Yes, Heather,
there is a Santa Claus

he Iraqi "elections" just concluded give one hope for a better Iraq ... but I doubt it ... in the long run - for the following reasons.

Reply to Heather M. who posted a rant at the very bottom of this page ... (in the EBTX - the fucking idiot, section). Posted ByEBTX on December 06, 2001.

Gee, that's quite a long rant. Thank you for posting though. [You should have posted at the top and started another argument. I love arguments on my D-Board.]

You said that nuking the Vatican wouldn't stop Cristianity. I don't agree. That's just what would happen. It would dry up its main market ... the ignorant. The same is the case with Islam. If you nuke the center of their religion, you kill their God ... IN THEIR OWN EYES. Because they are ignorant, their vision is in fact completely superficial, i.e. if God can't protect his religion then how can He exist? and if He does exist why did He allow this? ... Now, we're getting introspective. This leads to ... what? Reason? Occasionally, but mostly not.

As I have said before, the "good" part of all religions is that basic philosophy which all experienced adults learn in the course of living ... like "don't steal, kill, rape, take care of old people and kids, etc." This gives all religions their semblance of legitimacy.

The actual, true, real religion ... the things that make one religion different from another and from other secular philosophies ... are its "ornaments" ... it's dogma. This part of religion is universally ... "crap". There is not one vestige of truth in any religious dogma on Earth. None of it is good. All of it is bad. It is indeed a form of "mental illness".

Now, if you strip a person of his religion (dogma), what will he do? Become rational? Most probably not. He will find another dogma to cling to in order to save himself from that awful responsibility of independent thought. So, I don't in general advocate the extermination of any religion. It would just beget another.

I do advocate the extermination of Islam (the "culture", not necessarily the people) ... if it offends against reason again. Because ... it "IS" A MARTIAL PHILOSOPHY. What it says in the Quran is irrelevant. It's what's in the hearts and minds of its adherents. And what I see is fear (of being swallowed up by Western civilization) ... hatred (of the US as the truest representative of that civilization) ... total resistance to reason (complete unwillingness to think that just perhaps they might be wrong) ... willingness to commit suicide and murder (to maintain another dying way of life) ... misogyny (woman as the source of evil). This isn't a trait of a few percent of Muslims ... it's characteristic of these people in general (at least 50% share most of the above troubles). Al Qaida is not a simple splinter group. They are representative of a basic (fundamental) outgrowth of Islam. Hence, our trouble is not with terrorists ... it's with Islam itself.

These people are lunatics by Western standards. Standards developed from the Renaisance to present day.

Now, I have been called racist, Nazi, etc. before. It is amusing and I enjoy it. I wait with eager anticipation for the day when I am compared directly with Hitler. Then I know I will be on the right path (vis a vis, your wrong path).

However, I don't hate anyone. I believe that the Arabs can easily become a worthwhile people if they but abandon their stupid "camel jockey" ways. If they did, they could be movers and shakers of Western civilization. I mean here in the sense of inventing stuff and furthering the scope of science, etc. All we have to do is "nuke the shit" out of 'em first. Then, they will become "good" and "introspective" and "reasonable" and "considerate" and "thoughtful" and "intelligent".

Just like the filthy Japs did (after we nuked 'em and their stupid Bushido martial philosophy died) ;o)

Believe me. It'll really work. Though no one will ever do it and I would never be in any position to influence anyone in that regard.

So your world
(of self-imposed blindness)
is safe.