A Reply to
Osama's Letter to America

won't be able to reply to everything in the letter because it is tooooo long. I'll take the major points that I agree or disagree with.

I left the section designations in

(1)(i) Palestine, which has sunk under military occupation for more than 80 years. The British handed over Palestine, with your help and your support, to the Jews, who have occupied it for more than 50 years; years overflowing with oppression, tyranny, crimes, killing, expulsion, destruction and devastation. The creation and continuation of Israel is one of the greatest crimes, and you are the leaders of its criminals. And of course there is no need to explain and prove the degree of American support for Israel.
Sadly, this is entirely true. The Jews' claim that Palestine is their ancestral home by divine right is laughable. They are systematically pushing the Palestinians out of their own country which they had continuously occupied for at least 1200 years.

The creation of Israel is a crime which must be erased. Each and every person whose hands have become polluted in the contribution towards this crime must pay its price, and pay for it heavily.
It's a no go here. It's too late to erase. Too many people have been born into that land. They are now the legitimate occupants of that space by way of conquest and squatter's rights ... just as the Palestinians were the legitimate owners by simply being there. One cannot make land claims which are older than the memory of the oldest living claimant. That is, no matter who in the past owned the land, he cannot bequeath it to posterity indefinitely ... only to the next generation.

(ii) It brings us both laughter and tears to see that you have not yet tired of repeating your fabricated lies that the Jews have a historical right to Palestine, as it was promised to them in the Torah. Anyone who disputes with them on this alleged fact is accused of anti-semitism. This is one of the most fallacious, widely-circulated fabrications in history. The people of Palestine are pure Arabs and original Semites. It is the Muslims who are the inheritors of Moses (peace be upon him) and the inheritors of the real Torah that has not been changed. Muslims believe in all of the Prophets, including Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon them all. If the followers of Moses have been promised a right to Palestine in the Torah, then the Muslims are the most worthy nation of this.
Same here. What's right in the case of the Jews also goes for the Palestinians. There is no legitimate claim other than continuous occupation and that can't be extended beyond a generation (two at the most for the oldest living claimant might say his dead father bequeathed him the land). That would take it back as much as 150 years to the birth of that father. But any further back and you start to sound like a lunatic on the street corner claiming to be God.

(iii)-3-(i) These governments prevent our people from establishing the Islamic Shariah, using violence and lies to do so.
True. And it's a dam good thing they prevent it. Your way of life is (the way of Islam) ... is sick. You are mentally ill.

(v)(d) You steal our wealth and oil at paltry prices because of you international influence and military threats. This theft is indeed the biggest theft ever witnessed by mankind in the history of the world.
Wait a minute there, O bearded one. That oil would still be in the ground if we didn't show you how to bring it up. And it wouldn't be worth anything at all if it wasn't for our use of it. You can't feed it to a camel. As for the paltry price, you have more cash than you can spend. Why don't you give some of it to your people if you're so worried about it? And ... in the last analysis, when the oil runs out it is the Americans who will develop the alternatives ... not some dirt sucking, boot lickin' Mohammed like yourself (peace be upon him).

(g) Under the protection of your weapons, Sharon entered the Al-Aqsa mosque, to pollute it as a preparation to capture and destroy it.
No, he couldn't care less about your mosque. He entered to provoke the Palestinians into violence so that he could justify further land seizures.

(2) These tragedies and calamities are only a few examples of your oppression and aggression against us. It is commanded by our religion and intellect that the oppressed have a right to return the aggression. Do not await anything from us but Jihad, resistance and revenge. Is it in any way rational to expect that after America has attacked us for more than half a century, that we will then leave her to live in security and peace?!!
Yes, that is your right ... to fight back. Unfortunately, you are fighting against a foe who cannot be beaten physically. To win you would have to adopt the methods of Ghandi. This is the way that weaker people defeat stronger ones. They show them the error of their ways by taking all that the enemy can give and getting it ... on the news. That way, the Americans feel guilty for supporting your "humiliation and suffering" and withdraw support for Israel. but you can't do that because you are a nutcase.

(3) You may then dispute that all the above does not justify aggression against civilians, for crimes they did not commit and offenses in which they did not partake:
(a) This argument contradicts your continuous repetition that America is the land of freedom, and its leaders in this world. Therefore, the American people are the ones who choose their government by way of their own free will; a choice which stems from their agreement to its policies. Thus the American people have chosen, consented to, and affirmed their support for the Israeli oppression of the Palestinians, the occupation and usurpation of their land, and its continuous killing, torture, punishment and expulsion of the Palestinians. The American people have the ability and choice to refuse the policies of their Government and even to change it if they want.
The American people are ignorant of what has and is being done to the Palestinians. The press does not inform them. Rather, it informs them of what Palestinians do to the Jews. In America, the news is what happens today. There is no history. Americans have no idea of what has gone on in the past. You argue against those who have ... no memory.

(Q2) As for the second question that we want to answer: What are we calling you to, and what do we want from you?
(1) The first thing that we are calling you to is Islam. ...
It is to this religion that we call you; the seal of all the previous religions. It is the religion of Unification of God, sincerity, the best of manners, righteousness, mercy, honour, purity, and piety. It is the religion of showing kindness to others, establishing justice between them, granting them their rights, and defending the oppressed and the persecuted. It is the religion of enjoining the good and forbidding the evil with the hand, tongue and heart. It is the religion of Jihad in the way of Allah so that Allah's Word and religion reign Supreme. And it is the religion of unity and agreement on the obedience to Allah, and total equality between all people, without regarding their colour, sex, or language.
It is the religion of "ground-sniffers" ... those who abase themselves before a ridiculous god and demand of others that they do the same in the manner of blind obedience ... in exact contradiction of rationality. It is a religion that demands that the individual give up the autonomy of his own mind (his most precious possession). I am not a slave to man or god and neither is any other American.

(b) It is the religion whose book - the Quran - will remained preserved and unchanged, after the other Divine books and messages have been changed. The Quran is the miracle until the Day of Judgment. Allah has challenged anyone to bring a book like the Quran or even ten verses like it.
The Quran is (to quote from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly) the "son of a thousand fathers".

(2) The second thing we call you to, is to stop your oppression, lies, immorality and debauchery that has spread among you.
(a) We call you to be a people of manners, principles, honour, and purity; to reject the immoral acts of fornication, homosexuality, intoxicants, gambling's, and trading with interest.
Now we are getting to the crux of the matter. You think that these are problems and that you have solved them. Your religion solves nothing ... it just puts a lid on the pot ... sooner or later it'll blow and you'll be in the same boat. The nature of man cannot be changed ... only suppressed ... temporarily. It's not these "evils" that you are against anyway. It is the aforementioned "autonomy". Anyone with an independent rational mind is your enemy. You need to force that mind into your ridiculous and filthy mold. Do you really imagine that Americans will give up hundreds of years of scientific achievement and suck dirt up their nose?

(b) It is saddening to tell you that you are the worst civilization witnessed by the history of mankind:
Coming form you, I'll take that as the highest compliment.

(i) You are the nation who, rather than ruling by the Shariah of Allah in its Constitution and Laws, choose to invent your own laws as you will and desire. You separate religion from your policies, contradicting the pure nature which affirms Absolute Authority to the Lord and your Creator.
Your bet your sweet bippy we do.

(ii) You are the nation that permits Usury, which has been forbidden by all the religions. Yet you build your economy and investments on Usury.
My credit card can buy your Quran any day of the week. You're sellin' it, ain't ya'?

(iii) You are a nation that permits the production, trading and usage of intoxicants. You also permit drugs, and only forbid the trade of them, even though your nation is the largest consumer of them.
That's what happens when you have freedom to choose. There is an entire spectrum of people ... some good, some bad. They do things that you forbid. Your people are not better ... they are simply suppressed. Your people do thingsthat we would find shocking and disgusting ... they just do it in private .

(vi) You are a nation that exploits women like consumer products or advertising tools calling upon customers to purchase them. You use women to serve passengers, visitors, and strangers to increase your profit margins. You then rant that you support the liberation of women.
The liberation of women simply means that they are allowed to express themselves as much as the men. Some do good things, others bad. There is an entire spectrum ... the spectrum that you suppress. Your women can't even go out of the house to the shopping mall without fear of being beaten mercilessly.

(viii) And because of all this, you have been described in history as a nation that spreads diseases that were unknown to man in the past. Go ahead and boast to the nations of man, that you brought them AIDS as a Satanic American Invention.
Well, I said he was a nutcase.

(xi) ... You who dropped a nuclear bomb on Japan, even though Japan was ready to negotiate an end to the war. How many acts of oppression, tyranny and injustice have you carried out, O callers to freedom?
One more act of tyranny is necessary ... nailing your hide to the wall.

(5) We also advise you to pack your luggage and get out of our lands. We desire for your goodness, guidance, and righteousness, so do not force us to send you back as cargo in coffins.
No, that coffin you see is for you ... O bearded one.

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