Mooninites Attack Boston
again - terrorism in America

ell it's happened again. Shades of 9/11 ... now it's 1/31 ! Where will they strike next? Do we have to worry about running out of dates to remember? Will Spongebob save us?

For those who are unaware of the recent attack, one of the perpetrators was apprehended and here is his police mug shot.

This guy had the unmitigated audacity to stage his heinous attack in the very birthplace of our democracy! I hope he gets "unplugged". Evil. Just plain evil.

Many do not understand what went on here

Some people are outraged that those in charge of "people with automatic weapons" could not tell the difference between a LiteBrite display and a terrorist IED. It would indeed be tragic if the security of the United States were in the hands of such imbeciles. But being nonplussed and totally outraged (to the point of forceful invective) does not serve the purpose of learning and understanding.

How could anybody be so stupid? Is this what America is now all about? Have we gone bananas since 9/11?

No. The answer is much more insidious than simple mistaken identity and subsequent embarrassment.

Why were the mooninites attacked?

Those who think that the police and homeland security have made a mistake are in error. There is no mistake. All those involved "knew" that the objects were not bombs. They blew them up as part of their "charter". However, as I have stated elsewhere, their charter is not simply to defend the United States from terrorism. Homeland security is to be used against ... the American people. It is an extension of the state and the state wants to control ... physically ... all it's subjects.

Periodically, the state is given the opportunity (often by historical incident) to create a new organ modeled on the Gestapo or NKVD. The job of defending against terrorism could have been given to the CIA, FBI or NSA but instead was given to a new organ ... something genetically disposed to secrecy, snooping and sinister sapping. What's wanted here is a group that knows (without words being spoken) that they are to attempt furtive, tentative attacks on private individuals to ...

see what they can get away with.

And they mean to get away with plenty

These are crude attempts to break down civilization as we know it. As I have often stated before, the goal of politics is the destruction of civilization. Every politician (with rare exceptions who quickly leave government in disgust) consciously seeks to destroy that which he was meant to protect and nurture. They think ... not in words ... but in "feelings". They "feel" the need to control their fellow human beings and in words they are thinking ... "for their own good". But, in fact, they intend, ultimately, to kill you any way they can.

Because their goal is so hideous, they can't give any direct indication of what they intend. People would rebel against them and they could not get the support of the military. They must progress toward ultimate destruction with quiet subterfuge over many decades. It is a project passed down from philosophical father to son. But the goal is always the same. To achieve "power" over others. And I define power (in the political sense) as ... the ability to destroy the lives of others with impunity ... the more power the more lives destroyed and the greater impunity you may employ. Inside every politician lurks another Udai Hussein.

And what brought down the MAN upon the Mooninites?

It was ... the bird.

When you flip the bird to the man, you are designated as a "dissenter type", i.e. someone who can't be easily controlled. What power can a politician have over someone who thinks independently? Clearly, not much.

So, they saw an opportunity to see what they could get away with. It was much more than you might have expected. Notice how the press (which is just another branch of government) fell over itself trying to impress its audience with its fawning obeisiance to obvious nonsense perpetrated by its fellow agency (homeland security). The homeland security guys wanted to see how stupidly they could perform yet have you keep your head bowed without laughing. That is, they wanted to check to see if you had learned "reverence" for homeland security. Now, they control anyone who didn't laugh. Did you think it was funny? I did ... until I remembered what they are up to.

This ... really ... is "no laughing matter" ...

Death to all der enemies uf der fodderland ...

Down mit cartoon planet ...Seig Heil !

Death to der Mooninites ...Seig Heil !!

Death to all dissenters ...Seig Heil !!!

PS... Cartoon Planet caved in to the tune of $2,000,000 because they are not in the business of independent thought ... they just traffic in independent thought for monetary gain, i.e. they hawk thought for cash. Cartoon Planet executives are as much a part of the establishment as the press and wish to retain their stature in the hierarchy of obeisance.