some people think Saddam is crazy ...

He ain't. The proof is in the name.

Saddam, who's sane
He's just plain evil that's all


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