Cartoon #3 for Osama

his cartoon should have been made in Flash, but I wanted to try out some simple tricks with gif89a, metatags, preloading and IE transition effects to see what could be done "on the cheap".

Right now, as you read this page, the gif animations are being loaded in the background. How? Easy. They are all on this page but sized to "1" height and width so they don't show. When the page is "done" in the status bar, you know you have all the files to get the job done right.

I also eliminated the table that this writing should be in so that it will load first and fast.

Click here for the cartoon when this page is done.

Transition effects

I used these between several pages to have an effect and, coordinated with the timing of the metatags (in the header to send your browser to another page), one can "end" a loop and start another animation as though it was the same animation.

I hope you enjoy this mildly pornographic cartoon. Not for the under 12 crowd.

Here are the graphics osama3.gif - 50kb osama32.gif - 82kb osama33.gif - 7kb osama34.gif - 20kb loading.
Those four dots ^