John Walker Lindh
Maaster Terrorist ... Gorsh! By golly, ahilk, ahilk

he inane attempts to guild John Walker Lindh in the blood stained armor or the Great Satan provide comic relief to an otherwise drab Osama search. This minor aside to the War on Terror is getting a tad embarrassing ... don't you think? I hear comments about "hanging him" or "making an example" or "conspiring to kill Americans", etc. but no one asserts the fact that Mr. Lindh is another feeble example of our feeble president's inability to catch his real quarry (Osama and Omar).

Well, he has to give the people something. And Lindh is the only thing he's got at present. It doesn't matter that this kid is mentally unbalanced, totally inept, and if engaged in an actual armed struggle would probably accidentally shoot himself in the foot.

The attempts to balance the entire weight of America's rage for 9/11 on this guy's head is outrageously funny (perhaps not to Lindh's parents). It reminds me of the horse and pig trials of the Middle Ages wherein a farm animal which caused a farmer's death or injury would be put on trial (presumably it was allowed to present its own defense) ... and ... subsequently hanged by the neck until dead (after a fair trial).

I think the American people are seeing this pretty much as I do. A stark example of the President's impotence trans-muted into smashing the feckless Mr. Lindh.

This is another form of "social masterbation"

The president sees himself in Lindh (qua feckless) ... doesn't like what he sees ... so tries to rub it out of existence. Make no mistake about it. This is not about Lindh, it's about the president. And the press goes right along with it. Whip 'em into a frenzy (the people) and "Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, hear duh lamentations uf der wimmen" - Conan the Barbarian.
Yeah, sure ... just one dopy, fuck-up.

What should be done?

Send the guy to a psychiatrist and-or send him to bed without his dinner. And set the Taliban in Afghanistan free (not the leaders, the rank and file). I see where many of these were conscripted into the Taliban unwillingly, then caught and put in prisons. Forget about it.

Let the Al-qaeda go (in Cuba) and give Castro a reverse Mariel boat lift ;o)


There is a good chance that Osama is dead. My reasoning is that the WTC disaster was way to big for standard terrorism. If he knew he was dying, he might want to go out with a bang. Surely he knew that he would be relentlessly hunted down. It may just be Osama's swan song and nothing more.