Khalid Shaikh Mohammed
Special Interrogations Dept.

read in the paper today that this guy will receive humane treatment and will not be tortured. This is good to hear but ... the article also said that he would be given sleep deprivation and psychological pressure to get him to talk ... and ... he would likely have to remain in uncomfortable positions for hours at a time. Hmmmm ...

I wondered what "uncomfortable" actually meant in the context of interrogations so ... I contacted my "inside" man in the CIA (who has direct access to Khalid) to get the real poop on his discomfort. Here are the pics he sent me. They should all be self-explanitory. But please do not link to this page as you could inadvertently compromise the agent's safety and future with the Central Intelligence Agency.

Imagine for a moment the horror experienced by Mr. Khalid who when captured must have realized that he would not be repatriated at war's end like any other captured army conscript. The only thing he has to look forward to for the remainder of his life is the company of his worst enemies whose only goal is to suck his brains out for whatever info they may contain. Sheesh!

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